7.1 IoT Cloud Services

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Hello, everybody. And welcome to the I t Security episode number 26 80. Cloud service is my name is Alejandro Gonna. And I'll be your instructor for the day session
learning operatives for decisions to understand and be able to identify the main concepts off I A T Cloud service is
well, and drink off business. The business business customers on industrial I ity deployments. Nothing connects devices,
data, individuals and organizations together more than a cloud based I A t service, you know, get ways, applications, protocols, brokers, You know, in any data, analytics on business, intelligence components,
they all live in the clouds. So you know, there
convenient, they're cast effective, and scalability of the cloud is outstanding. On top of this, you know, all the benefits that I just mentioned. Cloud services providers. You know C s peace.
Ah ha. A gun To offer more and more features support connecting 80 products in a secure way.
Uh, given the ability to read to direct, you know that directly influence the functional UN security state after night to device
the security and safety controls of this service is really important.
The truckers will probably target this service is, you know, which, if compromise will offer the ability to make large scale changes, you know, off the state of many advices,
for example, you know, here's something that you need to consider with selecting or, you know, even thinking of use in any cloud service for your I T infrastructure, for example, you have to concede it. Consider the asset inventory, and, you know the asset management.
You know, the cloud service that you will use and should be able to
provide these asset inventory, you know, so you can actually view all the devices you know that have been registered and authorized to operate in your network.
You know, uh, the ability to scale these devices as well. But you can really You could do that only if you actually know what you having what you own.
So, uh, cloud service should be able to give you this
service, uh, you know, billing service, probably, uh, profession publishing, um,
the ability to track rights and permissions, you know, you know, to act, authorize or remove the authorization of devices. You know how they operate on if they're actually operating within the bounds, defined
as well as you know that's the way you will charge in case your ranking releasing your cloud service is to anybody else or actually as a user. That's how you actually know. How much will they, Dylan? You monthly or, you know, depending on the contract you just signed
riel time mantra in, uh, that's another, you know,
feature that the cloud provides no impossible. Many organizations are being are beginning to port industrial control systems, you know, to reduce operational costs, make the data more available and open, you know, to business. Uh, Mr
the new business to business or business declined service's
sensor coordination. That's another thing. For example, if you have a business and with because this in previous chapters But if you have, for example,
a business that is actually trucking health of your users. But you also have, ah, fleet of cars that actually, you know, sending packages, and you have all this. Maybe you want these networks to connect between each other and insure data. So sensor coordinations. Um,
it is one of the many futures off the cloud,
you know, customer intelligence and marketing. This is a little bit tricky because the first thing that comes to my mind, especially after you know what that would have is insane in in the past few years and also a sale. So it's playing in the chorus.
Private privacy and safety are one of the main concerns when it comes to a T. So provided, you know, now providers
with the real time n giants. Um, there, you know,
using these two are Monica Lee. A trigger messaging her scent alerts, you know, sales personal, for example, of your, uh, you know, chasing something in in in a mole and maybe your heart, your mom,
it's my watch. It's actually also doing another activity. Maybe that can, you know, tribunal on alert to a salesman saying that maybe an offer get taking off for a product for you Maybe if you just, you know, are no ending on exercise session.
So it needs your in the mold. Maybe you want to buy a drink or something like that.
So, yeah, that's something that the cloud you cannot match that with, you know, own or ah, premise are denser.
And lastly, the information sharing I mean, this is a nothing. That's kind of tricky, because at the end of privacy is another concern. But you know, one of the primary primary benefits off I'll T cloud or any cloud service is for your i t. The sharing off information
across many stakeholders,
for example,
it is my watch is now on other information about your health and share it with your doctor or even insurance companies. Maybe you can prove, and that's just an idea. But maybe you can prove to the insurance company that you're actually not lying to doctor every time because you have a a good 100
on you exercise a lot O r. You know, every day
or in a daily basis. So maybe they your insurance policy, will drop down. I don't know. Something that you know this capability. Cain, Abel. Powerful. I had see analytic. So anything that you know you can share with you
other stakeholders again. For example, would you use it?
Smartwatches on doctors and insurance is, But you know, you can't think of any other at scenario that this will be helpful. I mean, I know about the privacy is a concern here, but, you know, um,
you can also leverage this as a user. You know, if you're sacrificing some privacy because at the end they will travel the network in this case, the Internet. And it will be your information will be saved in, you know, in the cloud, which means authors person's computer. Um,
you can you can leverage this and use it for your about. Just as well
mentioned to a bunch is abusing the cloud and your IittIe infrastructural. But well, we can scale easily. You can actually implement o r. Introduce any number of device in your front in in your infrastructure. Exactly. In the cloud can scale that pretty easily.
Um and, you know, information sharing.
In this case, intelligence and marketing might be an advantage for you.
Um, you know, um, acid injury there many, many about just over using the club. But, you know, we'll see all the things in the next module. So I think the cloud that's it. A cz, that
ultimate solution. It also has its flaws. So we'll see that
mentioned two dozen batches of using the cloud in your eye ot infrastructure. Well, privacy. It's one of the main concerns, and you know, if you're saving your data or customers data in the cloud, you're basically,
you know, sharing with anyone else. Because at the end you can sign a missile, a service level of Brigman or a contract requesting your brighter to destroy the data. But, you know,
are you for sure that they're doing that? I mean, that's just
the way I think you know
what those people see unhurt are to you means will feel C stands for probable mobile logic controllers and are to use our stand for remote terminal units. You know, they become directly connected in a cloud infrastructure
because they support the ability to months with systems more efficiently and effectively.
In today's bruv lecture, we discussed advantages. This is back, ***, and they used on some use cases of your piety. Kyle Service's,
uh, you can check definitely should check this, um, standard, which is, you know, security's assurance and wrist standard from the clouds Secure Alliance. I highly recommend that it has a lot of information, and this will probably be, you know, remain service off the studio
for, you know, the clouds section.
For for these I artistically Rikers,
looking forward in an Expedia, will examine I A T threats from a cloud perspective. Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope in your video and television
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