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6 hours 28 minutes
Video Transcription
Welcome back to the savory course in building. You're in for a sec lap. I'm your host and instructor Kevin Hernandes.
Now that we are in the finish line, let's review what we actually learned throughout the course.
First morning, we actually start to plan our lamp.
Well, look at the different applications, tools and appliances. Type of suffering right that may help. Are built
some of these six Nala. Jeez, Where? Fire Mel's?
Yes, I am sze i ps What proxies?
Pen testing tools. Forensic tools?
Yes, well, ask the operating systems required in order to install these.
On top of that, we also grab Essex I in order to install several appliances or applications within one machine.
After doing that, we started looking at the hardware.
We picked hardware based on our specifications from a list of applications which tells,
and from there we both prepare the e x X I in bootable. That's well, let's assemble briefly. Our hardware
moving into the third model we install the applications are the appliances and the software required. Now our call it appliances. And that's just me, because I think of them off us engineering boxes. I haven't worked right But in reality they're just applications of, uh, software. Right?
And we actually install, So rolled them, even though we are not
proceed later on different models to use all of them.
It was largely due to having multiple technologies doesn't actually improve us further, especially from Alexis of perspective. Now, you are more than welcome to obviously use, Whichever you prefer or more familiar with
in a Fort model actually started connecting the lab and working with pf sense now connecting the laugh
involved, setting up of violence and
and playing around a lot with that aspect of the architecture of the Macworld, right? Not only that, we also have to configure the far walls and do a little bit off
smart switching configuration. Right? Um, we didn't go too much into p of sense. You're basically installed. Those features that were
part of the next Gen firewalls will application offerings, right? We look into squid, a squid guard, which was our web proxy rate. We also looked at snort model, which was part off our I. P s perspective. We briefly configure the BP and itself among out of different things.
Now we didn't go too much into details other than the
general set up for these and actually preferred you to a different course that we have in our catalogue. That goes too much a little more into details within PF sends and regarding its capabilities right
from there. Um, we started working with curator and we started by sending the PF send locks into curator itself.
PF, since was a great example for it is as PF senses not Nathalie, supported by curator and therefore you have to develop your own custom properties were own custody of seven. Order for this to work talking about properties and descend. We saw the variation in the benefits of both of them. Right
properties being a lot of it easier because you don't have to money pili
too much information, especially if it's one type of element they only need from the payload. Those were really shine there in regard to the constantly Assam. It's more like, uh, this is not supported. And I wanted to be using the same values as the other application
and do the correlation and all those different things. Right? And we saw them. We're doing this. We're able to see the source I p's
identify NDE, the geo location right off this type of events and therefore you're trying to put a more value through the threat versus in the other
area. We just saw eyepiece itself, and we didn't have a general idea if you were local, like peas in regarding so locally your location wise like regional, right? Like U S A Mexico Canada, right, America's O Or if you're more like, you know, four ing eyepiece right from the other side of the world, etcetera.
Now, I also briefly show you the APP exchange, which shows several applications that worked with curator both for free tools such as, you know, exporting to two Splunk and pay tools. In case you know, you have that next Gen antivirus and your environment. Right?
How many of these will necessarily work
in your home lap? But that way, you know, you have familiarized with them. And if you have curators at work, you can Then go ahead and toss in those apple change into your platform. Now, as RPF sense course, this was very brief, and hopefully we can get a curator course in cyber re. I'm actually gonna be proposing that really soon. And if
it gets added, then I'll actually attached doubts nose into this model.
That way you can take the course, right? It's in the works. I'll be honest with you. And, uh, one of the last models was drastically vulnerability. Scanning wouldn't expose that. We did install next pose in the third model. However, we didn't really go into it, actually, even left the application
license. Right,
Um, pending back then and we created the segments, right. We deploy, ah little groups of scanning peces and scan them and were able to identify edible, no abilities and start looking into them actually re child to the vendor
off the beloved 80 scanning and actually ended up in nothing
of yours, would you?
They stated that I didn't know exactly what was talking about. To which I just copy pasted the exact same message again that had any contact nous and then the escalated action. 200 year. When they require more information from me, ruin availability,
they send it back to the deployment team.
And that's about it. I haven't heard back. It's been two weeks since, but I do need to close the course, so I'll keep you updated if something changes in regards to that topic, and that basically concludes our course. I mean, there's a lot more we can do. But I didn't want to make this a 20 plus our course
because then nobody will
finish it. And I don't think I will be able to accomplish that without, you know, expanding into all the different software. And we do have a lot of courses in many of these already out there. So I actually encouraged you to go into Does so I enjoy my time with you here,
developing this course for you. Hope you enjoyed in swell.
And I hope to see you in another course are great day.
Building an InfoSec Lab

This course will guide you through the basics of incorporating several Information Security Engineering Tools in your home and/or lab. By building this lab you will be able to obtain corporate-level security within your home network, as well as a higher understanding of the capabilities and advantages these tools bring to your network.

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