3.2 Azure the Giant

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Welcome back, you cloud champions. And this module is an overview of a champion in giant in public cloud platforms. Microsoft Azure Azure is a natural progression of many organizations and enterprises out there who first migrate their software applications in their Microsoft office, Suite 203 65.
And now that they're using the Microsoft Cloud software as a service sass,
why not take Microsoft is your infrastructure and platforms is a service out for a spin and see where they can take their company to the cloud next. And Microsoft Azure has a lot to offer.
Microsoft Azure is the second largest public cloud. Infrastructure is a service platform, is a service and software as a service on the planet is yours particularly popular among large, geographically dispersed enterprises, especially those that use Microsoft software like Windows and Office.
Today, Microsoft is your enjoys. A reputation as a robust, reliable and highly secure public cloud provider,
however, is yours had to play a lot of ketchup turn this spot. Microsoft Azure began in the mid to thousands as an internal initiative code named Project Red Dog. At the time, Amazon had already launched its cloud computing service that Microsoft was rushing to catch up
in 2000 and 82 years after Amazon Web service is A W s had gone live with its simple storage service,
Microsoft announced that the company was planning to launch its own cloud computing service called Windows Azure. The plan called for Microsoft to offer five key categories of cloud service is Windows Azure for compute storage and networking. Microsoft Secret Service is for databases. Microsoft dot net service is for developers,
Live Service's and file sharing and Microsoft SharePoint Service's and Microsoft Dynamic Serum Service's SAS offerings.
Microsoft began to roll out previews of its cloud service is, and in February 2010 the Windows Is Your Platform became commercially available. Early reviews of the service were mixed, with many industry analysts comparing Is your unfavorably? To AWS, however, Microsoft continued to improve is your very quickly and then over time
began to support a wide variety of programming languages, development frameworks and operating systems,
including Lennox, something that once would have been unthinkable for a Microsoft product suite. And once the Microsoft Cloud Computing Service had moved far beyond Windows and Microsoft only solutions, the company renamed the Windows is your public cloud platform to Microsoft Azure in April 2014.
Microsoft Azure is now a giant cloud plant. Foreman has a huge portfolio of over 100 plus products in solutions. These your portfolio is divided into 14 categories. The world's biggest software provider has become a huge cloud provider of infrastructure. As a service, I as offerings I compute networking in storage
containers in is your allow you to create manage Dockers containers,
which is really a big deal for developers or more on that in modulate. The point is, Dockers is another vendors product that you can now do easily and with scale in Microsoft Azure and Relational databases like Sequel Artificial Intelligence, which is machine learning through computer modeling and forecasting. Coyote Internet of things
security and identity, which is a huge deal, is well in Microsoft Azure.
From easy and quick death tools to full on development frameworks and testing, cloud monitoring and more.
There are a lot of ways to skin the cat. I don't want to bear you in all the different ways of ender like Microsoft generates the vendor licensing agreements. In Azure, you can pay as you go or annually just like any other cloud platform. But the really elegant story for enterprises who uses your is Thea's your hybrid story. The story is a story told by a lot of my customers, and they love it.
And it is a really brilliant
Microsoft marketing strategy because your hybrid drives Microsoft customer adoption of it, says your cloud service. Let me try to explain. A vendor like Microsoft will offer your company Enterprise Agreement or E A. This is a yearly subscription fee to bundle or consume everything you need of theirs at a discount.
Instead of buying single instances of, say, Microsoft Server 2019 you just pay a yearly fee
and all of your licensing entitlements are put into a bucket. Turn up a server. Use a token from the bucket, turned down a server. You put that token back, and you can consume or tokens than you have and true up your subscription next year. Usually you're given it 15 to 20% graceful over ridge to be true it up next year.
More than that and you're out of compliance with is your hybrid licensing. You get more value from your Windows server licenses and save a bunch of money when you want to spend a virtual machines in is your
If you have. For example, Windows Server Data Center or Standard Edition server license is covered with Microsoft Software Assurance or Windows Server subscriptions. Depending on the addition, you can either convert your server licenses or reuse your server licenses to run Windows Server virtual machines in his year.
And Microsoft only charges you for the compute portion of the virtual machine instance.
And then they charge you the cheapest Lennox platform rates when they calculate your fees. So hybrid allows you to reuse your premise based license to spend up server instances in Azure at a really reduce costs. And guess what he end up starting to be interested in migrating from premise based was your based infrastructure is a service.
Now you have to be cognizant that all the licensing stuff is subject to change,
and it will be changed frequently and often. But that's why you will hear me say throughout this course. As long as you're 19 you better learn to love licensing or you're going to go completely crazy, that's for sure. But the bottom line, for now, anyway, Hybrid really gets. The premise based Microsoft customer interested in adopting Azure and Azure has grown, too,
to be big the number two public cloud in less than 10 years. Microsoft's business plan is certainly, for now, working.
So seven of the most popular service is in azure are Europe's service, which makes it easy to build and deploy. Web Mobile and a P I. APS using virtually any common platform
is your virtual machines are flexible enough that you can take your pick of languages, workloads and operating systems. Microsoft calls it the performance of a supercomputer with the scalability of the cloud. Deploy them in a second all over the world using Microsoft's extensive global network of data centers,
the Dev Ops project enables teams to build as your applications on any is your service. In less than five minutes.
Where's your backup? Automatically detects your on premise virtual machines, connects them to azure and then enables you to back up your data. You choose with just three clicks. How amazing is that stuff your server on Prem in your data center and as your comm point, your servers data to its storage service and start backing up your server and three clicks so cool I had to repeat it.
Where's your cosmos? D B is a no sequel application database service that enables you to build high availability global scale applications with low latent. See an integration with popular AP Eyes as your cosmos is the first globally distributed multi model database service that helped Cosmos d. B. When an Info World Technology of the Year award
as your active directory, a D with is your a D u get a multi tenant cloud based on identity management service that helps companies manage user identities and create data access policies that secures an organization's data.
And with as your coup Pernetti service a ks, you can easily manage and operate kubernetes environments. The word kubernetes is Greek, meaning helmsman or pilot, and basically Kubernetes is an open source platform for managing containerized workloads, and service is a container allows developers to package up an application with all of its parts it needs,
such as libraries and other dependencies, and ship it all out
as one package.
So Microsoft Azure is a close competitors. Eight of us with an exceptionally capable cloud infrastructure if you're an enterprise customer, is your understand you very well. And there are a few companies that have the enterprise background and Windows support as Microsoft.
Where's your nose? That your company still runs a data center? And the Azure platform works really hard to interoperate with your data center and not try to replace it.
Hybrid Cloud architecture, for example, is your 80 Connect, where you run Microsoft Active directory in your own data center and then also in Azure and then connect them together. Arguably no cloud provider Does hybrid cloud better than Microsoft Azure? A big reason for is your success is that so many enterprises to play Windows and other Microsoft software,
and then Microsoft allows you to take Windows Server Office sequel server, SharePoint
Dynamic Active directory dot end and others and repurpose them for use in the Azure Cloud. Azure is tightly integrated with this and other applications that enterprises use, and because of this tight integration, the software using from Microsoft is extremely functional and agile.
This agility and functionality of Microsoft software and it's integrations on premise and the cloud and hybrid build strong customer loyalty.
And if you're already using a Microsoft product and you're already a Microsoft customer, you can expect very nice discounts on yours. Your service contracts sure gets stronger and its capabilities and improve its breath of offerings and its partner ecosystem constantly,
with more than 100 plus offerings in his, you're with more to come. Microsoft Azure is a platform you must be familiar with if you manage a nightie organization
and a cloud provider that you, the student must embrace if you're to be cloud literate and cloud knowledgeable. If you're gonna bring value to your future employer and bring benefits to your future and users,
you don't have to storm the castle if you know how to lower that drawbridge. So I hope we've lowered a few of those drawbridges by learning more about this amazing global cloud provider. Microsoft Azure. So it's time for a learning check to see if we've scaled some of the walls to this great big cloud castle in the sky. Microsoft AZURE
In what year did Microsoft announced that it was in development of Windows Azure, and what year did it go live?
Named? Three of these. Your categories of product offerings in five. If you want extra credit,
what is is your hybrid licensing.
And what is so super cool about is your backup that I repeated myself and now making you say it 1/3 time. So all right, you brave knights of the round table, go out there and make her table. Have four straight sides instead of all this crazy curve herself and not get into any duels and absolutely no jousting. And don't come back to review your answers until your sword in your lance
are out of the body shop and your armor is back from the dry cleaners.
See how you are out there. You will get into a duel with anybody and over anything, even if all you have to club them with is a bowling pin. Microsoft announced they started development of this cloud platform called Windows Azure in 2000 and eight, and it went live two years later in 2010. There are 14 categories of products in his year. Compute networking, storage,
Web and mobile containers,
databases, data and analytics, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, enterprise integration, security and identity developer tools monitoring and management and Microsoft Azure Stack. And if you remembered all 14 of those, you certainly qualify for extra credit to gold stars and the King has granted you to make a wish is your hybrid
is when Microsoft allows you to either use your premise based licensing or converted like Windows Server in Microsoft sequel
Who Is your cloud instances at No charge for you brainiacs out there? Yes, you've already paid for your premise. Licensing is part of your enterprise agreement, but you're not Decommissioning those instances on prim and then paying for new licensing and use your cloud and then paying for your licensing twice. I hope that makes sense, because now I'm
I'm kind of confused and as your backup is so cool that it only takes three clicks to point an activated your backup of your premise based server data.
So we said, click three times to back up your data three different times each time. We wanted to point it out, and so now I'm really dizzy and really confused.
I know that there's several of you out there that don't like the way I pronounce it, I assure you want me to pronounce it azure. So in today's lecture, we learned a little bit about azure history and that originally Microsoft called their cloud platform Windows Azure. We learned about the 14 categories of products in Azure, and we learned about seven of the most popular offerings, including two of my favorite
as your A D active directory and as your backup
three clicks in your out. And we learned about the flexible licensing Microsoft calls as your hybrid. The next time we get together, we will go deep on the most revolutionary development and how we consume our software, a solution so successful that has changed the way that we will always consume our software going forward
forever and in perpetuity. Microsoft Office 3 65 or what The industry just simply calls
03 65. And I know I pronounce 03 65 correctly.
So thanks for joining us today on behalf of all of us that the cyber security and I t Learning Team. We're so glad you joined us. Thank you. We want you to take care. Be good.
Enjoy the network.
See you soon. And happy packets
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