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31 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello. My name is Dustin and welcome to wireless networks. Let's go over one of my favorite tools to audit one of these protocols. WiFi called Air Crack N. G.
So Air Karak N G is a complete suite of tools to assess WiFi network security. It focuses on different areas of WiFi security, including monitoring
where it can do packet capture an export of data to text files for further processing by third party tools.
Attacking it can perform replay attacks, the authentication, fake access points and others via packet injection
testing. It can check WiFi cards and driver capabilities using capture and injected injection
cracking aching crack W P and W P A. P s k
dbp a one and two.
All tools in air crack mgr command line tools, which allows for a lot of scripting. There's a lot of other attacks especially built into like Callie Limits, a pen testing platform that use air crack N G tools. It works primarily on limits,
but there is a Windows version Mac osx, FreeBSD, open, misty
as well as Solaris.
So installing air crack and G is really easy. If you're running Cali, Lennix, there's nothing you need to do. It already comes preinstalled and can be launched by typing the air crack and G command, followed by the parameters which you like to use, which can be found by typing air crack dash and G
space dash dash Help at command Prompt.
If you're using a variation of Lennox that doesn't have it installed, you can use your normal package installer, for example, Debbie Inapt get install, followed by air, Crack and G.
Although it's not usually recommended, it's not fully supported or anything. You can also install air crack on a Windows machine, and this is done by downloading the package from air Crack, dash, n g dot org's and unzipping the folder at the root of your C drive.
You can then launch the gooey by double cooking the air. Crack N g Gooey Daddy XY file Or use the command prompt by navigating toothy air crack N G bin directory and using the various individual commands.
So using air crack N G.
In order to use aircraft energy, you'll need to configure your wireless adapter on Lee. Certain wireless adapters support the monitor mode and packet injection mode so you can look on their site to list a bunch of different wireless adapters that they recommend.
The first thing you'd want to do is discover networks, and you can do this by typing in the air mon dash N G or monitor Start and w Land zero. If that's what your wireless adapter was, it could be 12 or three. So you want to run a I W config arms R I f config
to determine which wireless adapter you're going to use.
What this will do is put that wireless adapter into monitor mode. So if, for example, it was W Land zero, it would become W land zero mon.
And then what you'll do is narrow dump and G W and zero mon,
and that will help discover all the networks in the area
in order to sniff on a specific network, used the Aero Dump and G Command and then Dash C for channel, and you'll pick the channel off the network you'd like to do, and we're going to do a demo of all this. So don't worry if it's a little much right now, but you'll pick your channel and then you'll do dash dash of B s s I D.
And this is the V a society of the network.
And then Dash W because you're gonna write it to a file dump is the name of the file and then the, um,
network adapter that you want to use in this case, w land zero m o n.
And you can also crack Web networks with relative ease with their crack, and that's just aircraft and G dash B and then the B s idea of the network. And then you'll use your dump file to try and crack that so
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