Cloud Data Security Strategy

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Video Transcription
Alright. So now we're gonna talk about cloud data security strategies. What are the methods that we can really employ at least at a high level to ensure that data in the cloud stay safe.
In this lesson we're gonna talk about the main security strategies for protecting data in the cloud. We also want to relate many of these strategies back to other topics related data security that we've talked about already. Such a classification roles and responsibilities and where these strategy community deployed within the data life cycle.
Also we want to look at different scenarios and think about how some of these strategies can be used.
Therefore, main data security strategies that we're going to talk about
the first. We've seen it many times but encryption
encryption is the use of algorithms to render information
um unable to be seen or understood by a party that doesn't have the
ability to decrypt the information and render it back to clear tax stories. Original state
encryption is often deployed in many instances. As we'll see later in our affecting our various data states, such as data. In transit encryption is used to secure the process of transmitting information
data in process encryption can actually be used even when data is being processed. And then most importantly in the cloud context data and storage, ensuring that the data cannot be accessed by other parties, especially in some of our cloud models that we've gone over where data is being shared or stored on shared hardware.
I'm asking this is a technique and actually a host of different techniques to make render data sense of data in a state that people can't infer completely want. The sense of information is masking techniques are applied and a lot of uh
test cases of data or sometimes by certain regulations that prevent you from seeing the full string of digits in a credit card. For example,
let's also talk about security information and event management.
So this is a critical security feature used to monitor events that are happening regarding data in your cloud based environments. You're gonna want to set up appropriate threshold and really be visiting an investigating any unusual activity when it comes to the transportation or manipulation of data in your cloud based environments.
Then lastly, egress monitoring. Egress refers to
things exiting or leaving.
Egress monitoring is really done through a host of different technology and solutions related to what are called data loss prevention and digital rights management. We'll go into some of those technical solutions are used to ensure that you see when any data is leaving your environment and ensure that
it's not being exfiltrate ID by a threat actor and that is supposed to be
Leaving for one and then it's going to the right place.
Alright quiz question.
Obscuring the digits of a credit card number is an example of which data security strategy
Egress monitoring or masking
If you said masking your correct remember, encryption is used to enter the confidentiality and integrity of data. And then egress monitoring is used to
capture when data is leaving your cloud environment and to ensure that that is intended to happen and protect data that when it leaves is appropriately protected.
All right. And some of you talked about the data security strategies. We talked about how these strategies can be used together and then also some of the stages in the data life cycle where they really apply as well as the the different data states that are applicable to these strategies.
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