Bacnet Part 2

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1 hour 22 minutes
Video Transcription
I see a scout of fundamentals back net part two.
The learning objectives for this is will be going to more detail about back objects back that properties where Back Net is used in some back net tools that are available for use
so back now uses something called objects and Properties and, for example, the vice object. It is the first object that you can actually read. After you've located the device. It is utilizing back net. There are also unique numbers that are used within this. There is a device object, instant number.
And if you've got a different networks segmented on using,
uh, lots of different back that devices, then duplicates can actually be used that there's also a unique name, which is the internal index key
for the objects and properties. There's the object type, the instant type, the name and the present value of the device. So very common use for back neck could be looking around your home. And if you've got a more modern home thermostat that controls your heating and air conditioning,
like in the picture here,
uh, you'll
you'll be able Teoh Look at, for example, the object type in this case. It's an analog input the name, which is the room temperature, and you've got a set point of 62.
Now, there have been several instances where, for example, different buildings have been attacked by attacking the back net protocol. Now, in one particular case, one that if you happen to watch Mr Robot,
Mr Robot and one of the episodes actually attacks and I A T device
that uses back net in the H V A C system, there's also a paper from Ohio State that talks about sabotaging back net. There was also another very interesting case, which occurred somewhere in the United States, where a competitive ER
was actually caught. What they had done was getting Teoh, a data center, and that data center. It wasn't manned at the time, and they turned off the air conditioners. They also turned off the temperature sensors and then turned up the heat.
And so the data center began overheating
and frying different types of electron ICS in that data center.
Some of the back net tools that are available and I should stress is
just about any tool. If not every tool can be used for dual use one of May. By that is,
we're going to briefly look at a technician tool called contemporary controls Back that Discovery tool things tool is located at the links listed here on the slide. This is what it looks like. So you can input an I P address and it will go ahead and scan
the back net protocol on that I p device. And it will also try to find, if they are connected, other devices that are connected with back nuts.
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