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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. Let me just say congratulations. You've made it all the way through this particular course. So hopefully you now have a little better understanding an idea off the different types of jobs you might wanna pursue in either i t or the cybersecurity realm.
So in this video, we're going to talk about what's next. What are some of the next steps that you can do?
where can you go?
You can go through different career paths on cyber. So we do have a system administrator career path that walks you essentially through from A to Z on becoming a system administrator and a lot of skills that you're going to need to be successful in that particular role. We have a network into near career path that starts you out in more than network admin realm trains you up, build your skill set and then advantage you
through becoming a network engineer.
We have a sock analyst, one sock to and sock three career past. I recommend you start with sock one that will help you start building the skill set to become an incident responders. So sock analyst level one many, many students have gone through that training and secure jobs. In fact, recently, a young man from Israel
reached out to me on LinkedIn. Let me know that he went through the sock analyst One path
was able to secure his first cybersecurity job, and now he's in the sock to and eventually will go through Sock three. And hopefully his goal is to become an incident responder.
And then, of course, we have a penetration test for past, so this will walk you through some of the fundamental skills you're gonna need to be a junior level pen tester. Now, keeping in mind that there's all sorts of avenues around pen testing, you could be a network pen tester. You could be a Web at pen tester, an application pen tester, mobile social engineer,
etcetera, etcetera. So you're gonna learn a lot of different skills in the pen tester path.
Help prepare you for all of those different types of pen testing roles.
Now, if you're more interested in that privacy analyst and becoming going in that privacy route, we do have several courses on the platform around privacy. So US information privacy is a about it's about a seven plus our course, and that one will actually help you prepare for one of the certifications I mentioned, which is a C i PP.
So definitely check that course out. If you're interested in privacy,
we've also got some shorter courses around specific laws or regulations things like the California Consumer Privacy Act or C P C P. A.
We have courses if you're more interested eventually in becoming a cybersecurity manager or sock manager or anything around the management realm. We've got certain prep courses that I mentioned things like Schism. We've got the C. S S P. We've also got see risk, etcetera
as well a scissor.
for clouds, if you're interested in becoming a cloud engineer or getting in that realm of learning more about cloud, we have different courses. We've got more generalized courses around, assuring a W s. And we also have some certification prep courses for both of those particular cloud environments.
So in this video, we just talked about next steps again. We've got several career pass on Sai Buri. If you decide on one of those career paths as a rat, you wanna go for all of the other
career paths that we mentioned our jobs we mentioned in this particular course, there are additional training for those so things like privacy. Things like getting certifications to help you prep for management
as well as cloud Engineer So certification prep as well as some more generalized courses around AWS and Azure Cloud.