4.1 Understanding Internet Protocol Part 1 - MTAN

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I like the work of you back to Cy Berries Empty, a 98 3 66 network and Fundamentals certification prep course.
We could be starting a new martyr today in this Modern is marginal. Before now, in this particular model will be taking a look at understanding in that protocol, specifically speaking, working with I p Version four
that you know that one computers communicate each other.
There needs to be a common set of rules and instruction that each computer follows a specific set of communication rules. It's called a protocol. Because of the many ways computers can communicate with each other. There are many different protocols. Too many for the Abbotts person to remember.
So let's take a look at the objective. The objectives of this particular presentation is to understand
i p version four. Before we begin the process, let's take a look at a pre assessment question,
and the courses follows
you Magic computer that cannot connect to a server. When you look at the happy configuration, the holes has an address or 169 32
0.54 dot two.
Which of the following statements best described the issue? Is it A. The host cannot find industry server. Is it be the holes is set to multicast or is it see the host is currently broadcast it? Or is it d? The host cannot find a domain controller
if you should let the A. You're absolutely correct. If a Windows client cannot get an I p address from DC server and has not been configured statically. What happens is it although signs other words that user prices call automatic private appear Dressing, which is a feature of later Windows operating systems and his men
for none. Roddick Small business in bombing using
less than 25 clients. So let's take a look at I P version. For now, I'd be first in four is a 32 bit address that uniquely and university finds a connection off a device, for example, a computer or rather, to the Internet.
Now it's broken down into what we call four specific op tests. And what do I mean by our tests? If you look at my slide here, you see 1218.11 dot 3.31 that's broken down until we call four artists. Now remember, it takes 32 bits again
to make a copy version for type of dress.
And what happens is this particular dress has been converted from what we call from binary over to diet decimal. If it's in 1 28 11.3 that 31 that is a dotted decimal, the number above is considered binary.
Now, when you think about binary, the only thing that a computer understands is
ones and zeroes and ah, one meaning it's on like a switch is on or zero being that the switch is, in fact, off.
Now when you think about Happy Version four, it's the fourth vision in that protocol and is a widely used protocol and out of communication or with different kinds of network.
Our pre version four is connection list protocol use and packet switch layered networks such as the Ethernet improvised logical connection between the network devices by providing identification for each device. There are many ways to configure I P version for all kinds of devices, including manual and automatic
configuration, depending on the network type.
Now, when you think about it, I'd be version four, and then in terms of dresses, I'll be addressing Mr four numbers each between zero and 2 55
This is example of it again when we mentioned this is actually in what we call God a decimal form. You can convert this over to binary if youwant todo so choose to do so.
Now we think we're in a dress. It's a logical numeric number that is assigned to every single computer with the printer, your switches, your router or any other device that's part of a TCP copy base network.
When the next night we're taking a look at a class full network architecture, not a class or network, is a network dressing architecture used in an Internet from 1981 until the introduction of the class of the inner door. Main router in 1993. Routing numbers 1993. The Method Advice address based for the Internet Protocol Version four
into five address classes and we have five list of you
who have a Class eight.
We have a Class B. We have a Class C and D as well as E.
Now, when you think about the fifth class, for example, the D class is useful, basically, is a use for a motor cast tight network is Class D,
and then you have the fifth class was a Class E listed here is reserved for future or experimental uses.
So what is the loop back? Testing? New back testing is the process of sending digital data screams from a source back to the same point without any intentional modification. Is German performed to determine whether a device works properly and whether there are failing knows other words filling computers
again in that particular network.
We also have again usable Again addresses usual addresses. You they're going to be in less than the mathematical amount.
The first and last address can't be used and, for example, which are my zero in binary for the host. Bits defines entire network, and the ones in the biter defines known F what we call the broadcast type address.
Looking again at Class D in Class D E addresses,
Class D is used for again. That's a mention for multicasting they used for group email group broadcasts and a few opera addresses of reserve. The class is reserved for future use or research and development purposes.
This next chart demonstrates how your every convert from decimal over to a binary type conversion.
If you're looking here at a different decimal equivalent at the first line, we see 2 24 If you're at these numbers up, it equates to 2 24 Likewise, what won seven of you at all the best has been turned on. You'll come up with 17 So this is a simple way off converting decimal to binary.
The next chart illustrates this is well, we have Ah, what we call a doctor death decimal type of dress. And we see how it's been converted or to what we call again binary.
You can also change not the version for a dress from a by day we know notation
again by adding up the numbers under the under the bits
again. And what happens? The s you convert this like for example, if you look at letter A on the first line, you look at a in the 2nd 4 solution. If you add that up that comes upto 1 29
here again taking a look at our diversion for property using a class A type of dress. Here we see we able to sign again. The D. N s address were also able to sign the Appia dresses well,
Another thing that you may come across call unhappy conflict. It occurs when two communication imports on network are assigned the same happy address. One way to mitigate that is by having a DC server. If you're going through manners setting it up, then that would increase the likelihood of having again this type of op e conflict.
Then we have private and public addresses. A private I P address is an I. P address. That's a reserve for Internet use. Internal use behind around other network address translation device
and probably dress basically are again hitting from the Internet and other networks,
and they're using Behind and Mitchell Proxy or five or type device
again, a private address again, again issuing. Here's example. Probably dress is reserved for in that used behind or another network address. Translation. We're talking a bit about that moving forward.
So again we met before by automatic private dressing again. This is a Windows function. If it cannot loaded located Dante Survey will automatically reconfigure itself to 169 to 54 to 55 That's one way of being in detail that you do not have a DC server working on your network.
So again, if the clank and not getting a P address, it's not being ecstatically, it will use it, although it will automatically assigned itself and I p address
again, we think about static. If you just addressing that manual sign as opposed to dynamic. These are normally assigned by virtue of what we call a DC server.
We also have a default gateway and Deena's server. A default Gateway serves as an access point on Happy Roger. That's network computer used to send information to a computer in another network, a Dennis server basically serves to provide a name resolution able to convert your again like Microsoft over to an Appy address
his example off a default gateway and Dean s configuration. We see idea Innis,
how we have a default address has been set up a gateway or router. At other words, that allows us to get out of our network. I look like they were in network. We also see a dentist service. Well, now we think that network address translations a method of remapping one i p address to another by modifying the network address information in the RPI head of a package
while they're in transit across the traffic network. Danny. It's one way
actually being even secure your network. Do what we call setting up a gnat server.
Here's a diagram that illustrates a gnat server in terms of configuration.
We also have a term call sudden ending.
Now some netting is again is a subdivision of your logical happy network,
all computers on it, something that network with no division involved by default. In other words,
by modifying our defaults on that match, you concerned that your network into multiple small in that water words you would and break your network up. That's the purpose of some netting.
He's another screenshot of subheading. Here. Chart
this actor showing again the configuration here.
There's another diagram for sub netting
not doing this particular presentation. We discuss our papers, and four, we learn to the Opry version for the 32 bit address
and moving moving on and the next president to discuss it. I p version six and one of the reason that I'm fevers and Ford's going away because they started running out of Ophir address. That's why would start it at its introduction. They started you lies in term of something because I noticed that the opposite that we're running out of Ophir addresses.
So we have a again. We have a post assessment course in here,
which I follow is a matching number. Holds you can use for east something that belongs to a class C type of dress. Is it eh?
1 28 Beat 2 54 C 2 56 or d 65,534.
If you said like 254 you're absolutely correct.
And the next presentation will be discussing
working with I p Version six.
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