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Video Transcription
Hello, everyone. And welcome back to Sai Berries and user Physical Security. Course I'm your instructor. Corey holds er and this is less and four dot for its my closing remarks.
I have two objectives for this lesson. We're just gonna do a course wrap up and overview, and we'll also talk a little bit about where you can go from here.
So this course had consisted of four modules with four lessons in each module module one. We talked about ancient and modern security
as well as talking about what? How policies are important in today's businesses.
Module two. We walked through the exterior security from the front gate all the way to the front door. And what kind of security measures weaken due to, uh,
employees to keep our people safe.
Module three was a walk through of interior security. We not only talked about security that goes on inside the building, but we talked about three importance of badging and escorting, and we talked about
the role of security
force will play in keeping everyone safe and handling of visitors, and we also talked a little bit about asset management and the importance of securing equipment within the company
in this fourth module. We talked about things like roles and responsibilities, disaster recovery and business continuity plans.
Physical security is keep, and it has three key objectives that I cannot stress enough. First, it's about
protecting the company's most important assets, namely you and the employees around you.
It's protecting other important assets within the company as well. This is the computers, the knowledge, the trade secrets and all that the company has that actually helps. It generates revenue. And we also say we also talked about ensuring that a company can respond and recover
quickly to any kind of disaster or event
that might impact their business.
Physical security works best when there's different types of training required. Different levels of involvement for employees and contractors. Senior leadership. Prioritize it. And they do that through policies. Leadership for took facilitates it. They allow you to train, and they make sure you know what your job looks like
in response to any kind of adverse event and the employees understand it. We talked about that knowing versus understanding in the last lesson.
So where do you go from here? I have some recommendations.
First, as I talked about previously know your company's policies.
I understand the why behind them, what is the goal? What is the purpose of that policy? Because when you understand it, you can adapt,
actively, participate in security training.
Don't just go there and sit there. Toe. Listen to someone right along about the security. Ask questions if you don't. If something doesn't sound right, say, why do we do it that way? Ask a question. Maybe he hasn't thought about it, and maybe it's time to revise that plan.
Be a facilitator or volunteer
again. If it's if it's, I'll be the person who
I fell down the stairs, quote unquote, and the other people have to pick me up and help me or help get me out of the building during the fire drill. I'll do that. Be a facilitator. If you see something that doesn't look right or you see equipment that's faulty, let's say the fire extinguishers haven't been checked. I know use fire a lot, but that's
I guess that's one of the easier ones that that's prop. That's pretty universal.
If you see something, say something you know and and that in that way you facilitate and help your company become better
In summary, we talked. We went through a course wrap up and I also gave you some suggestions where you can go from here. I want to thank you for joining me for this course with Sai Buri. I hope that as you as you
believe here
that you can actually recommend to friends does they don't have to be in the same company. As you can see, I kept things very general. So this has a lot of application no matter what what the
what your business is. I thank you. And if you have any comments or questions from me if you go back and check the first video, you'll find some my contact info. Please don't hesitate. If there's something I can do to make this course better facilitate it, let me know so I can make it better for the next person.
I thank you so much for joining me for this course.
I looked for just working with you and future courses