5.0 Networking Introduction

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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to Cloud Architecture Foundations. This is module five. Cloud network architecture and network has a service in. As in this module, we're gonna learn how the enterprise will have a direct and dedicated connection to their cloud service, such as yours, Express route or a W EST reconnect war for smaller enterprises.
What they'll have is they'll have a secure and encrypted tunnel to their cloud service that we call Cloud VPN,
and we're going to spend a little time around. Network is a service and learn how a single pane of glass in the cloud can manage wireless access points and guest wireless Internet across the globe were in the cloud. I can create a single firewall rule and push that firewall rule toe all of the firewalls that cloud managed across my enterprise.
Or I can use the cloud to manage my land infrastructure and land switches and create a single A c l. And push that a C L across globally to every switch and my managed network that the cloud is now seeing and controlling.
So we're really looking forward to module five. I'm hoping you're having fun so far, so if you're ready, Let's get cloudy.
So this introductory teaser is to convey the importance of this module. The network, as we know it, has gone through so many huge transformation since it's rudimentary beginnings. The government at first needed to connect user terminals to supercomputers than the university campus network needed to extend the campus across buildings and then with Metro Ethernet across town,
the Internet has extended the network. Borders were global reach and into space, connecting the international space station.
And then the Internet of things means all devices, from cars to flying. Drones now have I P addresses on her i p Version six network. They connect to the cloud where there are no more borders and can be accessed anywhere from any device.
So not only is the cloud redefined our definition of the network, it has even changed the way. Do we define the cloud itself?
Now our networks are multi cloud connected.
The multi cloud network connects to more than one cloud provider to deliver redundant and diverse cloud service is to our enterprise, So we have our connection to our own private cloud as well. His connections to multiple cloud providers from office 3 65 for our software to AWS for are agile software development platform
toe Our use of s AP Enterprise Resource Planning,
E r P software As a service from the S A P cloud, the multi cloud service is our networks are connecting to give a speed, agility and a way to consume and manage. Our network service is with an operating expense consumption model or than a capital expense purchase and then be still stuck with it for five years until you fully depreciate it.
The network has a service. The subject of this module is just a subset of the clouds. Bigger and more inclusive infrastructures of service I A s can include compute platforms, storage platforms, the network infrastructure, hardware containers, virtual machines, firewalls, wireless land components, load balancers and a lot more.
So at the time of this recording, more than 80% of the enterprise networks are connected to a public cloud
and more than half of the enterprises, according to enterprise Mannesmann Associates, are connecting to more than one public cloud. Today, in 2019 more than 50% of the Inter president works in the U. S. Have an annual cloud spend of $1.2 million or more, with 13%. Spending more than $12 million
annually for Cloud service is.
So. If you're ready, let's start taking our infrastructures of service out for a spin to get going on. Module five. Cloud networking, architecture, networking as a service. So for now, I hope you're enjoying cloud architecture. Foundations were looking forward to seeing you on the next module. Take care
and happy packets.
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