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This lesson covers the principles of security. We can remember the three principles of security using the acronym CIA.

  • Confidentiality: preventing the unauthorized disclosure of data
  • Integrity: preventing the unauthorized modification of data and detecting any such unauthorized modifications when they occur
  • Availability of data; the timely access of resources

You will familiarize yourself with the necessary security objectives that we must strive to achieve, and remember them using the acronym SMART. Our security objectives must be: - Specific; such as increasing application security

  • Measurable; you have to know when you've achieved your goal
  • Attainable; is it something that can be done?
  • Realistic; can the objective be achieved within the realm of possibility?
  • Timely; can the goal be reached within a specific period of time?

You must keep in mind all the threats that can compromise your data security within the CIA and SMART framework.

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