7.2 Understanding Wide Area Networks Part 2 - MTAN

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I like to welcome you back to Cyberia is empty, a 98 3 66 network and fundamental certification prep course.
Again, it's a continuation on margin number seven again. Martin number seven dealt specifically with understanding wide area networks. We discuss in previous presentation the different types of technology we talked about a T one line and so forth Now, in this particular presentation will continue on
and looking at these particular objectives. In fact, we have only one objective for this course.
The construction is follows, defining common weighing technology and connections.
So that brings us to a pre assessment course in
and the questions followed.
What writing protocol is the most popular distant Vechten routing algorithm used to determine the best route within a network? Is it a R i p rip?
Is it be open sort of path first or that C B G P or D I G M P.
It's just like our i p. You're absolutely correct. Rotting information protocol, remember, is a dynamic protocol that uses distant vector routing algorithm to the cipher, which route to send out a package and a packet. Switch networks a distant victor writing protocol uses the bellman Ford algorithm
to calculate where
and how I doubt it will be transmitted.
So we come across the first term called least lines. Now, at least line basically is a private, bi directional or symmetrical telecommunications circuit. Between two or more locations provide in exchange for monthly rent, sometimes known as a private circuit or a data line.
For example, you think about within the UK
Also, if you think about it in this context, when you think about Frame really must commit to a certain amount. Information over time because it transmits is four duplex other words with my four duplex. It flows in both directions again as a diff between four duplex as opposed to half duplex.
His big dent is a screenshot taking a look at again a frame relay type package, obviously frame relay. The data link Clear digital packet switching network protocol technology and designed to connect local area networks and transfer data across a wide area networks often referred to as wins.
We have our tea carriers now. T Care is is a member of a Siri's of carrier system developed by A T and T build laboratories for disease transmission of multi plex telephone calls,
so we might think about T right line that basic again, again in terms of transmission. Again, a teeth carrot line is 64 kilobytes per second, which is known as D S O, which is a digital signal scheming in other words
again, you think you correspond and D s one. It would be a digital signal to scheme for your tea one carry. In other words,
now we think about t one t one not means any data circuit that runs at the original 1.544 megabytes per second. The T one and T to t one t to Auntie three circuit channels carry multiple T one channels. Multi plex, in other words, was on in transmission rates off
6.312 and 44.7
36 megabytes per second, respectively. So T three stands for Trump Carrier three. In other words, T ones considered again. In terms of speed, it's 1.5 for two for 1.544 megabytes per second.
Here it is an example. Here's a chart showing a different again
types gave the comparison to you look at Europe, New York, United States
and you also look at Japan again. We told by the different T one carat teak areas as well.
Now t want to eat three t t three are the names used in the United States.
However, when you get in Japan, they're known as J one and J three and Europe there noted as E one and E three.
Now force Eyes D N is a set of telecommunication or set of communication standards for digital telephone connection and transmission of voice and data over digital lines being digital lines are commonly telephone lines and exchange established by the government before I s d n.
It was not possible for ordinary telephone system provides fast
transport over a single line.
I s d n was designed to run on digital telephone system that were originally already in place. As such, it meets. Tell Akane what we call digital voice network specifications harbor It took so long for S t n to be standardized. That was never fully deployed and telecommunication that were it was intended for
he again of living more information Get we think about again. I s Deion obviously is broken down into two major categories. We have the basic rate with discussing here is an integrated digital integrated service, dis ago network configuration and its intended primarily for use and subscriber lines. Some of those that have long
they have been long been used for boss great Telephone service is
the other one we have is called a primary rate, or PR is a telecommunication interface standard use on an integrated service digital network, iced tea and for carrying multiple deaths, old voice and data transmission between the network and the user. When you think about again the primary rate D S I s t e n
is a standard for providing telecommunication service to enterprise
as well as offices.
Then we have a T. M.
Basically, a team stand for asynchronous transfer mode is a switching technique used by telecommunication networks that use a sickness time division multiplexing to encode the data into small fixed size sales. This is different from Ethan At our Internet,
which use variable package size for data or frame,
A T M, or asynchronous transfer mode is the core protocol used over synchronous optical networks are sonic bait. Our words part of the sonic backbone of the integrated digital service type network
that brings us to Sonic.
The sudden is an American national standard instant status for a synchronous data transmission. Now the synchronous optical networking, or sonic, is a steady guys deserve communication protocol that's used to transmit a large volume of data over relatively low long distance. Using what we call fiber optic medium,
we're sonic multiple digital data. Screams are transferred
at the same time over optical fiber using LD ese
and then laser beams.
Here, again is a screen shot showing the different types of what we call sonic,
and it shows the different speeds as well.
Now we think about F D d I
basis sure, for five more descriptive data interface, which again is a stent developed by again the Antsy or American National Standards Institute for transmitting data on optical fiber cables. F d d. I supports digital race of 100 megabytes per second on token passing tight networks.
So again it uses a ring topology
be a sale.
Basically, game it's called digital subscriber line is a family technology
has half what we call the ex dot D s. L, which is a standard for various digital subscriber lines.
We have the again. We have the asymmetrical digital subscriber line, which game? We have different types here,
and we also see some metric digital subscriber line.
Obviously, this one is using again is installed. Use it to companies as a separate line,
then we have broadband.
Now the term broadband coming refers to high speed Internet access is always on and faster than in traditional dollop.
Brought bad includes several high speed transfers technologies, such a digital subscriber line or D S. L again with the cable modem,
then we have a term called Plain Old Telephone Service is, which refers to a standard telephone service that most homes used. In contrast, telephone service is based on high speed digital communication, such as I S T E N or FBI are not what we call play. No telephone service is
now. We also have public switch networks again refers to international telephone systems that use compa wise to carry analog wars data. It consists of a collection individual telephones that are hardware to what we call public exchange.
That brings us to a post assessment course in here
when you have multiple circus connect to a site the entire circus known as a a virtual circuit. Be emulated circuit. See Jordan's circuit or multitask circuit.
If you stake the A, you're absolutely correct.
P S E has 1000 circus from which to choose. These are known as circuit set. Therefore, a typical message of 10 package could be spread or five circuits because multiple circus of being used and not just one, then tie suckers. Outset, it's known as what we call virtual circuit.
That brings us to a summary. Now. Doing the course is pick a presentation on Marjorie. Here
again, we learned aesthetic runners when a rotter has been manually configured
dynamic another hand, its imprint my dynamic and figuring rotting tables.
We talked about this quality service, which is an industry again. Why set of standards and mechanism that is your hot quality performance
for critical and time sensitive applications. We also discussed that wide area networks conduct multiple local area networks together. In order to do this, we have routers that allowed to connect these locator and network together, and a result becomes a wide area network. We also discussed, although frame relay and T cares are very common, win connectivity.
Technically, they are other types that we discussed. We talked about the I S D in
a t m Sonic cable as well as digital subscriber is well or D s L.
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