4.1 Management and What Comes Next Part 1

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Video Transcription
All right, so let's get going. So hyper v manager in hyper v fundamentals. Let's have a look here. So what we're gonna be covering on this one nice and simple. Understand what hyper V manager is and understand how it works. So those there are two main points for this this time around,
so prerequisites. So how could be manager mostly run from within a fully licensed copy of windows. Now, I know I'm going to say this is
this is you know, I can't really advocate anything else, but you need a licensed copy of Windows to run hyper V manager. It may or may not work with an unlicensed one. I can't give any more detail on that. That's just what Microsoft say you need. I'm not willing to try it out.
I'm a little bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to licensing. Everyone should pay for what they use on because otherwise, you know, companies won't develop new software for us and we won't get all the latest tech,
but however is free, so you do get it free. It's part of the operating system. You don't need to go out on the Adam module or ex, that expansion pack or anything else, it's fully free on bond. It's only available for the professional and enterprise editions of desktop Windows. If you have a home edition, I'm afraid you're out of luck.
Marks off. Do not give it to the Home Edition versions.
Professional enterprise only.
It is also a built in feature for all editions of Windows Server going right back to when it first started, so you don't need to go out and get a specific version. All versions of Windows Server have it built in. So that's a really good thing to know.
Other than that there's no particular software or hardware requirements. So you just need a license to copy off whatever windows, whether it's server client, when there's a Windows 10 whatever it is, it needs to be licensed.
All right, so let's clear the screen.
So, um,
it's beginning with Windows Server 2012 R. Two. And it's very specific to our to the desktop and server releases. The cycles for them are no longer in close synchronization, eh? So what happens now is their release. A a cycle release for Windows desktop when there's 10 for example,
and then they'll come back in six months and do,
um, a sari. In three months I couldn't do for Windows Server. They normally the same types of things, but they just need to test him on slightly different environment. Fortunately, hyper V Manager for Windows 8.1 on Server 2012 r two, was given the capacity to manage hyper V so over 2012 so they actually rolled backwards.
From that point onwards, hyper V manager will be able to manage what we call down level hyper V hosts
a CZ Lois Piper v Server 2012. So, for example, Windows 10 come work with AH, hyper v Server 2012 host, despite being developed with an architecture that works on Windows 2016 serving 2016 I should say,
but up leveling doesn't work. So if you're using Windows eight and you want to control the Windows Server 2016 you need to have a Windows 10. Because the architecture is different and the hyper V manager works on a different infrastructure with as well, and they have what's called configuration types all versions
on that's that's what you need to do. So ideally, is best paid, paired with impaired Where's my tongue? On best paired with same version of hyper V that it's going to manage s Oh, in that case you're looking at If you got 2008 server, you're looking at Windows Vista.
I'm not sure how many people. Still, he is written that Windows Vista. I hope No. One in this day and age, I really do. When those seven matches, too hyper V Server took 2008 are two very specifically are, too, because 2008 was Windows Vista, so they are to release. Was was for the window seven Environment
Windows eight matched to high police over 2012.
Although Windows is no longer supported what you should be looking for, there is Windows 8.1, which allows you to do 2012 R two on 2012 a cz well as all the older versions. 8 4002
Remember these stack? So if you're using Windows 8.1, you can do 87 on Mr Equivalents as well on their finally Windows 10 which matches to the current release, which is hyper V 7 2016
there is a 20 hyper V 7 2019 Coming out very soon, eh? So you're gonna be looking at I think it's called Project Honolulu. If you want to look it up as of this date on this video just before Christmas of 2018 if you're watching it in the future.
But yes, it's product. Honolulu is server 2019.
I believe Windows 10 will actually support it. Or at least a service packed version of Windows 10. Kind of like eight and 8.1. They might release a a certain release version of Windows 10 that you need to have, like, as a minimum in order to deal with, which is probably gonna be the case.
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