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Hello, everybody. And welcome to the agency security episode number 35. Summary
100 in there and I'll be instructor for physician.
Well, basically, folks, thank you all for sticking with me through this whole process. Um, I hope you have enjoyed all of the tedious and let me give you a brief summary. Uh, what
what we covered in scars. You know, first on introduction to information security
concepts, we saw the information Security one No one comes is like the confidentiality injury availability, that awesome model. You know, all the layers on the awesome off how protocols are, you know, are there service cyber security versus Iraqi security, for example?
The thing which cause how I t introduces safety
to the equation on security,
uh, cross collaboration for I t security because at the end of business are actually communicated between each other's across. Well, evolution cross collaboration is bail.
Then we have we jumped to the I t main concepts. You know, I t 11 ut common protocols. Both, you know, in every layer off the awesome model like m. Q t t
chronicles. For example,
I t common device architecture, a nightie, functional areas
and we saw anti future. We know I Auntie uses today I t industry and business and the anti future hot. What can we expect and what challenges are ahead for US security engineers?
I u t security, you know, vulnerabilities, attacks, risk and countermeasures. We saw a couple of hands on examples
and some frightening media's off. How hackers thing now, or thieves can now steal your car or, you know, demolish that kind of malicious stuff because we're now dealing with I a t.
Then cryptography. We saw all the concepts, you know, Critter free one on one. Symmetric algorithms, asymmetric algorithms, hashes vigil signatures, polling, key infrastructure for temple. How can we use cryptography cryptography to actually secure our TNT devices?
Then I A t cloud, you know, club surfaces, Philip threats, cloud providers and club security controls. Basically, all of the stuff you need to take into consideration consideration to either move to the cloud or not. And if you're going to move to the clown, have to select the best provider for yourself,
and I keep its practices, meaning I suffered development, lifecycle identity and access management, producing risk compliance programs and engine response
again fools. Thank you all. Thank you. Thank you very much. You can find me a linking and you confound me Treat her Although on Twitter I'm not as active as linking but you know Please reach out Let me know your thoughts and 1000 days we can you know this cause any other subject you want and security
please reach out Tell me what you think of the curse and I hope again Eunjo to be you Thank you all by