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In this lesson, participants meet the subject matter expert (SME) for this course and also learn which prerequisites are needed for this course. This course covers Log Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) which consists of: - Log aggregation and retention: a SIEM can securely store logs from all networking systems in one centralized location. - Correlation Engine: looks for patterns and trends in logs, seeking any suspicious activity. - Alerting and Analysis: these allow network engineers to take appropriate action as needed. - Reporting and dashboards: provides visibility into which machines are most targeted. - Compliance: these can provide audit reports Course objectives are: - Develop an understanding of SIEM technology - Plan and architect OSSIM installations - Perform OSSIM installations - Sends logs to OSSIM sensors - Install the OSSEC local agents - Configure the OSSIM server In order to get the most out of this course, participants are encouraged to have the following tools: - Powerful PC or multiple PC lab setup with 12 or more gigs of RAM - Virtualization Software (VirtualBox or VMWare) - OSSIM Image - Additional Virtual Machines Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to install, configure and tune an SIEM installation from the ground up. Regardless of which SIEM one decides to specialize in, having experience with one SIEM lays the groundwork for learning another. In addition, participants will also be able to set up an OSSIM system by looking at a diagram and then being able to determine to best placement and utilization for an OSSIM structure. This course offers step by step instructions in installation and configuration, how to leg logs to a SIEM, the installation of host and detection agents as well as how to work on settings to customize them to an organization's specific needs. This course assumes no prior knowledge and teaches participants basic skills and deployments.

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AlienVault OSSIM

This course will use AlienVault OSSIM to showcase a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system. A SIEM is used to aggregate logs for all sources in a network, analyze the logs through a correlation engine, and generating alarms on malicious indicators and activity.

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Anthony Isherwood