3.6 Summary and Review

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2 hours 30 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome back to Intermediate Python here on Cyber Eri on demand. If you're watching this video, you're very nearly to the finish line. We're in these summary and review for module two out of three.
In this video, we're just gonna real quick go over the topics that we discussed Gonna remind ourselves of what we've gone over in this module to prepare to move into our next module and do so over knowledge checks on the way.
So we had three lessons here in module to Lesson one was implementing classes. We understood the purpose of classes. We learned about their methods and attributes that we constructed our own. And that lesson obviously built out to be the next two lessons. Because classes, as I've said many times and you'll hear many times, Maur
everything in python is a class. Everything under the hood is implemented as a class, which means that when we need to create something customer special,
we just have to use a class lesson to it. Aerators and generators again. We just learned what those two things are. And then we implemented each of them. Of course, we learned that under the hood They're both classes with special types. The generator? Well, we learned the generators or classes. Special types and generators are functions designed to more easily mimic that specific type of class.
And then less than three. An exception. We understood what exceptions are for the idea of sort of
providing information to your compiler. That's something atypical has happened. We learned to use the built in exceptions, and then we wrote our own custom. That's all there is for module to. Hopefully, you've got a lot out of it classes or one of the fundamental core subjects of Python one of most important things you can learn,
which makes it kind of challenging. You know, this has to be halfway through the second class of Python, but
that's sort of the nature of languages like this that you really have to get a firm grasp on the usage basics before you can really dig into the fundamentals of the language and how it's constructed. So hopefully you learned a lot. Hopefully, you're comfortable classes, generators, generators and exceptions,
and hopefully you're ready to join me in Module three, the final module of Intermediate Python, which at the end of the last video have mentioned is gonna be a relative cakewalk
and it definitely is next. Next module is all about modules. Very brief, very straightforward, Hopefully very useful. So again, thank you all for watching. I have been your instructor, Joe Perry, and you have been watching intermediate python on Cyber eri on demand.
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