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9 hours 54 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So in the last video, we took a look at how control number 10 of the CIA's controls. Data recovery. How that maps to the cybersecurity framework from NIST
and this video were to do a short lab. And I want to stress very short on data backups. We're gonna be basically backing up Windows Server 2008.
So there is a step by step lab guide for this lab. You can find that in the resource is section of this course, but basically, you're going to make sure your log in this I bury. You're then going to search for the data backup and recovery lab. So you'll see here in step two,
you're gonna launch the lab and then select the launch item bun to actually launch the lab environment. Once it pulls up for you, Then you're gonna log into the Windows machine that we see in the background here.
The easiest way to do this to send the control delete, it should go appear to the top left of the lab. It looks like a little lightning boat. Just click on that commands option and just send the control. Delete
it should, by default, be already set to the administrator account.
But if not without the credentials, right here for you. So now you're just gonna enter in the word password? So P the at symbol, Lower case S S W the number zero lower case R and then lower case D,
and that'll get you logged into the windows machine. The other important thing to note here as as you go through the lab and complete the steps. Be sure to select through the lab down here and check the boxes. After you complete each steps, you can give full credit for the lab. Once you're all done,
The next thing you'll see this little prompt right here. You want to wait till the timer runs down so you could see the activate later option, and then just go ahead and select that
we're not worried about activating license keys in this particular lab.
You may also get some other pop ups. Just make sure you closes as well. So you see, for example, here we get the server manager window. We just want to go ahead and ex out of that as well.
So we go back to our step by step lab guide here.
You'll see that we've already done Step number six. We selected that. Activate later option again. It takes about 10 or 15 seconds to run down the timer there. And then that option will open up for you. We closed the other papa box that we had. So the next thing we're going to do now is we're going to select the start menu icon down at the bottom left, will then select administrative tools and then the Windows server backup.
So let's go and do that. Now we're in a select start.
Administrative tools right here on the right side
and then down near the bottom. The 2nd 1 from the bottom is the Windows server backup. Go ahead and select that one there.
All right, So the next thing we want to do is on the right side of this window behind me. We want to select the backup once option, and that's going to give us some various options that we're going to select through in the next few steps here. So selected backup once option here.
It's gonna take a moment soon. Toe Load it up for us here
now. Really, what we're going to be doing is selecting all the defaults. You really could just click next, next, next, all the way through. But we're just gonna go step by step through it. So you see, here in step 12 we want to make sure that different options is selected and by default, that should be the choice you get. So then just select the next option. Full server is what we want and again that should be selected by default.
What is going to say next to that?
And in this example, we're gonna actually be storing it on the local drives normally would not store a backup locally, you would store it elsewhere, right? But for our purposes in this lab, where to select the local drive? So again, that's selected by default. More discussion. The same. Next to that,
it's gonna back it up to the B drive here. Once we click this next button, we're gonna get a little pop up box. So once we select the next button, we're gonna select yes, at the prompt.
Let's go and do that. And basically, that's just saying that it what? We're gonna leave the B drive out of the things that we're going to back up, right, Because we're backing up to the B drive, so it doesn't make any sense for us to try to back that up with the exact same time.
So just say yes to this little prompt here.
And the next step here is we want to make sure we select the V SS copy backup. So again, that's by default. We've got that there. So just select the next button.
And then a very final step here is just actually selecting the backup than
right here.
Now it's going to take a couple of minutes to actually perform the backup. But at this stage, you've actually completed all the steps in the labs. We're gonna go ahead and select the backup option there, and I'm gonna pause the video briefly while we wait for it to finish backing up.
Okay, so now you can see that the backup is completed. It really only takes a couple of minutes to perform the backup.
So in this video, we just went through and ran a simple backup on our Windows 2008 server, and we see we're able to do that successfully.
And the next module, we're gonna take a look at control number 11
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