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In this lesson you will learn about the desired state: what is the vision for all relevant conditions at a particular point in the future? What principles, policies, and standards are needed to get us there? Which well-known frameworks can help us achieve our goals? Basically; where we are, where we're going, and where we want to be. You will also cover an overview of COBIT® 5. The major drivers for COBIT® 5 are to help us: Provide more stakeholders a means in determining what they expect from IT balancing benefits/risks/costs - Prioritize stakeholder needs - Address an organization's success on third party entities - Deal with ever increasing amounts of data. What is relevant and/or credible? How do we maximize the information we have? - Understanding and utilizing the pervasiveness of Information technology and related resources - Facilitate the integration of IT and business functions - Provide for innovation and emerging technologies - Cover the full end-to-end IT and business functional responsibilities and allow for more effective governance and maintenance - Deliver more value and increase satisfaction with IT service Connect and align with other major frameworks

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