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Video Transcription
Welcome to Cyber a CCS K exam Prep course. My name's James Leone and I will be your instructor, guiding you through the wide variety of topics that are covered in the certification of cloud security knowledge.
There are no formal prerequisites to take and obtain the CCS K.
However, this course I am expecting you are an I T professional and pursuing the arena of cloud expertise. Maybe you don't work in there but is something you're around evolving towards overtime. You don't have to have specific experience minimums, but
in this course and in the actual CCS K,
six months of cloud experience is highly recommended
in this particular course. I'm also assuming you have an awareness of different cybersecurity disciplines such as the fundamental technologies, used data, encryption, networking protocols. How did those things work?
Concepts of governance, compliance, privacy even a little bit on incident response and identity access management principles. All of these things are going to be covered in this course.
It's almost a mile wide, but an inch deep. The CCS K content. If you are on cyber, you probably meet a lot of these prerequisites.
Obviously, the target audience for this course are those who want to obtain their CCS K certification itself.
This could include I T executives, directors and managers, those who want to understand the technical and non technical considerations when moving a company, an organisation into the cloud.
Furthermore, security architects that want to get a broader understanding of the cloud. Maybe you have just a niche area of understanding. If you're in information security, maybe it's not cloud security. This is going to be great for you. If you are in cloud security, this might round off some of the edges that you just haven't been exposed to.
If you're on Red Team's blue team's individuals that Aaron acting and those things, especially if you're dealing with cloud stuff,
this is going to be a lot of good information and technology consultants are gonna find the CCS K very valuable. It gives a broad perspective on business considerations, technical considerations, organizational considerations, governance process, just the full end to end. So it's also
very valuable utility and just sweet of knowledge for
technology consultant toe have when they come into a business to give them some versatility and what they can provide.
The main purpose of this course is to provide students with a base knowledge on cloud computing, security theory and practice to assist you in successfully passing the CCS K exam.
You will learn to understand the different cloud models architectures, the concept of shared responsibilities that you need to take into consideration when building a cloud security program. You also gain some perspective on the impacts of cloud computing with regards to governance, legal risk and regulatory compliance considerations.
we're gonna look at security through the traditional lens and compare and contrast that with security through the cloud. So you have a good understanding of how those same principles continue to be valid. But some of the practices and the ways you go about performing those activities are going to be just a bit different because of the paradigm that the cloud brings.
I'm so pleased you chose this course, and I'm honored that I've being allowed to bring you through this journey of the sea CSK exam preparation a little bit about myself. James Leone I have 20 years of experience, including application development operations, I t operations management leadership and
the many other aspects that pertain to helping businesses
figure out the best way to use technology as they move through this paradigm were in at a global basis. We're going through this digital transformation.
This is included working in industries such as biotech, health care and entertainment.
On a more personal note, I enjoyed being a husband and father of four Children, raising them through getting them
ready to make positive contributions to the world. I enjoy participating in cultural adventures. This is my fancy way of saying traveling, but not in the sense to go look at museums and sit in fancy resorts,
but actually participate in the different cultures throughout the world and get those different experiences.
I have a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Southern California. Fight on for anybody listening out there. I have my C I S s P certification. I have my c CSK certification, which we will be talking about also a certified scrum master. Interesting fact about myself. A few years back I climbed Mt. Shasta. That is about
14,000 feet high.
This picture on the right is of Mt. Shasta when you're about 50 miles away from it. It is so massive in to see it in person and to be so far from it and to see how large it is. Eyes really impressive. And I am not trying to brag here because Mount Everest is about
is over twice the height of Mount Shasta. So if you've climbed Mount Everest hats off to you, that is one heck of an accomplishment.
And with that said, it wraps up our very first video lesson. I look forward to diving deeper into the details of the CCS K and then, of course, in subsequent modules, getting into the actual content that you'll be tested on.
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