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welcome to cloud governance principles.
Hello, my name is Matt Duda, and I'll be helping you navigate our course today. I'm currently a training manager at Cloud tamer dot io, an industry leading multi cloud governance platform.
I've also had a chance to work as a trainer for over 15 years for product companies that have made their name in solving unique problems for their customers before that technologies widespread adoption.
By the end of this course, you'll better understand the concept of cloud governance and the individuals across many levels and apartments of an organization that benefit.
We'll discuss the unique and complex journey that organizations take on their path to cloud adoption and the challenges that naturally arise when pursuing cloud at scale
finally will dive into established cloud governance principles that conserves a foundation for organizations cloud governance framework.
Now you may be wondering who benefits from understanding cloud governance. As it turns out, many I T related roles across an organization can reap the rewards from better understanding of cloud governance.
The cloud is heralded is the most destructive technology many current I T professionals will encounter over the course of their entire careers.
The benefits of embracing the cloud or innumerable, and to compete in today's market cloud needs to be a broad and holistic part of an organization's approach to I. T.
You could be a security leader looking to prevent security bridges or remain within a particular compliance regime.
Or maybe your financial leader who wants to eliminate cost overruns or include cash flow.
An I T leader ensuring the right balance of usability control for end users. Or maybe just a software engineer developer who just wants to get their work done in the cloud without getting their hands a lot.
All of these individuals have a role to play in their organizations, cloud infrastructure and can benefit from a foundational understanding of cloud governance.
Now that we have defined or course objectives and who cloud governance benefits, let's take a moment to define the term cloud governance

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Cloud Governance Principles

This Cloud Governance Principles course provides an introduction to cloud governance concepts and the growing importance of governance in cloud operations.

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