Cryptography Part 2

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Hello there. Welcome to protecting data. My name is Alberto Garcia, and I will be guiding you through this process. Let's see form other concepts.
A crypto system is a structure or scheme consistent off a set off algorithms that converse plain text to cipher text to encode or the code Mrs. Securely. The term crypt system is your hands for cryptographic system. Are first to a computer system that employees cryptography
toe help keep their secure. Crypto systems incorporate the algorithms for key generation encryption on the great. Some techniques at the harp off crypto, where few operations is a cryptographic key. A strain of bees Use cryptography algorithm
tow truck for plain text into cipher text or the reverse.
The key is part off. The variable data provided US input toe a cryptography algorithm to execute this or operations the cryptographic scheme security. It depends on the security off the keys Used.
Crypto systems are used for sending messages in a secure manner over the Internet. Social critic Car information on other private data. In another application of cryptography, a system for secure electronic mail may include methods for digital signatures, cryptographic hash functions on key management techniques,
a basic crypto system includes the full when components.
I think Tex, which is the day that it needs to be protected. Encryption algorithm is the mathematical algorithm that takes Plan takes as input on return cipher text. It also produced the unique increase. Your key for that text
cipher text is the in creatures or a reliable version off the plain text.
The description algorithm is the mathematical algorithm that takes cipher text as the input on the causes into plain text.
It also uses that unique decryption key for that text.
The encryption key is the value known to the center that is used to compute the cipher text for the given plain text
under the Christian key is the value known to the receiver that's used to the cold. The given cipher text into plain text when the crypto system uses the same key for both. Encryption under correction is symmetric.
Otherwise, with the crypto system uses different keys for encryption and decryption
is a symmetry.
There are two wrecks treated challenges off. Employing symmetric key cryptography.
Understand is the establishment
before any communication, both the sender under receiver need to agree on a secret symmetry key it requires a secure establishment mechanism in place. Thea other one is a trust issue, since defender on the receiver is the same symmetric key.
There is an implicit requirement that the sender on the receiver trust each other.
For example, it might happen that the receiver has lost. The key to an attacker on the sender is not informed. Thes two challenges are highly restraining for modern day communication. Today, people need to exchange information with no familiar and non trusted Paris, for instance, a communication between online seller and customer.
These limitations off key encryption
gave rise to asymmetric Increase your skins.
The asymmetric nation off public key cryptography allows it a sizable advantage over symmetry. Key algorithms
the unique private off the keys provided tow each user allow them to conduct secure exchanges of information without first needing to plan some way to secretly swap kiss kiss in public. Key cryptography due to the unique nature,
are more compositionally costly than their counterparts in secret key cryptography.
Now, key management is the process off administering or managing cryptographic keys for a crypto system. It involves the generation Creation Protection Stores, exchange replacement on youth office keys
with another type of security system built into last crypto systems enable selective frustration for certain keys.
In addition to access restriction, key management has involved the monitoring and recording off each case. Access youth in context.
Key management is also once the most challenging aspects off cryptography because it deals with many types of security like I really be on encryption. So just people on floor policies
it s involves creating a corresponding system policy used training, interdepartmental interactions on proper coordination.
Ducal signature is a mathematical is keen for demonstrating the authenticity off digital messages or documents
to create a digital signature. The signing software creates a one way hash off the data to be signed. The private key is then used to encrypt the hash. This encrypted harsh plus other information like the hashing algorithm used is the digital signature.
Ah, the signature with public key cryptography
secured, a message is created like this. First the messages digitally signed. Then this bundle is encrypted with the sender's private key on again with the receivers public key.
When the recipient received information the recipient can create, the other liar with his or her private key is ensures that only the receiver can read the information
and the receiver can decree to the inner liar with the sender's public key. These assures that the sender was indeed expected person.
This is possible because the private ample the keys are linked mathematically after decryption, the receiver come verified that the message was not tamper with and route but ruling the missus through the same hashing algorithm. Us the senator. If they match, we have a valid message.
Cryptographic house functions are 1/3 type off cryptographic algorithm.
A message off any land taking us input on now put you ashore. Six lens hush.
It is a mathematical algorithm. The mass data off arbitrary size, toe a bit, string off a fixed size or a hash.
Undersigned Toby ah, one way function that is invisible to invert
momentarily. Checking is the mechanism to verify if the information has not changed
validated in territory. Our son prince also called hash or digest off. The information is created. The some print is created by an algorithm that create a sure be string fronts on information.
Random string or folds is added to the past for to make the past four more secure
on. Then hushed.
This prevents rainbow table attacks. Salty should be used with pretty graphically secure pseudo random number generators
sunk. Only use cryptographic hash functions include MD five Gunshot one, although many others us assist
it by seeing like cryptographic. Hash functions are related to a Christian, but the to work in different ways.
Encryption is a two way process where something is and created to become unreadable on decrypted layer to use normally again, you might increase fais you have stored so that anyone who acts assistant isn't able to use them.
Or you can use fire transfer encryption to encrypt files.
There are moving over a network like the ones you upload or download online.
Cryptographic hash functions work differently in that the Czech sons are not meant to be reversed with a specialty. Hushing passwords. The only poor proof that Kristen graphic hash functions serve is to compare to pieces off data
social as well. Don't notifies. Storing passports. I'm pulling data front of that race.
Okay, here's the question for you.
Empty five on Shahwan are examples off
a digital signatures. The cryptographic hash functions see symmetric key cryptography or the asymmetry key cryptography.
If you said B. You're correct.
You think a check son calculator. You can compute a check, son, using a particular cryptographic hash function. So just MD five or Sha one.
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