4.2 Firefox Plugins and Search Engines

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Video Transcription
Hello, peoples of the Interwebs. This is tensed over and welcome to the next video in our comprehensive guide to the Tor browser.
On this episode, we're continuing our detour and talking about Firefox Maur.
Okay, Before we get much further into this chorus, let's look over the pre Rex
and there aren't any. This video is a continuation of the Firefox browser. What search engines plug ins you should use to help keep yourself anonymous online,
and this is your first video with me. Welcome aboard. I would recommend going back and watching the previous videos as I deal with a great set up to where we are now. As you can read here. Basic networking is a plus, but not required. Also, you basically just have a need and or we want to be Nona's online, especially since I, as peas or
and that service providers
Ken Log and will log all that you're doing
due to the fact we're in discussions now of the Deep Web Dark Lab, Dark Net. I'm going to give you the proper schools, teach you how to use that and advise on how to safely navigate the deep, dark Web
with that said. This is not an endorsement of going there illegally at your place of work or home.
Nor, unfortunately, if anything should happen to you, your equipment or any other possessions is library or myself liable. Please be careful.
Okay, so we played with Fire Fox a bit, and now we'll get into what's hurt engines to use and plug ins to use. I'm still using a Windows 10 p.m. On being more workstation pro 15 as we saw in the last video I read downloaded Firefox, and this one is still clean and fresh.
My main computer. Most of my laptops have an active Firefox browser with bookmarks on it and so forth
and actually use. Firefox moves my browsing on asleep day today. So we're gonna operate, at least for the foreseeable future off of this PM
First things first. Let's go through the pretensions. Sweeping aside was her attention to use on the daily grind.
Do you remember from the last video
we have
here and our options,
we go to search and we see all of our search engines right here. But before we go and click one and
and live with it forever, never really, but you can change that easily. But let's go through three engines and find out what ones we like.
This is the one I use the most personally duck duck Go is one of the most secure search engines that never tracks your searches while providing you and enhance search experience.
It's purposely built for people who love to remain private and delivers instant results without tailored ads on the search pages. I'm looking at you. Google.
The search engine serves around 10 million plus horses a day again. Like I said, this is the one I used the most.
As you can see over here,
your dad, I shouldn't be for sale. And they agree. They do block advertising trackers, and they keep things private, allowing You can fool your personal data
yourself. So let's keep moving forward this next one.
This is a new one to me, but it's worth a mention, as it's pretty cool.
See, even I learned things doing these courses.
Wolfram Alfa is a computational search engine, sometimes referred to as an answer engine. Air quotes here, answer engine. The interface looks similar to that of a of a regular search engine, but queries typed in the search box result in answers to specific questions rather than listings of websites that may be relevant to the query.
So it's basically t L D R. It's an answer engine. You ask it questions. It gives you answers, not search results.
The Wolfram Alpha search box accepts natural language input and keyword phrase or sentence form out as well as mathematical equations.
The results are dynamically computed.
The project website lists the systems components.
You can look into that more. If you want to hear, we're going to try something and see what it says.
Here we go. As you can see, there's our input.
And, of course, zero divided by zero is undefined. But as you can see, it gives you answers and not actual
search results. Okay, next one up is loophole. Loophole is basically using Google to deliver search results, but
before we freaks out, it works by utilizing a proxy server and will give customized search results from Google using its enhanced custom search. Because you're searching through the Web via proxy, your personal information remains private. In local, you can search for Web
images, videos, news like a rather search engine
so it uses a proxy to access Google servers. Actually, it's a really brilliant idea. OK, next up, we have last of three engines. I'm gonna show you. Giggle Blast! Graphic reason. What kept this one here for us to look through is this is an open source search engine so well before fans will definitely take this.
Take a blast is an open source revenge in, which means you can also make an abundance of it in case you want to build your own search engine.
The search engine is also wrote to the safe enough from the data spy
giggle Glass features an advanced research for more specific search results.
T l D R. It's a really great open source search engine that still cares about your safety and your security and not tracking so really cool.
Check out those three again. I used to go for a lot of things.
That's pretty much my search engine of choice. I do use Google someone being sung, but Victor go is actually a pretty sir cure and safe search engine to go through okay onto Firefox plugging that you must have okay, should have adblock plus this one I use
a lot this ad on blocks just about any ad. But still, it's your view of the content you want. It claims to eliminate 99% of ads, which, in my opinion, it probably does.
When you first wrote the program, you have your choice of filters to use. If you're the adventurous type, you can try to build your own,
but you'll be much better off picking one that already exists and been proven. If you browse primarily English language sites, just choose the Easy List USA option for better somehow does match make Make it through, right click on it. Select that Clark in the Context menu and you won't ever see it again. The best thing is that works, and I use it
every day. I can tell you it definitely works
and it's free.
You block origin.
Another one that I use. I actually used this one and
I blocked plus in tandem,
and I don't have any problems with any advertisements at all,
So this one is also a very efficient blocker Again, I said I used this and I bought plus to knock out most if not all the ads are online. Now
this budget is very efficient with its voter lists. Plus, you can download Maur list from its sight.
But be warned, some of the list can cost site breakage Now. What site? Breakages. Some sites just won't load or work
because of how the plug ins working and filtering
ads and so forth so you'll get sites that'll half low quarter load? I've seen it before. That does happen. If you do want to see something, you can easily turn these off by clicking on the Big Red buttons that up in the corner
you'll see them when we have unloaded. All will be right here. You could turn him on and off really easy that way. One of things that I noticed, though, is that Mozilla is moving towards a no plugin needed Internet.
Basically, these plug ins would be built into the browser itself.
So this actually going to my next plug in and I'll show you why. This is no script.
No script is already included by default
into Tor browser. I did not put that in there. That's there by default. When you download, it is built into the browser, and this is what Firefox is moving towards is this kind of built in just a browser. You can go the Web, and it keeps it safe and secure and fast. And most importantly
so but no script allows for Jarvis, Lowest office grip, flash Java and other excusable content to run on Lee from trusted domains of your choice friend since your banking site and so forth,
so mitigating, remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, including Spector and Meltdown.
A lot of hacks used JavaScript and then that dog running your browser. Allowing crypto mining allowing browser takeover for lack of better words.
There's a number of different things you can use on Caroline IX that runs through the JavaScript and allows you take over. For some reason. Some sites will actually take over your browser because the company who runs the site is running binding Bitcoin mining, etcetera, and they'll use your browser's processing power
to help them mind. A lot of times will ask before they do that, which is nice. I always sound No, I like
but sometimes they won't annuals. Your browser will go slower. You're that will go slower. It's because Krypton mining is happening. Is called jacking, actually, is happening in the background browser.
No script cuts that off and says no. So this is a good place to stop. I'm going too.
Go over here and
we're gonna use duck. Duck, go!
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