4.7 Management and What Comes Next Part 7

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Let's go through a few questions just to tie into your brain. How many virtual process is that? The latest version of Windows server support in Gen one.
think about the latest version. I know I showed you 2019. That is not the latest version,
so that's not out yet. As off this video right now,
the answer is 64 for Jen, one on. As a bonus. Who could tell me how many Gentoo supports?
240. So you can see there's a big reason you know, I always harp on about using generation to this is another bonus is the one you should be using generation too. Well,
all right, question two.
So name another operating system. Supported as a guest within hyper V. So other than Microsoft,
you got that list that we went through. I'm sure you've got one by now. I won't hold it for too long, but it could be any of these on the list here,
so it's quite a number. So apple, pull your finger out, get your name on this list, because the second you do, I guarantee you the uptake will be much higher on your operating system.
Question three. What is the name of the multi vendor support community that covers alternative operating systems? We have discussed this a few seconds ago. Proper fact. About a minute ago, it wasn't too bad. Hopefully you've remembered
it is T s a net,
and there's a bit of bonus trivia.
TSA neck was originally started by novel. If any of you are as old as I am not going to say my age. But if I'm telling you my age by the fact that I know you develop
No, Val used to be one of the top network vendors around for a long, long while on they started TSA. They're they're actually the people responsible for it. They decided that they were gonna make this community that covers technical support in a better way. And they created this community, this alliance. And that was where TSA they came from
s Oh, yeah,
Novell is the mother and father of TSA. Now, effectively,
all right. So learning objective this time around nice and easy when we managed to understand which operating systems support hyper V environments,
and that's pretty much it. So this last set that I've got it's a conclusion. Reset, eh? So we're gonna go through various different things, but I'll bring them up on the screen here. We can discuss it very quickly. We're gonna go over a brief overview of what we covered in this whole course, like the whole thing altogether.
We're gonna understand the continued learning options. Where to go from here,
Andi, we'll take it from there. So the brief overview we went through in the first episode we went through an introduction on the background mechanics and terminology off virtualization, hyper V. Understanding how what the words are used in the environment, that kind of thing, How it works within covered infrastructure in Episode two,
which was the requirements security involved with it,
dynamic memory and the software infrastructure itself.
In Episode three, we went through the networking site so virtual networks switch and nick capabilities on. Also in that episode, we covered in Episode three becoming a full demonstration which we covered using virtual machines on virtual switches. So we built both of them, and then we hook them together so that they work
effectively on. Then, in this 4th 1 we went through the hope of the manager on the operating system support. So it's more than management side of things.
So the question here, I guess, is what next? Well, you're in the right place already. Cyberia is a great place to start. There are other foundational courses available in the catalogue, things like Network Plus Security Plus Cloud Plus and server Plus. I think you're a great place to start there. All calm tear,
Andi. The reason I think there are a great place to start is because they are all vendor neutral,
which I think
is important to understand before you get started with vendor specific training. I know obviously this is a hyper V fundamentals course, but we did cover things that will be covered in the matter what virtualization technology you use as well. So and obviously we discussed the
virtual machines on Dvir actualization in general. In the first episode, I kind of went through how the technology works, but I believe that these would set a really good foundation for your general knowledge off I t. In general. But also these link into various sections off hyper V itself,
and they add
each one. Add something to that environment that allows you to get better at it as well. So that's where I would look at for the next few steps.
From there, you could possibly go into things like a CZ. Your or you could look at more advanced hyper V courses as well. Hopefully we'll have one in the future, and I can do Hyper V advanced or something like that, where we're going to clusters and fail overs
that Sand Manager network and that kind of stuff as well.
Uh, other ways. Mi mi eso is my first course, but it's not gonna be my last. You're gonna see me a lot more on Siberian. I've already been asked to do several other courses as well. My main focus is Microsoft backs on the Microsoft guy.
Most of my certification and qualification is around much of networking.
S O. I will be covering Mt. A, which is the Microsoft technology associate. That's their foundation level, say, which is their intermediate, which is like that you're looking at. Most people go for an empty essay when they're doing like server or client environments 2016 or when there's 10
on also M. C. S C, which is Microsoft's top level certification for going into, like a CZ your or you want to go into, like, mobility, productivity. You know, running networks that MCC is where you want to look on dhe, then Maur on top. I also apart from that project plus certified with calm tear some secret project manager
on dhe I I'm also qualified as a data protection officer for GDP are. So if you guys are doing anything with auditing and compliance
and you want to learn a little bit more about the general Data protection regulation, which is the new European more that's come into effect in May this year, I'm hopefully gonna be a course on that as well. In short, the actual order as well s. Oh yeah. I'll be doing a lot more for Siberian General.
External resource is outside of that. Obviously, I want to push. I bury, but there are extended Resource is the top one. The number one I use as well even to this very day,
is the Microsoft Virtual Academy. I think this is one of the best places Microsoft have an entire video academy completely for free. They just give away everything on it. They don't charge. It covers all of their vendor specific items, obviously, because it's Microsoft. But it's a great place to look for more hyper V stuff.
so keep that in mind Technik. I think they're calling it Microsoft documents, or they're in the process of changing it over. But basically it's technical documentation. It will guide you through stuff. Talk about different methods that are available to you. Hyper V has so much stuff in techniques as well, so give that look as well. You can see Google all of these,
but they will come up straight away.
What's a virtual lapse? This is phenomenal. Microsoft offer a virtual environment built on hyper V. So it's the technology we've been training on that allows you to go in and do tested sandbox environment. You can run little courses that they give you that you can actually
do the actual changes rather than just read about them.
You go in and do them in a Web browser, and then when you're finished, you just close the window and it just deletes the lab environment. Andi, you can just kind of forget about it and carry on. We go back in and run it again if you want. It's really cool, but they give that away for free as well. Which is phenomenal
on then. Other than that coming back to me again, I do apologize. You probably fed up with me right now. This is my Lincoln. You are very welcome, guys to connect to me on Lincoln on dhe Weaken. If you have questions, if you wantto have any kind of way out strategy for training
if you want mental ship, help,
advice, guidance. I really don't mind. I'm happy to share my almost 20 years of experience with you in I t on project management and auditing in compliance. I've done most things in 90. Very
obviously I have. No, I won't have the specialization of one person who's covered one. But because of my generalization, it puts me in a good step to to give general consultancy across this so I definitely will respond. And also I'm a PC game or a heart. So it's what got me started in 90.
What's mine is what what made me love. Information technology is gaming.
I'm a PC gang up and you're very welcome as well. To add me on battle there. If you guys play at the moment Destiny to is my watch. I call this my poison of choice. Please add me. I would love to play a game with you guys if you play on there. I made Titan
s O be prepared for a lot punching
if you join the game with me as well. But I do play of us player playing messes enemy. I do all of it. So I'm also radio as well.
So hit me up. Feel free to contact me. I don't mind either one of those as well. And they're not like ones for personal ones for business. I don't do that. They're both personal and they're both for business. I have people on battle in there who talked to me about stuff that I'm working on at work. So it's not an issue. Feel free to contact me on either of those.
All right, guys. So that's pretty much it learning objectives. It was a brief overview of what this course covered on to understand. They continued learning options from there what you could do. So
I think that's pretty much it guys. It has been an absolute blast I can't believe this is the end of the course. I'm going to switch this back thio my screen here
and I'm going to say thank you so much for spending your time with me. Thank you for spending your time with side. Very. I hope to see you in more courses soon.
I cannot wait to do more of them. But thank you so much for making me feel welcome here. I've had so many nice comments. Contact me. Hit me up. But please do continue learning. Have fun on until next time. Take care.