4.7 Windows Networking Part 1

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5 hours 21 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to command line basics. This video. We're gonna go over windows now where he can commands one. I'm Christopher Heller, and let's begin.
We're learning objectives for this video. We're gonna learn the I p config Command learned the get Mac command and understand the n s look of command as well.
Reassessment. A computer cannot connect to the network. What command do you run? Is it a get back
B I p config. See? And this look up or d Ping,
the answer is B I p config. This is very similar to the linens I have config come in where it will display all of the different interfaces for networking. And it'll give us information about if they're up. If they're down What I p address? They have ah, whole lot of useful information.
So the get matt command will display the Mac address for the interfaces, but not necessarily help troubleshoot
the Ennis Look up is used to utilize the D. N s look ups for a web site, but not to help connect to the network.
Well, Ping is a very useful command to help. Valid e A computer is connecting to the network. It's not a very good tool to help troubleshoot if an interface not working properly. And since we already know the computer cannot connect to the network, our first step should be I p config.
So for the i p config command, it is Internet protocol configuration, and it'll display all of the configured networking interfaces on our Windows machines. And it'll all while I was to see the i p address network mask the default gateway. And we can also see the Mac address as well. From the Ivy can say,
if we use thes slash all
this is very similar to the clinics. I f config command as well. It looks very similar.
So let's go ahead and bring that up.
So I'm gonna see if I can take
As you can see, they have a whole lot of interfaces. And this is my WiFi adapter right here. Wouldn't see my I P address is 1921681.1 20
and my default gateway is 192168 that one down one.
So this is very useful to validate that information. And now let's say I want to do my p config slash all give us a lot more information about each interface as well.
So, as we see, we have a lot more information for my WiFi adapter. We conceive my physical address.
This is the Mac address till later to address. We get a description of the specific interfaces well,
and we can also look at that some of the other DHD peak information net miles, a whole lot of very useful information.
So it's important to keep the slash all switch in mind for I p config as well
aren't so they get Mac. This command is specifically just to get the Mac address for an interface. It doesn't give you any of the I P configuration information, any kind of packet
information about how many packets it's been submitting because this is only getting the Mac address on this layer to.
And if you're not familiar with the other side model and highly recommend learning more about it, uh, this is a very useful model or troubleshooting on a network as well as for penetration testing.
So it gets the Mac address for these interfaces, and it can be used remotely as well,
and I used this command in order to gather all the Mac addresses for my environment where I needed to utilize a quick scripting batch file that I read together and it ran through and got the Mac address for every single computer in my environment, which is about 2000 computers. And, uh, in order Thio
I use that.
Otherwise I would have been instructed to go around the each computer and write it down by hand. And I don't know about you, but I'm not going to spend, you know, eight hours walking around 2000 computers and writing down the back address for each one when I can just scripted out inside the command prompt save a lot of my time, Know that it's ah,
you know, I'm not having that human error element on top. That as well.
All right, so I'm gonna do get Mac from my command from
and chicken out. I'm all of these different physical addresses so
very useful to keep in mind if you need Thio Pul e Mac address for a computer as well.
And if we do get back slash question Mark,
you can see that we can use the slash s for a remote system as well, so we can connect to a remote system and get the Mac address for him.
All right, we have Ennis, Look up, Mrs Name Service. Look up. And what this does it. He'll submit Deena's queries for us so we can look up a specific DNA surgery. We can also request his own transfer using the n s look up. But that's not something that's really within the scope of this course.
So this is useful to be able to validate an I P address or see if you can submit the NS queers properly.
Right? So let's do Ennis. Look up slash question, Martin.
And here we go. We have a whole bunch of different information. We can also get into the interactive mode for Ennis. Look of
we just typed and its look up you'll see that we have ah, are specific A different type of ah prompt here.
And as you can see, I have my raspberry pi as my d n s super.
So let's say I want to see what the I p address for, uh, Google is www dot
cool dot com and hit Enter
and what this says is This is the server that was responding to my request, and this is the address of the server responding to my request. So the raspberry pine that's configured with my interface already
and says This is the answer for your question. For Gould at home, the address is 172 to 17 10 to 28.
That's useful. Now let's say that I want to change which server I'm using.
So let's look at the help real quick and type in help.
And let's say I want to change the server. So I'm gonna take in server and then an I p address to change that default server.
So let's say one that one. That one doubt one. Now this is a different domain Adina server on the Internet that anyone can connect to.
And now let's say, let's look up Google again
and check it out. We have a different I p address now because we're asking a different server, and this is very normal for these huge organizations tohave well, more than who Indian s address. So this one is 172 to 17 3 10 very useful help troubleshoot through Deanna's
aren't supposed assessment. What layer of the O s I model is tthe e i P address?
Is it a later one?
The physical layer. Be layer to the data link layer. See layer three networking layer or D later, forth the transport layer
Answer is C
later. Three. The networking layer is used for I p addresses, and if you're not familiar with the other side model, I highly recommend taking the time to learn it properly.
So a layer one the physical layer is, ah, the physical bit that air being submitted across the network. Across the hardware.
The layer to the datalink layer is used for the Mac address on a local network. The layer three networking layer is for ah, different networks to connect together in a layer for transport. Layer is used to validate that information is being transported properly
over these layers and to help with the higher layers as well.
Are you in this video? We learned the I P CONFIG Command, learned the get Matt command and understood the NS Look up command and I hope to see you in the next video
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