6.1 Hardening the Server and Client Part 1

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Hello and welcome back to savories Empty. A 98 3 67 security Fundamentals certification Prep course.
Let's begin by taking a look at margin number five and entitlements. Modern is hardening the server and decline.
Now let's take a look at the learning objectives and order, which they're gonna be covered. Today we will begin. My first are discussing protecting the client computer.
The next Adam Arjuna is managing the client security using Windows Defender,
and the last item to discuss in this particular video is protecting your email. Additional topic to discuss and other videos or upcoming videos is securing your Internet. Explore configuring Microsoft Edge Technique, your server using security baselines. Lock down your vice and run on Lee Trusted application
and last night's It Leaves, which managing Windows
store application.
Now let's begin by engaging in a pre assessment question, and the course is follow. What Mayor were gives administrators level control alway computer system. Is it eh?
Root kit? Is it be Trojan horse? See a worm or D spyware?
The correct answer would be a root kit. A root kit is a software or hardware device designed to gain administrative level control over computer system without being detected.
The root kit did what they could do that can target your bios, your hyper visor, your boot loader, your colonel again, libraries and also other applications. So let's begin by first started finding exactly what Mayor where is now. Matt Way is in its software that gives partial toe full control of the computer to do whatever the mayor were created. Ones
mirror could be a virus, a warm or Children.
It could be at where. Spyware root kit. The damage done various from something slight as changing the author's name on a document to full control of your machine. Without your ability. Easy, find out most men where requires a used to initiate this operation. Some vagueness of attacks include attachments and e mails
browsing a malicious website that installed software
after user getting clicks on the pop up.
Then let's take a look at that virus. Not virus is a binary pattern, a screening ones and zeros that identifies a specific virus by chicken. A programmer filed against a list of virus definitions. Antivirus software can determine if the program off file contains a virus.
Now we look at a warm a worm is a type of malicious software or were made aware that replicates itself. Why moving across the computer's leaving copies of itself in the memory of each computer in its path down worms can use it spread by using security holes found with a new operating system. Or perhaps we doing TCP I
be happy software type implementation
That brings us to again. Take a look again at Children, horse and spyware. Now these programs could be even more dangerous. They're both formed. They are both forms of malicious software, also called men. Where spot, Where is the subway has installed on your computer, either directly or in a very early
Children horse program is similar to spiral, except that his package
as another program.
Now when you're looking back doors and root kits, a backdoor is a way of accessing your computer without going through the normal access routes, such as Internet, a name or pass work. It could be a stalled by a virus or even by a legitimate program. A root kit could be used to open a back door line a hacker into your system.
Let's take a look again at some of the symptoms and these again some indicators of a potential virus. You could have a poor operating system performance. You can have computers. You stopped responding again. Frequently, it cannot start a program. So again, this is just a list of some symptoms
of a probability of you have incurred a virus
here, get on some additional. A symptom is well, for example, when I mention one here, programmer files are suddenly missing again. That could be an indicator of a virus. Your files have become corrupted. So again, d again, these again, some additional listing off some various symptoms of a potential various.
Now, one of things wouldn't think about when you think about protecting against what we call male, where the first step you that should be taken to protect yourself against men, where it's a keep your system up to date. Obviously, with the latest patches, security patches and other critical patches. Get Microsoft often time coming with updates and other businesses well, but I want to make sure
again that we protect our system by making sure we have the latest updates.
Then we come to a virus host. Now, this is the email that provides a warning about a virus, a warm or other, some other type of disaster and urges the recipient of Fort a message. Now these e mails are often sent for what appears to be a reliable source, which can make
which can take make determining whether he they're missing difficult. For example,
although hosts are using benign, they suggest that recipients they lead important files within computer or download and infected attachment.
Another important thing at the mention. Force keeping your computer up. The Date of Good Examples With Windows Update. It's a service invited by Michael of the device updates for the Microsoft Windows operating system and is installed components including, for example, in an Explorer
addition. Information again by Windows updates again. It's available Windows 10 for example, against a surfer Windows nine. When those anti winners tend the service that level software upgrades for your windows, as well as various Microsoft antivirus products, including Windows defenders as What's Michael's off Security Essentials
Here, again is a screenshot of winners update. Again, this is a free service that's used with updates like service, fax and patches for Microsoft Windows operating system and other operating system as well,
they say. We'll take a look again and define again. Take a look again at a witness. Service Software updates service. That's what is a six system. What we call a sitter configuration again. Manager. Now the winners of this service is a free ad on application offered by Microsoft that can be downloaded and what it does. It manages updates and patches again
for your system.
Again, we also again have again the other items I mention before
again we have another put it we often referred to as being a su serve as well,
and we also again having a another one called again the Windows Update Service. A suit server will be habits SS CME again that lies to keep those system update as well. Now the advantage of using one or two of these and they allow you again, you're provide your ability to touch those patches out.
Scheduled updates again opposite prioritize clients, updates
another important item that we find it's called a user account control. Now again, it's a window feature that sets level a user authorization with an operating system with a user again account control instead of you. Start with the basic purpose until minutes great allows new privileges for that particular user, but again, it can help protect you from again. Manuel.
He begins another screen shot of that. It's a feature that was designed to prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. When function, it could potentially affect you again. When function that could potentially affect your computer system. Embracing what happened, the USC will prompt for permission for the minute spread outward. Actually, are you sure you want to do that basic? That's the type of message you be receiving.
He again is another screen shot
with this when you're able to set the different levels again of security, uh, again, you can always say that. Always notify. You can actually said it wouldn't know if I'm the only one programs APs. I've tried to make change their mind cuter, so you have to build it and make those adjustments on that particular we called the user account control. Are you a C type? Settings.
Another important features of the firewall not find walking. Hip event hackers are malicious software. Such worms
from gaining access to your computer through a network order in a a farmer can also help stop your computer from sending malicious software to other computers are not important. Components called Are offline files. Now this is very useful. It's a sink feature within Windows 78 and 10. Which a lot works with your sink Realization Civilization Center With the hip of this all
information call. Often on fouls can be in synchronized between computers
and your network service and the network files kept available. Even if your file, for example, computers down, whatever the case may be, you still have access those files off line.
Another important thing when I think about is called Windows Defender is it again? It's a great protection
again. So basically, it's decided to take your computer against viruses spy when other types of mayor wears well.
Now one of things is very important for us when we look at protect, not email, because we realized me e mails becoming a central service for virtually every organization. Nowadays, one of the most important things you want to do makes you create a scoring password again. You want to make sure that password is complicated. Don't use the same password and never use past with a part of your
of your password as well so no news. Any words that a part of your password?
Another thing that we can do is implement Spam Petrus. Now it's a program that we used to detect unsolicited, unwanted email and prevent those mints from getting to the user's inbox. Like other type of filtering programs, spam filters look for certain criteria, which it bases a judgment. But again, this filter
will not catch every single spam message that you actually,
perhaps our been bombard it with.
We have another term called Cinda Policy Framework. Again, this is an email authentication method designed to take Fortune cinder addresses. An email, other words call email spoofing. It's a technique used in fishing and as well as email spam as well.
We have a term called SMTP Simple mail transport protocol. Again, we look at the relay. Now. This really is a protocol that allows email to be transmitted through the Internet, collecting email again from the center and deliver it to the recipient local post office box or another simple mail transport protocol.
Not doing this particular presentation to discuss protecting your client computer, we talked about managing your client security using Windows defender but technically email in the upcoming presentation or video. Wouldn't we could kidding continue on by discussing security, Internet Explorer, configuring Max off EJ and so forth. So let's take conclude with a post assessment quiz.
What may work, Alexei. Use of personal information on details about your browsing habits
without your knowledge is a virus. Is it be our Children horse, is it see a worm or D spyware?
If you said like that, D you're absolutely correct.
Let's take a look at the top school discussing upcoming presentation again, ranging from securing and explore our way down to manage our window store application.
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