Module 2 Summary

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3 hours 41 minutes
Video Transcription
all right to everyone. That was a lot of assembly. We crammed into those last few videos. So let's conclude our X 86 x 64 architecture er module and summarize what we learned
in the X 86 x 64 architectural module. We reviewed numbering systems, specifically binary in hex and how to convert decimal numbers between basis.
Then we examined the X 86 x 64 architecture er by reviewing data types, understanding how hardware components interact with memory, how the memory stores data. And finally we reviewed CPU registers.
After we discussed CPU registers, we recalled programming and assembly basics while understanding how control flow in the memory stack interact with our programs from an assembly language perspective.
Okay, so that wraps up our X 86 X 64 architectures module in Module three will be exploring dynamic and static analysis techniques while implementing knowledge we've gained throughout the past. Two modules
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