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2 hours 30 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello, everyone. And welcome back to this. The final video in Intermediate Python. I is always in your instructor, Joe Perry. And I can't tell you how happy I am that we have made it through the course together and that those of you who are watching this stuck it out and learned as much as you possibly could. From the last few hours of python instruction.
This video, we're just gonna discuss what we've already discussed. So over the course of the past couple of hours, we had three modules. The first module. We talked about input and output in python. We talked about how you can take user input, how you can work with and actually make it functionally useful. We talked about interacting with files, had a right to files how to read from files, had a mess with files.
And then we talked about interfacing with the operating system through the OS module in module two classes, we learned the secret of python, which is that everything in python is implemented as a class. Then we learn how to implement our own class. We learned to write. You learn what the methods are. What attributes are what the actual construction of a class looks like.
And then, in less than two, we learned about the special type of class called on it. Aerator,
which remember, is is defined is really just any class that has the hitter and next methods.
And then we learned about generators, which are especially of implementing the same general concept of logic
but using a function instead of a class, making things just a little bit simpler. And then we learned how to write. We learned about exceptions, both what they are, how to use the built in exceptions in python and how to roller own. Then here in Module three, our final module, we discussed actually how modules work,
what they are, how they're loaded. We talked about packages. We created our own special module and create our own package and then imported that to see how it works.
So it's gonna be the end of intermediate python. Over the past few hours, we have learned a lot. We've gone through a lot. Hopefully, you've spent some time working on the different lab exercises, the different assignments and really digging into those and getting familiar with this coat. So this is gonna be the end of the course. Thank you all for watching so much.
This is my absolute favorite thing in the world to do. I love getting to teach these classes and hopefully you love getting to learn from
so thank you again for watching This has been intermediate Python on Cyber Eri on demand And I have been your instructor, Joe Perry and I'll see you next time.
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