5.2 Legal Issues

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Video Transcription
Hello, peoples of the Interwebs. This is tensed over and welcome to the next video in our comprehensive guide to the tour browser on this episode, we're getting under the hood of the poor browser and discussing legality issues of running for relays.
My name is tensed over again, and before we get much father into this course, let's look over these pre Rex
and have changed in their store aren't any. This video is moving into some networking and really discussions. So this is your first to do with me. Welcome aboard. I would recommend going back watching the previous videos as a deal with the great Set where we are now.
As you can read here, basic networking is a plus, but not required. Also, you basically just have a need and or one tree anonymous online, especially since I S P S are in service. Providers can log all that you're doing
and they will,
due to the fact we're in discussions now of the Deep Web Dark lab, Dark Net. I'm going to give you the proper schools, teach you how to use that and advise on how to safely navigate the deep dark web
with that said, This is not an endorsement of going there illegally at your place of work or home.
Nor, unfortunately, if anything should happen to you, your equipment or any other possessions is library or myself liable. Please be careful.
We're not getting into legal considerations of a tor relay.
The following is a partial taken from dot org's site on the tour project.
No, I am not aware of anyone being sued or prosecuted in the U. S. Just running the tor relay for the FF and myself included believe that running a tor relay including an exit relay that to anonymously send and receive traffic, is legal under U. S. Law.
Can you? Yes. Should you know,
Torre has been developed to be a tool for free expression. Privacy, human rights
information wants to needs to be free.
Tour was never intended to you be used for breaking the law either by tor users or to relay operators, but like a hammer friend. Since it was never used to kill anyone, it still can't tool
no on. All the technology is create legal eternities. The internet is a great example of that. No one can guarantee that you will never face any legal liability for running a tour relay. However, I will say E f Card Frontier Foundation believes so strongly that operators shouldn't be liable for traffic that passes through the relay that they're running.
Did they bring their own middle? Relate.
Maybe they can't promise legal representation for all tour really operators. That's a lot they can assess your situation. Will try to locate qualified legal counsel when necessary.
Do not run exit relay from home.
There will never be be some militias or criminal activity like child ***. Drug purchasing
that will happen through your quarter tor exit relay at something.
Dr. P Address will be attached to it as it leaves the tor network. So do not use your home network. Use a public one like a commercial facility that supportive
to tour use. Also use a tour friendly Eyes P that is aware to tor Exit note. Here's a list
makes it really Operators should understand the potential risks associated with running an exit relay for the majority of operators. In most countries, bridges and Gordon and guards or middle relays are very low. Risk Exits are the ones that present some legal concerns. But operators under most circumstances will be able to handle legal
matters by having an abuse response letter
running the exit from a location. It isn't their home
and reading through some of legal resources that tour support of lawyers happen together.
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