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3 hours 20 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everybody. My name is Peter Sip alone, and this is the network Security course. This is going to be the conclusion video for this course.
The Perec visits for this course are every single video that has come before this one. This one, this will be the last one. So if you skipped around a little or you didn't see all of them or you started with this one first for some reason, I encourage you to go back up and watch all of these modules, preferably in order.
So is that this is this is the network security course laid out and the network security pyramid.
We started off with the core baseline foundation of cybersecurity. We took a look at some cybersecurity principles and three main pillars of cybersecurity. And we also took the look at important concept called access control. From there, we built on top of that
by looking at select
applications involved in that were security mainly data leakage, prevention, DLP risk management and incident response. From there we moved up into the actual design and structure off a secure network who we took a look at apologies
and structure. We looked at important security protocols
and programs and controls, which help ah network maintained its integrity.
From there we went up into the design, the application design, off security products and things on the network. We took a look at malware. We looked at how policies and standards and practices enforce good security and finally, up the top. You looked at
computer security devices
and we looked at some computer network protection components, and included in that was a video demo ing window, a Windows based firewall.
And this is pretty much it, I hope. I hope I have given you guys a good, solid foundation in network security. I've tried my best to explain the concepts in a very well laid out format so everyone can follow along. And, you know, thank you for giving me this opportunity to give this course
I really I really do appreciate it.
Success is a mixture off preparation and opportunity, and by taking this course, you now have the preparation to Now all you need is a little bit of opportunity. So I wish you the best in all your future endeavors, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.