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Okay, This is the asset security course, and at the end, I'm just going to do the short recap off what you have been able to learn in this course.
So, um,
I have been talking about types of facets in the company
and which are the ones that are subject to protection by I t. Because we're not talking here about physical protection off assets like safe doors in the bank or, uh, guards at the entrance. This is physical security, This completely different story.
I was talking about how to protect each type of facets, But what are the methods of protection?
Then I talk about the roles of people in the company to their enrolled in asset protection
and also about the different approaches. So we have Ah, team Berries are tasked based approach or hierarchical role based approach.
Uh, and then I at the end, talked about differences in asset protection when something bad happens and how small and medium businesses reacted on one side and how large businesses were from the other side.
Off course, these lines are blurry. So you have medium businesses who behave that behave like large businesses. So they have hierarchical structure.
It really depends on how much profit these companies generating, how much money they have to spend on acid security. So this is this is always the case. The money determines how the things function.
So, um,
this last topic can actually defer, and it's not 100% the same with all the small and medium businesses on one side and large businesses on the other side. Or if you're If you were talking about the government, businesses, government, company on the companies or government organizations,
then it's usually highly structured hierarchical system because this is how governments work. They have to assign the blame if something goes wrong.
So thank you for listening the scores, and I hope you have learned something important for your future development.

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