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all right. Well, good afternoon and thank you all for taking the time to join today's webinar, optimizing your team certification preparation process.
Before we get started, I'd like to go over just a few housekeeping items. Today's webinar is scheduled for 30 minutes, and we'll include a product walk through to ensure we're able to cover everything on our agenda. All participants will be muted. However,
you will still be able to submit all of your questions via the Q and A box, and we certainly encourage you to do so.
We'll address any questions via the chat function and in the dedicated question and answer portion of today's program.
This webinar is being recorded and will share the link out with you in the next few days.
Your host for today's webinar is Angela Would.
Angela is an account executive here. It's cyber. She regularly partners with I T and security leaders to find the right solution to help achieve their strategic objectives,
whether it's developing their team cybersecurity skills, becoming more familiar with a specific tools and technologies,
earning critical industry certifications,
reducing new hire on boarding time or even improving employee retention.
Angela brings experience working with financial institutions,
Government contractors manage security service providers, and state and local governments were very excited to discuss today's topic. As we know, it's an area of focus for many of our customers as we kick off 2021. In fact, a recent cybersecurity workforce study conducted by I S C Squared
found that 63% of cybersecurity professionals
are pursuing or plan to pursue a certification in the next year without further do. I would love to kick this over to Angela to get everything started, and you have a very lively bunch today, so it should be a super fun webinar.
Awesome. Thanks so much for the introduction, Ryan, and thank you all so much for taking the time to join the Webinar here today.
I'm thrilled to be leading today's discussion around certification preparation.
Now let's quickly run through our agenda. I'll start by providing a little bit of background Sai Buri, who we are and what we dio
next. I'll talk about skills, gaps as it pertains to the industry as a whole, and why industry certifications are so important.
Also break down the challenges that we see
many organizations face and specifically security leaders and trying to help their teams earn and maintain industry certifications.
Finally, I'll walk through our approach to optimizing your team certification process. So at the end of the webinar, you'll learn how to scale effective certification preparation for your team.
Utilize cyber to know when someone on your team is ready to pass certification, exam and supplements certification prep with hands on real world application.
So let's go ahead and get started.
Cyber for teams is the leading cybersecurity workforce development platform. Now you're probably thinking Angela,
what exactly does that mean? So it means that we help organizations like yours close the cybersecurity skills gap and build a more security and ableto workforce
that's equipped to meet modern threats. We combined courses from experts in the field with secure browser based virtual labs that enable your team to actually work through real world scenarios and get hands on experience with the latest tools and technologies. To help drive their skill development,
we burned the trust of organizations around the world as well, from small businesses to Fortune 1000. In fact, 96% of the Fortune 1000 already have employees building their cybersecurity skills with Sai Buri.
So why does cybersecurity skills gaps exist within organization? So let's say I'm a manager. We find that the root cause stems from one or many of the following reasons.
Again, how do I find and attract the right cybersecurity talent at that point? Once I get them on board, how do I create a reliable process for getting new hires up to speed and operational?
How do we ensure that the teams, knowledge and skills are up to date over time?
How can I help employees understand how they can actually grow? And then, as I'm growing that talent, how do I keep that person and how in house and actually help with retention?
We know one way many organizations attempt to close the cybersecurity skills. Gap is by helping their their teams earn and maintain industry certifications. But before we dive too deep into the topic, I wanted to open it up to our first poll question.
What do industry certifications mean for your team and your organization?
Perfect. So it looks like the most popular answer is it. Certifications can help me validate knowledge and skills, which is in line with e
conversations that I have on a daily basis.
So look, we know industry certifications are important, and they mean different things to different organizations. Some don't have an effective way to measure or validate their teams. Knowledge and skills
certifications can help to ensure that your team is staying current with emerging technologies and industry trends and has have the actual skills that they need toe work as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Some organizations they invest in helping their teams earn and maintain certifications in order to support their professional growth and development, which improves employee engagement, employee satisfaction and, most importantly, employee retention. And in the process, it enhances their overall employer brand, which helps them attract top cybersecurity talent.
Many of the organizations that I personally work with like managed service providers, manage security service providers, government contractors, for example.
They need their teams toe hold specific industry certifications to not only close but execute contracts.
Industry certifications can also bolster your credibility and a number of different ways it could demonstrate your team's expertise to clients or customers often enables you to build it. Higher rates for professional services firms, industry certifications, grow auditor confidence and can help to reduce those audit fees.
For most organizations in the text based, though, industry certifications can help reduce technology insurance premiums.
Finally, your team may be required to hold industry certifications to comply with internal, corporate or external directives. For example,
the U. S Department of Defense They have that directive 81 40 85 70 that I'm sure most of you all have heard of. At least that requires its cybersecurity workforce toehold specific industry certifications that actually align with their work role as a means to validate
specific knowledge, skills and abilities. And in preparation for the Webinar here today. What I found really interesting some background research I see squares 2020 cybersecurity Workforce Study revealed that more than 70% of U. S. Cybersecurity professionals say that they're required
toe have some type of certification, and that figure is even higher 78% worldwide.
Now, before we move on, I wanted to open it up to our second poll question here today.
Which of the following best describes how your organization currently prepares team members to earn industry certifications
Perfect. Thanks again for sharing these responses, it looks like the most popular approach is actually providing access to specific online courses.
Okay, so we know why certifications are important. Now let's discuss the actual challenges that we see our clients face on a regular basis.
Many don't have a scalable of reputable process to help their teams prepare for industry certifications
or earn CEO is that they need to maintain their credentials. A number rely on boot camps or in person training courses. Others bring in specialists to train their teams. But these are very expensive and time consuming approaches that pull your teams away from work
with boot camps. You're unlikely to be able to send everybody with specialists. You're attacking the problem piecemeal. Both approaches Aaron efficient and focused on immediate needs, not the future and then with co vid. Neither approach is really feasible right now.
Another problem that we see organization struggled to navigate.
It's actually ensuring that their team members are ready to pass the certification exam industry certification exams. They're expensive. Preparing for one is a lot of work. It requires countless hours of study.
It's truly a grind, but it could be hard for leaders to know if their team have the resources that they need and if they're actually putting in the work. We've also found that many professionals due to their background or perhaps lack of experience, they don't have the foundational knowledge that they need for the industry certification that they're pursuing,
which only exacerbates the situation and extends the time that it takes to get these individuals feeling confident and ready. This makes it difficult for employees to be successful over time and hurts and organizations. Bottom line.
Now what about after someone earns an interesting stratification?
Earlier, we talked about certifications as a means to validate knowledge and skills, right. Interestingly enough, though, it's not a sure fire way to assess subject matter expertise. There could be gaps between a certification stated learning objectives and what your team is actually able to dio.
The reality is that some people are just really good test takers,
and they understand concepts, but they can't apply them in the real world on the job where it matters the most. This could make them ineffective in the role and can ultimately put the organization at risk.
Okay, time for our third and final poll question.
Do you or your organization have a good way to ensure that a team member is ready to pass certification exam
Looks like most of you do not. Hence why you're probably joining the Webinar here today,
we've highlighted the problems. Let's talk about the actual solution. So our cyber for teams platform is curated learning content for the most in demand cybersecurity industry certification and enables her team to prepare for and earn. The CEO is necessary to made multiple certifications all in one place with courses, tools
and resource is accessible online anytime, anywhere, providing a cost effective alternative to the boot camp
and specialist approaches.
We can also help to ensure that your team is prime for success by first confirming each team member house the foundational knowledge and experience that they need for the industry certification that they're pursuing.
We can do this by leveraging targeted skill and work role assessments to gauge their competency and critical areas, which enables you to direct learning content to develop this particular skill set. In addition to the actual certification courses,
all of our industry certification courses are taught by experts in the field who hold that specific credentials well.
They also include practice test tied to the certifications key learning objectives.
This can help your team refine their areas of focus and optimize their studying.
Our team and member dashboards as well. Also enable you to monitor teams progress and preparing for industry certifications from looking at learning hours Courses completed. Two certification practice test scores
in addition to our certification practice, test the majority of our certification courses. They include virtual labs that give your team the opportunity to apply concepts in real world scenarios and work with tools and technologies utilized by industry leading organizations.
Unlike other training options that may offer Mawr of that text book style of learning, Cyber takes great pride in delivering the types of hands on learning experience that drive those real world applications. E. S. G s the Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals 2020 Research Report found that 52% of cybersecurity professionals believe hands on experience is the most important factor
in cybersecurity
skill development.
So imagine cutting the time it takes to earn an industry certification by making resource is more readily available and affording your team the flexibility to study around their schedules. Imagine boosting your team's certification success rate by ensuring they actually have the knowledge and skills they need to pass the exam.
Imagine being confident in knowing that your team can and will put they put what they've learned into practice on a daily basis. Cyber for teams can make this vision of reality. I would like to jump into the platform to show you how
so I typically like to start off by showing our brows page and before I move along and kind of scroll up and down here, I want to actually explain how it works. So cyber for Teams brings the collective knowledge of the cybersecurity industry's top experts in leading organizations. What's most exciting is that our network continues to grow,
allowing us to move quickly and provide timely content to help our customers stay current With industry trends, we cover a broad range of topics and skill areas like pen testing, incident response, digital forensics, cloud security with career paths that provide role based learning opportunities to boost confidence, virtual labs to gain riel hands on experience
certification courses to help develop subject matter, expertise, skills assessments to help measure the knowledge, skills and abilities and certification practice test to ensure that your team's ready to pass the certification exam all in one comprehensive platform, accessible anytime, anywhere, right from your browser,
you and your team will be able to have the tools and resources that you need at your fingertips.
As you can see, we offer learning content for the most in demand certifications from the industry's top certification bodies like you could see here on the left
Camped E A. I C squared
I sacha, for example. But if I go ahead and click on comp Tear right here,
as I mentioned before, we provide courses virtual lab certification, practice tests aligned to each industry. Certifications, key learning objective. So if I go ahead and click on the Committee of Security Plus course, you could see this course now offers labs. It's a multiple modality approach, so you see the camera icons right here
that designates it as a video. So let's say you're watching this video around social engineering right after that, you're gonna be asked to complete a virtual lab around social engineering. So you're taking the concepts that you learn in the video and then applying it to a real world situation
so moving over into the pathways, so cyber offers pre built paths around specific certification courses as well. So again,
picking on the Committee of Security. Plus,
let's say, for example, I'm a manager and I want to ensure that my employees Chris, he's a junior level or tier one sock and also my team. He has the foundational knowledge that he needs for the Committee of Security Plus, so I can either custom build a specific pathway for him. Or I can work with my dedicated cyber, a customer success manager
to help him build a specific certification path.
But before I even assign the certification course, I can actually assign a vulnerabilities or threat analysis related skill assessment to baseline his knowledge and skills in these critical exam competency areas and direct specific learning opportunities
to supplement the certification course and better position him for success.
Easy is that I created a custom certification pathway for him. Now I actually want to assign it out.
All I had to do was click a sign path
click on Chris right here, and as soon as I click create assignment,
Chris will have the keys to success and actually preparing for that specific exam
moving over into the dashboard here. So once you've actually assigned your path, you can use your team dashboard to get a high level view of the team's progress. So if you're a manager, for example, who oversees multiple functions or has multiple teams on the platform, you can actually filter through and review each team's learning and performance separately.
Learning hours completed assignments scrolling down here to top labs, even top learners.
These are the people that are really putting in the time to develop their skills, and you can also filter by time period enrollments learning our scores, among other things.
So, really, this this dashboard is meant to give a high level view and better insight into the teams across the organization. But if you wanted to get more granular, maybe on a specific person, I'm gonna hop over into the members tab over here on the left.
So with our member dashboard, you can gain even more insight into how the actual individual team members are learning and progressing
so you could see specific learning hours,
activities, assignments, for example. You could see what other courses that they're working through, and even their certificates of completion that are given after a video course has been completed.
Now that we're in the dashboard for Chris, that sock analyst level one that I was mentioning earlier,
I want to see how things were going with that security plus pathway that I signed out to him.
So expanding this pathway and within the assignment
it looks like he's gotten through a few of the modules here within the security plus course. And he's about to take his first practice lab, which will enable him to get hands on experience and practice what he's learned. And then, once he gets to the point in the pathway where he's going to take that practice test,
that's your. You're also going to be able to see the score for that as well.
Looks like he also completed this assessment, and when you expand it open, you could see his scores of 40
that considers about an intermediate type role.
So essentially I can use this insight invisibility to direct additional learning content that he might need. Get him focus when we connect in our one on one or if he's ready, team up to take the certification exam.
Cyber for teams can enhance your certification preparation process by making learning opportunities mawr easily accessible. Ensuring your team has the knowledge they need to attain critical certifications and building your team's confidence to apply learn skills on the job.
So we've discussed certifications why they're important, the challenges organization organizations face, as well as our approach for optimizing the certification preparation process. Now, I would like to open it up to any questions that you all may have. So, Ryan, back to you. Let's go ahead and see what's come in.
Also manage. That was wonderful. I learned something new. Every time you go through that, you got some wonderful questions. Come through as well. First one is is my team able to take a certification exam through Sai Buri for teams platform?
Yeah, great question. So no, not currently. While cyber for teams, we do offer certification courses, virtual labs and practice test. Your team won't be able to actually take the certification exam through the platform. They're gonna have to go directly to the governing body like camped E A. I C squared, for example,
to schedule the exam with them. We simply provide
the certification preparation to pass that exam.
And would you mind providing a little more insight into the certifications that Sai Buri covers.
Yeah, great question. So cyber for teams has certification. Preparation Resource is for a broad range of cybersecurity, industry certifications and certification bodies like again, can t a I C squared ice, aka Easy Council Azure Cisco, among others.
When you schedule an interactive walk through, you'll be able t to discuss your desired certifications with one of our account executives who will ensure that they have the right content for your specific needs.
And you said the magic word. They're interactive. Walk through. We'll go over that a little bit more right at the end, and we'll show you how to set that up.
Third question I have for you is, can my team earn? See EU credits for courses taken on the Sai Buri platform?
Yeah, absolutely. So when one of your team members completes a video course on Cyber for teams, they'll receive receive an actual certificate of continuing education completion that could be uploaded and submitted to the relevant certification body.
One of the great things about the customer success team over here, a Tsai Bree
and that they do have a little bit of background and experience and actually taking those certifications and helping you to figure out
how to upload it in into your specific portal. So that's something that we can absolutely help with as well.
Amazing. Can I modify a certification course for my team?
So while Cyber has certification courses curated by industry experts, you do have the ability to create your own pathway where you have a certification course and you can add other related learning activities for your team.
I noticed that the skill assessment you selected for the certification path had a beta designation. Can you walk through what that means?
Yeah, absolutely great question. So here it's library. We're constantly developing new tools and resources to help organizations find and close the cybersecurity skill gaps that exist currently amongst their teams.
So our cyber skill assessments they gave your team's retention of critical skills and can help to pinpoint where they should be focusing their learning. So these assessments, which are built by our network of subject matter experts and undergo a thorough three phase review process, cover the most in demand skills in the cybersecurity field.
So, unlike other assessment tools,
cyber skills assessments are constantly evolving to keep pace with emerging trends,
with new and improved questions added every single month. Your team also has the ability to take an assessment more than once to track their development before and after completing. Of course,
you are so thorough. I love it.
Question Number six You mentioned d o d 81 40
are your courses d o d 81 40 Compliant?
Yeah, CyberRays Learning content is D o D 81 40 and 85 70 compliant. We also map around the 50 to work roles within this nice framework as well.
And my last question for you. How does Cyber A for teams differ from the cyber Insider Pro package
Perfect. This is my favorite question. So cyber Insider Pro is the individual learner looking to build his or her cybersecurity career. So we combined courses on the most in demand cybersecurity skills and certifications with hands on learning experiences and a guidance from a dedicated community of mentors who can review your resume,
prepare you for job interviews and even
even help find your passion within cybersecurity.
On the other hand, cyber for teams what I showed you all today is our solution to help security leaders find and ultimately closed the cybersecurity skill gap in their organization are tools, resource is and ever growing. Network of industry experts provide the foundation for developing a highly skilled cybersecurity workforce prepared to meet
modern security challenges.
Excellent. I want to thank each and every one of you for attending our webinar today
as a token of our appreciation, we're pleased to offer two very special giveaways. First,
the 1st 50 folks who joined today's program, we will be emailing each of you a $10 Amazon gift card.
you can now unlock free early access to Cy Briefer teams today
by requesting an interactive walk through at www dot cyberia dot i t forward slash business.
Get a more in depth look at how we can help solve your specific problems
and give your team the opportunity to try a course. Work in a virtual lab, take a certification practice test and get their thoughts again to get your free early access. Simply go to w w w dot cyberia dot i t slash business.
The link has also been included in the chat
and complete the request. A demo form a cyber. A representative will then reach out to you to help get you started right away.
So now is the time to act. Cyber A is ready to help you optimize your team certification preparation process.
And I have one last poll question for you guys.
Do you guys wanna learn more about cyber reefer teams? Please click. Yes. And we'll have a cyber representative reach out to you as soon as possible.
If you have any additional questions for Angela, please feel free to reach out to her directly. We've not only included her LinkedIn and email address in the chat window, she's always happy to help and connect with you guys offline. If you have any further questions,
thanks again for your time. And we hope to see you guys on future Webinars. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Thanks, everyone