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Welcome to Savories Empty, A 98
3 66 network and Fundamentals Suffocation Prep course. I want again welcome you back to a new module in this particular martyrs title margin. Number six. Now this particular martyr, and particularly folks upon working with networking service, is
so let's take a look. The objectives.
The objective of this presentation is understanding. Networking service is
and then understanding wide area networks.
Now, in a previous presentation of videos or previous martyr, for example, Model five we discuss using basic TCP happy commands as well as working with advanced TCP happy commands. Now that brings us to a pre assessment coursing for this particular martyr
and is as follows
after you install DCP or Dynamite host configuration Protocol service. You can figure and you activate the scope. What's the last step in the stall in DC Server?
Is it a resident scope? Is it be registered a server or the sea? Authorize a server or deep resident clients?
If you say like to see you, Absolute correct authorizes server now. When you started to see server consist of the following step, you installed us the decent service.
You can figure that I p scope, you activate the scope and then you authorize the server.
Here's another pre assessment course in what named us Windows Server 2008 are two uses for terminal service. Is is it a M s? Tell Net server, is it B. M s primary service is Is it C M s Thin Service's or D remote desktop service is,
if you say, let the d you're absolutely correct. Working with Terminal Service's again also known as remote desktop service is a type of thing client service, terminal server computing What it does. It allows the client computer to access and use application noted on the service well as to connect to and take control off a server.
So what's d a. C p? I don't even heard of that before. But again, I'm gonna spell out exactly what it is that I make holes. Configuration protocol
is a client server protocol that automatically provides, and in that protocol holds with this I P address and other related configurations made such as a summit mass as well as a default gateway.
So basically away, in essence, is a way to automate that process.
So again, business type of information. You receive a P address our way down to other Vance option.
Then we have a term called door. Now when Daisy going to the prices that actually automating this process, go through a process called door now DC certain process. Go through four stages while aside in the I P address. First of all your DCP discovery, the client sends a broadcast message on the network.
Then you have again the old stands for D. C offer.
Then, when DC Server received the days we discover requests or message from a client,
which is an I p. Address least, request the Servant Reserves and I p address for the client and makes at least offer by sending out what we call a day's TV offer.
Then it goes to what we called again
your force, your DCP.
The next thing you have again is called again.
A. You have a day city request now in response to defeat server Awful. What happened? Client replies with a daisy requests broadcast of the server requesting the offer again address that's been reserved,
the last thing that happens within the door process that we need to mention it. It's called acknowledgment
basically when a decent server received the day. So you request for Mrs from that client
the configuration process in his final stages. The knowledge that stage involves sending a diss me again, a knowledge that package to the client This packet include the least duration in any other configuration information that the client might have a question. At this point. Doctor configuration process has been completed,
so this really utilizes port six or seven and 68.
Now we have DCP server. Basically again, it's a network server automatically provides the sign I P addresses the default gate with other A central information. This is a process again.
Obviously, when you started to serve a consistent following steps, you installed the service. You configure the scope, you activate the scope you authorize the servant. Then you can figure that Vance I P options
here gives a screenshot taking a look at the scope. You can actually add a scoop here. Now scope is a ballot range of I P addresses that available for assignment or leased to a client computer on a particular sub net scopes determine which I P addresses provided to the clients. They should be defined and activated before this is DC clients are
ah use. Did he serve? Affords dynamic, happy configuration.
You can also specify a Ranger I p addresses within your again that you're gonna be allowed to go be released or being able to be available on your network again by sundown. Arrange op your dresses.
Now, if, for example, you're your computer, it comes online and it does not locate what we call a dying a dynamic host configuration protocol or destiny server. What happens? Go students process here.
Basically, it's called Automate Private I p address in which is a Microsoft Technology address and auto configured other words. It's available 98 me 2000 x p Again, it allows the local area network computer to give itself a unique I p address. When dynamic host configuration protocol is obviously unavailable.
You can also go go the process actually disabling. Get again that process now that they're saving you all. You sent me to you at the registry to change the I P address to 000 When no decent server is available, you start the rest of editor and go to the again h key local machine system
so you have to go through this process. But again, it was not highly recommend that you actually
mess around with the rest unless you know exactly what you're doing, because you could make. Once you make a mistake, it's kind of difficult to go back. So you wanna make should be very careful and be very mindful particular. If you don't have that much experience actually dealing with or manipulating again Windows Registry,
then we come to terminal service is now before winners 2008. It was known as Terminal service is starting one of servitude, either A. It's called remote desktop Service. Is is a type of tape, then client terminal service type computing.
Again. It's a computer on which Terminal Service's install it provides client access to window based type application, run entirely on the server and support multiple clients. Sessions on the server
here, again is a living. More information again, we see that uses sport 33 89. Notice Microsoft W. B T Server, which stands for window based terminal.
Here's a screenshot of what remote desktop connection looks like. Basically what essence you're able Tobe able to log into your server and manipulated big, different changes. Obviously, again, I you like this in my home environment. Whether to me go to my war room. I'm a bit actually
remotely controlled and make various configuration of my service that's known as term of service
and Windows Server 2008 earlier or earlier, is one of the components of Mike. Some winners allow that you take control again. Our computer. In other words,
now we have Alex or more access service is a rat's, which is any combination heart went somewhere to enabled or more access tools or information that typically reside on your network of I. T. Device is a remote access service connects a client to a host computer known as a remote access server,
His example showing a what we call a remote access service here.
Iraq's. It allows you to gain access to files on prints. Service is on your land from a remote location. For example, a user who dials into a network from home using an analog modem or I s D in connection with dial into a remote access server.
You can actually again if you set it up with the Service 2008 on up to 16 and so forth. You able to go through and actually configure this through your lies in what we call the routing and remote access again. It's a max of a A P I
application program interface and service software that makes it possible. Decreed application to administer the rotting and remote access service is
capabilities of your operating system to function as a network rounder. Other words you got to take your when a server. If you didn't have the money for a for example, Siskel, right? He actually built around by South installed in what we call to network interface cards on your servant you can active build around her.
We have a term called RP Sect, which is a suite of protocols that interact with one another to provide secure private communication across the happy networks.
And again, it resides on the network layer or innately or TCP program refers to it. In other words,
a little more information about our P sec. Again, the three main protocol that I present you lies us. We have a security association, which is a step in off a share security attributes between two network entities to support secure communication.
We have a vindication. Headed with skin is a security mechanism used and authenticating the origin of data Grant's packages or data transmitted under what we call
the Internet protocol conditions. And it's guaranteeing the integrity of the information We also have encapsulating security pay Low, basically again is a protocol with an op reset for providing an authentication, integrity and confidence. Yet every network package, data packages and the happy version force was happy. Version six.
We have a DNF, which stands for domain name and service is,
which basically is a service gate hiker is almost like a phone book of the Internet.
Provides human access to innovation online in terms of their domains. So that's what the N s is
and in facilitate communication. In order for you to have active directory, you need to have the N S.
We have winds Basis stands for Windows in that name, and service is which is Microsoft implementation of Net bios. It's a name servants service for net buyers, computers effectively wins is to net Dial's name what the NSS domain names. In other words,
we re support I'm a post assessment questions, and the course is followed. What protocol? Automatic and figures. I think configuration to a client isn't a d n s or the B D. C P or that C
wins or FTP.
It's just like the BU You're correct. Stanford Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Here's another pre assessment question.
Oh, but we're so we had only one fair assessment questions, So we reached the point. We're going to summarize what we discuss in this particular Marjorie. We learned that the city since I p information clients automatically we'd learned that they use sports 67 68.
We also learned that when your computer logs on it cannot find in DC service. Automatic goes to what we call this a p a AP AP P eight as automatic type configuration again that's available in the various Windows operating systems
Well, basically, a P I stands for itself a science and opera just to the client computer. In essence,
now, with early networks uses you lies what we call dumb terminals, consistent monitor and keyboard without it provides us to connect to the mainframe.
Later, Only seem could be used tearing, obviously telling that is not a secure protocol, but again you can use until net to connect with server and extra commands at command. Prompt
you have remote desktop, which was in the past refer to his terminal service's
louse. You remotely log on to your server and so forth or computers. We learned that Rash is a group of different hardware software platforms that allow for remote access to another computer or network device.
We also learned the processors allow Classic and it promoted to a central connected network using dial up or high speed type connections.
In upcoming Marjorie, we'll be discussing understanding wide area networks.
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