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Video Transcription
everyone. Welcome to this course on the C I. A s top 20 critical security controls. My name is Ken and I'll be your instructor for this course. In this video, we're gonna talk about some of pretty rex you'll need for this particular course, The intended audience also talk a little bit about my backgrounds. Your instructor, we'll talk through if there's any supplementary material provided for this course
as we'll see overall course structure itself.
So it's very important that you have some basic networking or sys admin knowledge. Now, you don't have to have experience in either one of those rules, but just understanding things like when we talk about access control, you understand? What were we actually mean, right? And then also having some familiarity with framework specifically the NIST
cyber security framework.
That's gonna be very beneficial for this course.
This course is really intended for everyone. I wanted to keep it across the board because the C. I. A s controls are very important for you to understand how you can secure your particular organization better.
Well, who am I? My name's Ken Underhill. I'm a master instructor is Sai Buri. I hold a graduate degree in cybersecurity and information assurance. I hold a couple of certifications right now from EEC Council. So the certified ethical hacker as well It's a computer acting, forensic investigator, certification most of age and professor of digital forensics. And I wanted award in 2019
for outstanding educator.
So the main supplementary materials for this course is gonna be the step by step lab guide. So we've got seven labs throughout this course, and the intent of those is to help reinforce the knowledge in that particular area. So, as an example, I mentioned access control earlier. We do have a lab on access control in the course. You will not be an expert in access control. But again, the intent here is to help you
get a better understanding of the Sierras controls by doing some hands on work.
This course is gonna be structured with some power point presentations throughout each module, as well as I mentioned before some labs to give you their hands on practice.
So in this video, we just talked about some of the pre directional meat for the course again. You wanna make sure you have some basic knowledge of networking, insists admin types of things more specifically around the terminology. So if we they say things like access, access control or role based access control you know, actually, what we're talking about,
the audience is really across the board, right? This is, of course, intended for everybody to get a firmer grasp on the CIA's controls. We talked about my bio is your instructor. We also talked about that. You'll there will be step by step lab guides as well as the over our core structure itself. So again, we're gonna be doing a lot of power point slides and it's module
as well as some hands on labs to help reinforce the concepts
and the next video. We're gonna take a look at an introduction to the C I s controls.
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