3.1 Understanding Wired and Wireless Networks Part 1 - MTAN

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I like to welcome you back to sob Aries, Mt. A 98 3 66 Network and Fundamentals Certification Prep course.
Again, we're gonna be moving on and I discussing. In particular, we could be discussing margin number three
now in this particular module. It's comprised of less than three, with steel specifically understanding why
and while its networks in particular understanding various media types. So let's take a look at the objectives. Did you know that a computer in other communication devices represent data in the form of signals? The signals transmit between the communicate advices in the formal we call electromagnetic energy, and hence the signals are called
electromagnetic signals.
Electromagnetic signals are the combination electric and magnetic fields that vibrate in relation to each other. The electromagnetic signals can travel through various transmission media. The transmission media is broadly classifying two categories. This other words we're looking at got it.
It's what it's unguarded meteor. Now. The basic difference between guided on got it, media is that in the got IT media, the signal travels to a physical medium where in a unguided media, the signal travels through the air. So let's take a look at a pre assessment question for this particular module
in the course of his follows. What is the most common cable used today? Is that a unsuited, twisted pair? Or again, is that STP? Which is be or is it co axel
or they'd be
If you say lady unsuited twisted pair, you're absolutely correct now, unsure. The twisted pair is a cable, most common use and look every network's. It's relatively easier work with its flexible, efficient
and fast.
So let's take a look at twisted pair. Cable
now are twisted pair. Cable is a type of cable made by putting two separate insulated wires together in a twisted pattern and running in parallel to each other.
This type of cable is widely used in different kinds of data. Enforce infrastructures. It's easy, It's flexible is fast.
A single twisted pair cable has eight wires that we're gonna learn about. They are complicated up this that transmit what we call these electrical signals. So let's take a visible look at a twisted pair. What we call Patch cable.
Now these eight wires are group into what we call four pairs. You have blue, you have, aren't you have green as well as Brown. Now each petal, wisest, is twisted along the entire link of the cable, and all the pairs of twist together as well. Now the reason the wise a twisted
is to reduce a minimize cross talk
and interference.
Now these are we looking at twisted pair cables we see here are twisted pair cable with the wives that have been exposed,
and then we see a twisted pair cable with the wives have that have been screaming.
Now, when you look at the 5 68 B and 56 a day, it's wasabi old G B. These are these are color cold used for wiring. Eight position R J 45 model plugs. Both were allowed under what we call answered American National Safety Institute. This Guinness deal specifically with what we call
a wire in standard
now, in terms of the type of patch cables.
Now I have patched cable patch core. A patch lead is an electrical or optical cable. Use connect or patch in one Elektronik optical device to another for signaling routing.
Now they're two times you have to scrape through cable, which most common type of patch cable, then you have what we call a crossover type now. The crossover basically bases used to connect light but devices together not prior to the advent of virtual ization.
I can recall utilize and crossover cables, particularly in the computer labs.
This where we actually take to, like, device like to computers, and we actually connect them together. You lies and getting crossover cables were also employ your lies and switches and things along that line again. This was for the advent or virtualization.
Now let's take a look at it. It's either something to says use with unsuited, twisted pair type cables.
Again, these tools allows us to manipulate the cables. Lives is to test the cables as well as do some other functions as well.
Now, when we look at the FBI in the FBI exports now, this is a type of Ethernet port connection. Using what we call twisted pair. Keeping an M D. I X for FBI Cross is a version of FBI that enables connection between like devices
again. Obviously, instead of using crossover cables, you can use these devices to connect computers to central connected devices. Remember we mentioned before what they are like switches, hubs, are considered as what essential connecting devices.
Now this next night. Shoulder patch. Keep on R J 45 Jack. A patch panel, in other words, is a local area network is a mounted heart west simply that contains ports used to connect and manage incoming and outgoing land cable. Then we have our R J J 45
which has eight pains. Eight Position, Float or jack is common. Use. Connect computers
onto your Ethernet based local area tight networks. Again, these again some additional photos of our various tools. We have a punch down to punch onto. Also call a crone toe is a hand to use connect telecommunication and network wise to a patch panel,
punch down block, Keystone martyr or service mounted tight box.
The next thing we have is a continuity tester, which is either way, the EU's electrical tools that will help you pinpoint problems in the wise or your components.
Now let's come to and they hear some additional terms, and you need to understand if you had a term called continuation and I know where attenuation is
and simply put Attenuation is a telecommunication term that refers to a reduction in this single screen commonly occurring. Why transmit analog or digital signals over long distance? Obviously, from a historical perspective again, it's magic and decibels. But it also could be imagined terms off voltage as well.
Let's take a look at something twisted pair type categories. Now that's, um, different categories have listed. Here we have Category three, and this chart shows the cable types and to the right, a list of speed of that particular cave. Other words, twisted pair cables
categories according to the frequency, which they transmit signals and that data transfer or rate. In other words or other words, we're looking at this speed.
Then we come to a term call interference.
Basic inference can be a real problem, particularly to my twisted pair and networks or any network for that matter.
So again, if you think about inoffensive in and anything that disrupts or perhaps even modify the signal that's traveling along the wires, remember when it's traveling alone wild. Let's consider what God it media
they never term called electromagnetic interference again. It's a phenomenal where one Electra Matic feel interferes with another, resulting in the distortion, or both feels so that's called electromagnetic again interference
also known as radio frequency type interference.
Then we have shielded twisted pair of cables.
Now is this a special type of copper telephone wine using some venison insulation and out of covering the shield is added to the
ordinary twisted pair. Telephone wires to shoot it function
as what we use as a ground.
Then we have radio frequency
interference again is a conduction or radiation off radio frequency energy. It causes Elektronik electrical device to produce noise that typically interferes with the function of adjacent type. Device.
Now obviously can use filters could be installing a network to eliminate a significantly by being broadcast by Radio Tower.
Then we also have another interesting term here. Now. This particular term is simply something that omits or radiate data. Emanation is simply that transmission data veer either wired or wireless means it does not just deal with wireless devices.
The wireless devices, such as while it's mice, your blue two devices or wife files are particular concern.
What device can still be susceptible to a data emanation as well
Now obviously have various ways of tapping TD's
again to leave it so you can use shielded cabling again. He's always kind of mitigate what we call data emanation.
You can also use electrostatic shooting on the devices, so these are ways we can mitigate that gang, that transmission of that information.
So we get to a question. What in the world is cross talk
again? Cross talk is a disturbance caused by electrical or magnetic field, one of telecommunication infecting the signal in an adjacent I've seen that can happen in a telephone type switch. Crosstalk. I'm starting your hearing part of the
conversation, someone else almost like you having a party line, in other words,
so when it comes to twist a pair of cabling crossed like a broken into two categories, you have near and cross talk, which occurs when there's measured, indifferent between two pairs of a single cable. Then you have far in occurs when there are similar interference. Measure the cable in father from the transmitter.
Do you ever term called premium rate, it
Now printing rated cable you have a special insulation
again has again, obviously is mandated. Be installing any air handling space. For example, most large office building. Use this. Use the ceiling to return air to the A C units that you want to utilize these type? Okay, because they are impervious to fire.
We have five out. The cable
again transmit like again instead of electricity, and this light is transmitted over what we call glass or plastic and other words,
not it.
Different types of what we call five out that we have Singha mode again, which is a cable with an optical fiber that means to carry a single rate or want like one ray of light. One mode, in other words, and it kind of gives you the distance and in kilometers as well. It goes up to around 80 kilometers
again. Another we have. It's called more time mode is capable of larger fiber core keeper care in multiple rays of light Institute. Multiple world fiber optic
again, Though much shorter than the single fiber run, this is still six times the distance of twisted pair of cable. So obviously, when you're transmitting information that would be the optimum type of again. Meat Eater uses the fiber
here again list of the different fiber optic types here cabling.
That brings us to a pro's assessment question. You need to connect a twisted pair cable to the back of a patch panel. What tools that you use? Is it a punch down to? Is it be a zip to is it? See a white witch or it's solid iron.
The quick question and is a punch down, too?
What do you call it when electrical signals jumped to one set of wires? Is it called Emma
eight, Or if I Is it cross talk? Or is it jump? It's if you select the sea, you're actually correct. That's called Cross Stone is a common type of interference in which the signal that's transmitted in one copper I creates an undesired effect in another.
In the upcoming president, we were discussing modern three understanding while its networks
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