7.3 AWS Compute for Developers

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Video Transcription
Welcome back All your cyber A Caped Crusaders to module 7.3 aws Compute platforms for all you deaf heads out there. As the Joker said in the original Warner Brothers Batman movie, where does he get out those wonderful toys
your developers air, always creating all the software, toys and gooey gadgets that we end users get to play with that makes our lives easier and maybe helps us take out the bad guys of Gotham City.
So get out your computerized battering and underwater Batman boo propellers, because it's going to get punchy.
So the software development life cycle has come a long way over the years that we've seen a lot of iterations of it, from waterfall and spiral methods to interactive and incremental. But most of the dead teams that have had the privilege to either work with directly or support as a consultant used the agile and scrum S. T. L C methodologies, essentially an agile process framework
screaming can ban, which is what I see the most
are in software development terms, flavors or types of agile software development. Agile software development evolved from separate development teams, each with their own silo, are part of developing their own portion of the software module and being in software development. Islands toe agile, which is all about cross functional teams that are self managing
that air early in the process, working in collaborating with the customer directly, all with the values and goals to improve the agility of software development
and speed the working and testing product to market in their customers. Environment. Work with customer. Respond to changes in the requirements. Get to code an Alfa in beta testing as soon as possible and then respond to new changes in test again.
And all these agile Deadheads need computing platforms, coding platforms and testing platforms for their agile software development. Nothing spends up development resource is faster and more agile,
then the cloud.
So A W S lightsail is one of the easiest ways to get started. To launch a new virtual private server like still includes your virtual machine, your storage, your network and virtual machine management said you could easily and quickly connect your server. Instance. Using the lightsail council lights, L. A P i, or from a command line interface
light steals for developers that when to jump start their agile software development by going quickly
right to death, and I'll be buried in standing up new computer and development environments and installing software or development frameworks. Lights still has virtual machine images with based operating systems development stacks like Sequel and Lamp and Injun IX, and has applications like WordPress, Drew, Pool and Magneto. As your project gained steams,
you can add to your virtual development machine using the elasticity of the eight of us cloud. You can add more storage, more resource is, and then take snapshots
to copy your platform or back up your platform. And once you get the development environment exactly where you want it and you want to start getting ready for advanced testing with users or even for deployment, you can create duplicate instances of your virtual environment and spin upload balancers to start creating highly available and software patching resistant maintenance Windows
software Patch of the primary instance,
or running on the secondary instance and then roll the service is back
Really great stuff
lightsail for the agile development team in choices and extremely reasonable monthly service options, you can choose between Lennox and Windows operating systems and in your application footprint such as WordPress, which has been used to create almost 40% of the blog's and websites on the Internet
to development stacks like LAMP, which is a general purpose programming language designed for Web development.
And Get Lab, recently acquired by Microsoft, which is a Web based repositories where software development teams can collaborate on code, edit code and merge the Finnish code into projects. Or you can even spend up magenta, which is a platform to help
develop your own powerful e commerce platform or read Mine, which is a Web based project management and issue tracking system
allowing users to manage multiple projects on their associate ID sub projects. Read mine features We Keys and Forum's time tracking and roll based access controls.
So if you ask this professional AWS Lambda is one of the coolest gadgets to come to Gotham City since the battering easily the most important tool in Batman's arsenal, A. W s Lambda, allows your development team to pay only for the compute time you consume. There is no charge. When your code is not running,
you can run code for virtually any type of application or back in service.
Always zero administration and no computer development platform to manage. Just write the code and render software code functions. AWS Lambda Za compute service that lets you run code without managing servers and execute your code on Lee when needed and scales out automatically with the elasticity of the AWS cloud
from a few requests per day to thousands per second.
There are a ton of applications, Sarah Scenarios for A W s Lambda with the only provides O that you could write your application code and language is supported by A W s lambda With Lambda. You're only responsible for your code and the Lamda development engines manage the computer CPU, the balance of memory and network and other resource is for you.
Your team doesn't have to monitor the platform
applying health and security software Patch is you don't have to enable logging for the purpose of error and performance reporting. Just deploy and run your code. Nothing is more agile in software development than a surface like aws lambda.
So we're in R A. W s management console, our home page, and from here we're gonna go up to service is
and then under compute. We're gonna go ahead quick lightsail
And so from the light sail home page, we can create any new development instance we want or we can come here and start creating a new database. Say we want to create a sequel database
or any of our instances air databases we've created. If we want to modify those parameters by creating a static I, p or A D. N s zone or maybe we want to create a load balancer cause we've got multiple instances and now we want to share the load across our two development instances.
We want to create new disc or modify our disk storage capabilities and our instances and databases,
or we want to do a snapshot. So we wanted to a backup for data recovery purposes. Or maybe we want to copy our snapshot so that we can create a new image, a new instance and import are snapshots and that we can copy ah, virtual machine and create a new virtual machine from a snapshot. Well, we're gonna go back to instances
and from here we're gonna go ahead and create instance.
And so the very top choice you can see is we can choose our region's our region controls are late and see, we always want to choose the region. That's closest to us physically. Ah, in this case, we're gonna go ahead and keep it, Oregon. And as we scroll down, we can choose a Lennox operating system or Microsoft operating system. And we can choose an application plus the OS
or the operating system on Lee.
So, for example, if we wanted to the operating system on Lee and then we went layer application and our dead framework on top of it, we would select this if it were Olympics. And here's all our different flavors of Lennox, from Amazon Lennox to you bun to Santo s or open Suze. If it were a Microsoft Windows
operating system that we wanted, we would choose this an OS only Windows Server 2016 or server 2012 Art
to if we want to go back and we would do application Plus OS, what's the operating system and then the application and the framework on top of it, Well, we could do WordPress ah, or lamp or a magenta or read mine or get lab. Well, we're gonna go ahead and do the application os plus wordpress and so We're going to do this one
we can come down here. We can launch some scripts or weaken. Ah, here's kind of some nice visibility. Just by clicking our options here, we can choose our instance plan. So you can see here we get for $5 a month, we get one gig of ah
memory and one virtual CPU and 40 gig of solid state hard drive space. Ah, And then, if we can,
she would want to change your options and have more memory or more processing or storage
or more transfers are transfer rates. Well, we can choose our different options here on any of these different various plans. And here, in our instance, down here we can give it a name
and how many instances we want to create. Well, we're gonna go ahead and keep it WordPress one, and we're going to create the instance.
And so that's it. It's too carving it up right now.
5 12 Bagram one V. C. P. U 20 gig a solid state drive, and we give this about 23 minutes the virtual machine will have created, and then I can come back from our home page and access her instances and either lunch it and get into it or modify any parameters from there.
Good stuff.
Right? So we're gonna take just a few minutes here and show you lambda really, really cool service where I can go right to code. And I don't have to manage the underlying compute framework behind it. Ah, so I'm just using consuls text editor, and I am not a developer. So I got this code, these lines of code, actually from the Lambda site.
Ah, but I just wanted to show you a little bit of the workflow if you were to be a developer. So you're gonna use a text editor like this? An engine like this? Um really nice way of seeing line by line by code. That's what these line numbers air here for. And then I could take snapshots of my code copy paste, et cetera.
Well, now that I've created my code, my few lines of script
i'ma need copy. Minimize this out. And now I'm gonna be in Goa right directly into my lambda engine. And so I'm gonna hit paste from here and from my text editor. Now I've put in my code. My four lines of code here in the Lambda and I Hit, Run
and Boom. It says Hello, all your cyberia cloud heads.
And then let's say I had 1000 lines of code and I had all the sequential functions that I wanted to test and so forth. Well, then I can come over here and line by line by line that runs it. And once my functions air completed, then it will give me whatever
visual interpretation of those functions and how it runs. So if I want to do ongoing testing, said say, I want to do
1000 sequential tests of a function, I can come in here and do it until those thousands of functions process.
Anyway, that's a little bit about Lambda.
Really easy Oughta magic for if you're a developer,
Really good stuff.
Now look out, Robin and Batgirl. What's this joker telling us it's time for a learning check?
What are a couple of key characteristics of the agile S T l C.
What are the three things I can spend up easily and quickly in Aws Lightsail
what is a W s lambda?
And who is the scariest villain in Gotham City. So jump into your Batmobile and get on bank your bat cave Check with Alfred Penny Worth your butler, Who knows all this cloud stuff Because we all know that in every who done it, it's always the butler that did it and then battering back here, move! Review our answers together.
So welcome back, you villains and cloud comics so agile in the software development life cycle is all about cross team collaboration, working with the customer and responding to customer changes so we can get to functional code, code testing and code deployment in a more agile, leaner and faster fashion. In a W s lightsail, we could spend up her operating system, our application
and her development framework anything that we need to quickly and easily start writing and testing Code A. W s Lambda is an incredibly robust code development engine where all we need to do is provide our code input our code and the Lambda platform does everything else for us,
like running our code functions and testing our code functions to compute platform development platform and everything else under the Batmobile Hood is taking care of forest. Just bring our code and hit execute And I know all you out there and Cloud Comic Land said the scariest villains in Gotham City are the likes of bein Rosal, ghoul
to face and maybe even the Riddler. Well, I'm sorry to tell you
that all those answers air completely incorrect. The scariest villain in California, the home of Hollywood and all the Batman movie studios is the incredibly evil and horrifying jazz flute playing Stay classy San Diego newscaster, the terrifyingly handsome to look at, especially if you ask him. Ron Burgundy, the anchorman.
So in today's brief lecture, we reviewed a little bit of the agile method of software development in this great service called A W s Light's sale, where we could spend up our operating system. Are absent are Dev engines. We took a look at A W s Lambda where if our code isn't right, well, we better fix it or it won't run When we click execute.
And we reviewed Batman's arch nemesis, the Penguin, where we learned that if you can't beat him,
join him.
So next time on the same bat time, same bat channel. Well, we're gonna look at the AWS products wheat wide and the entire portfolio and breath of service is that is the AWS cloud.
So on behalf of all of us cyber security and I t Learning Team, we're gonna say Thank you so much for joining us. Now be nice to those end users. It's not their fault. It's a stupid, mean computer.
They just don't know how to use it. Be nice to him.
Take care and happy packets.
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