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5 hours 33 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome to the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning course. My name is Canada. I'll be your instructor for this course.
So are learning objectives in this particular video were to talk about the prerequisites for the course. If there are any where it's going to talk about the intended audience, my background is your instructor. We're gonna talk about some of the supplementary material that might be available with this course, as well as the overall core structure itself.
So for pre Rex, it's really good for you to have experienced at the enterprise level. So if you currently working like a small business, that's fine. But if you understand an enterprise a kind of a holistic view, that's gonna be very beneficial in this particular course. Also, if you got any type of I T background like a sys admin or even as a networking admin,
that's beneficial as well. We start talking about things like data backup.
So this course is intended, really for anybody that needs to understand just the basics of business continuity, planning as well, a disaster recovery planning. So this can be good good for anyone from I T realms of security realm all the way up to your general person that's working over in accounting or in sales.
Well, who am I? Well, maybe he's got another girl on the master instructor. A cyber. You hold a couple of certifications right now, both from EEC counsel, that sort of find ethical hacker and the computer hacking forensic investigator also hold a graduate degree in cyber security and information assurance on agent professional video. Forensics have been teaching online courses for several years, and this year,
that course is being filmed in 2019.
I also won an award for outstanding educator.
So the main supplementary material variable with this course is gonna be a lab guy. Now, do you want to stress that is not a step by step lab guide because of labs included. This course actually takes several hours to complete. So the lab guide will guide you through the basic steps. And then you also need to review a lot of documentation to help formulate
business continuity plan as well as a disaster recovery plan. Once we get to the lab portion of the course,
the core structure itself is gonna be a combination. So we're gonna have several power point presentations. So the slides and then we're also gonna as I mentioned, go through a couple of labs. These air gonna be again self guided lab. So you will get the guide and you'll be able to go through them on your own. But I do want to stress that they take several hours to complete for most people.
So be sure to budget that into your schedule.
So just a summary of this video. We talked about the prerequisites for this course as well as the intended audience. So again, anyone could take this course. It's really designed for anyone that's working in an enterprise level to take the course and understand how the B, c, p and G r P r affecting their day to day. We also talked about my background is your instructor as well as any supplementary material with the course
and then again, the overall core structure, which is a combination of PowerPoint slides
and a hands on labs.
So we'll see in the next video
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