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Video Transcription
welcome back to CyberRays is. Of course, I'm your instructor, Brad Roads. Let's jump into our module summary for module 10. Concentration insights
here is we're gonna cover in this video. We're gonna review the module on. Then we're gonna wrap things up.
So we have reached the end of our journey through the ESOP content in preparation for hopefully taking and successfully passing the exam in this module, we reviewed the SF domains. Remember the five of those which are fun foundations, risk planning, design implementation
on then, obviously offs disposal. So those general areas or what we reviewed,
we talked about the various documents that in ISI should know, spanning many things from the NUS publication, the Phipps Publications, Uh, the ISI handbook, which you should purchase. We looked at all of those things. We talked about the system security, engineering capability, maturity model, um,
again, as we are engineering very complex systems and very complex security controls.
Having a model toe work off of and work towards is very important.
We linked the ISI and the system development life cycle and the newness 801 60 system lifecycle concepts in a sort of mind map. if you will, that you could potentially use as a part of your brain dump for the use IP exam. And then we talked about how to prepare for the exam. We talked about
the key areas you should review. Aside from all the material that we covered in this course,
there's obviously a set of areas, 19 of them, in fact, that we talked about where you could actually go through. And if you studied those, you'd be in pretty good shape walking into the exam.
So it has been my honor and pleasure to work with you throughout the course of this very long and complex course. I thank you. I appreciate your patronage of my course here at cyber and Cyber as a whole. And I wish you the very, very best of luck on the ISS IP exam Should you choose to take it,
Um, or as you if you're working towards if you're not a CSP yet and this is a goal that you have in the future,
I wish you the best of luck. There is. Well, um, the info sec and cybersecurity community needs people like you that are willing to a continued to learn and be continued to specialize in different areas because the Internet, the systems we put out there the technologies we use are growing
more and more complex every day. And we need
mawr disease like you.
Congratulations on finishing the ISS. Of course, you'll get your certificate of completion at the end of this. You can request that via the usual channels through Highbury. And I look forward to seeing you again
at another cyber recourse.
Have a great day.