Data Systems Roles and Permissions

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Video Transcription
welcome back to student data privacy fundamentals.
This lesson is data system roles and permissions.
In this video you will learn what roles and permissions to assign In district data systems,
all staff members are entered into the S I s for the purpose of mandatory training access and district badge printing. However, Onley staff requiring access are provided accounts for the system. The following information is entered for every staff member start date building site location
in date if Africa ble
position or job duty and work status whether active transfer or separation of service
after basic information and user idea created, then sites are applied to account and permissions are given
employees. Permissions are only extended to the sites that are assigned to the account permissions unless employees needs additional permissions, are based on job title and lines up with the names of the permissions and our distinguished between site and district
permissions are based on past current and future years per individual permission.
It is also important to note here that permission titles air rolls in your student information system may not align exactly to the district title roles that an individual has so a legend aligning district rolls to your S. I s roles might be needed.
Permissions are typically preset and configured by the system, but permissions may be extended per individual basis based on special needs and her multiple positions being covered by a single account.
These changes must be approved by site administrator and or HR.
Here are some different access levels. You will need to decide what access to give each role within your s. I s, for example, what roles would need access to medical information. Obviously the school nurse, but probably office staff as well, or whoever might sub for your nurse
would building administrators the access to that information.
What about teachers? You can pause the video and read through the permissions to consider the need to know status for each
continuing with our previous example of medical information access. Now, let's consider specific designations for access to student medical information. Some examples, maybe medical data, including immunizations, conditions, medications and clinical logs.
Some specific examples might be that site administrators and site nurses are the only accounts that can view all medical information
site nurses or the Onley accounts that can maintain medical information, as in add delete or edit medical information in your student information system
accounts that can view medications conditions. Immunizations are the district sped director, site, administrator, site nurse and the site sped. Case manager
site secretaries converge. You conditions and immunizations and counselors can view clinic logs and immunizations.
You will want to fully define the permission groups for your organization.
Pause the video to read through the list of some of the main permission groups that you might have and consider what roles you have that might be missing from the list.
Quiz Time to continue from the previous prompt. Take a moment to list out what permission roles you would need to add and what access would be assigned to those roles.
The next system we will discuss is the financial system for your organization. All staff members are entered into the financial system for the purpose of employee payroll and HR tracking
employees access to their individual payroll. Information is granted through the employee portal Onley Staff requiring access are provided accounts for the financial personnel application. In other words, if you don't need access to the finance system for generating purchase orders, etcetera,
you would only have access for your individual payroll information
after basic information and user idea created, then permissions are given according to position.
The special education system houses student I. E. P, or Individualized Education plan information for students with special needs.
New accounts are imported the beginning of the school year and added and adjusted manually throughout the year by administrators in the technology and or special education departments.
After basic information and user idea created, then permissions are given according to position. For example, Sped district administrator, Sped district coordinator, building coordinator, Sped teacher and principal, probably for viewing access on Lee for their building.
In today's video, we discussed what roles and permissions to assign in district data systems, including student information system, financial system and special education system.
In the next lesson, we will discuss password security. See you soon.
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