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Video Transcription
welcome back to student data privacy fundamentals. In this lesson, we will define your team.
You'll learn who should be included in your organizations. Data Governance team.
When choosing your data governance team, you will want to make sure you bring everyone to the table. Protecting online data isn't just the job of the organization's I. T or Technology department.
You need to consider all of the other departments in your organisation that deal with sensitive information online.
This can include those working in finance. Human resource is communications and public relations and even physical security.
Consider all parts of your organization that use a specific software for their job duties and those that work with sensitive information.
Consider your organization's leaders when choosing your team.
It's a good idea to select the leaders of the departments that we just discussed, for example, your director of finance or head of PR to serve on your data governance team.
Sometimes these department leaders are the ones working directly with software all night data. However, those leaders will know who on their team should be involved in the unfortunate event of a data breach, for example,
you don't need to include everyone from your organization that has anything to do with online data. Just make sure that you have a representative from every area.
They can always include others from their team if the need arises.
You also don't want to leave out any overall leaders in your organization, like your superintendent, directors or other administration.
Your data governance team will be led by the ice Oh or Information Security officer.
This person is responsible for working with the organization's leadership data governance team, data managers, data owners and users to develop and implement prudent security policies, procedures and controls
the ice. So will oversee all security audits and will act as an adviser to data owners for the purpose of identification and classification of technology and data related resource Is
and systems development and application owners and the implementation of security controls for information on systems from the point of system design through testing and production, implementation,
the alternate security officer or a So is someone designated by the ice. So to complete the ISOS responsibilities if they are unable to do so,
Quiz time. Who will be the head of the data governance team and is responsible for ensuring data privacy policies are upheld.
Is it a the district superintendent?
Be the director of technology. See the information security officer or D, the head of security systems?
If you answered I so or information security officer, you're correct. Many times your ice. So will be your district's technology director, and your superintendent is the head of all district operations. But it's important to note that the data governance policy has its own specialized hierarchy.
In today's video, we discussed including all perspectives in your data governance team, including district administrators and representatives from every department that uses online data.
In the next lesson, we will define the purpose of our data governance policy.
See you sound.
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