3.4 Summary (KL)

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1 hour 39 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to this Callie Fundamentals Module three Summary. Let me start by saying that you may think that that you know, you're not learning a lot. Or maybe you feel that you're overwhelmed. Whatever the case may be, if you come this far, you have learned so much. So I am so happy for you
And what you should be walking away from Montreuil three with is,
you know, a basic understanding of some of the network food commands. And not just Callie, but in some of the limits distributions, like in its look up check, like Dean s information. And if config and it can fend convict promiscuous, which you can use to make the interface promiscuous and pick up on all kinds of traffic.
You should know a little bit about service is
and about some of the default service is like sshh, http or that Apache to service not being turned on. How to check processes and change service states a cz. Well, as you know how to make those auto start using some commands, checking, adding and deleting users. So you have picked up on so
much information
I wanna thank you for all of that effort and thank you for everything that you've done so far. Don't forget to take the module quiz and see the link in the supplemental material. And I can't wait to see you in module for
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