Module 3 Objectives

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3 hours 41 minutes
Video Transcription
module three Dynamic and static analysis.
Hello and welcome to Module three. Dynamic and static analysis. In this session, we're going to use the information that we reviewed in the past few modules. We're gonna apply them to the dynamic and static analysis process in this session. We've got to yet pretty broad objectives
and these air to learn about and perform the dynamic analysis and static analysis steps
while we analyze our our samples. So first, what we'll do is we'll review the dynamic analysis steps. This will help us focus. Our analysis approach will make sure and verify their lab is working properly, and then we can proceed to run some samples. Now I think the best approach here is to separate some of the artifacts that will look at in different sessions
so that you can go back at any time in review the material. If you find it's necessary,
then what we can do is we can take the same approach for stack analysis, will review our steps and approach, will view our malware by utilizing some previously discussed techniques, and then we'll add some new techniques into the mix.
Now will quickly review the dynamic analysis process
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