3.1 Locating the SQL Injection Assessment

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everyone Welcome back to the course. So in the last video we wrapped up, our lab was sequel, Max. So again, I didn't show you the u. R L I was using because I didn't have permission for students to use it. But just make sure that you're using a girl that you have permission to actually practice your attacks against
in this video. I just wanted to show you where to go to take the assessment inside the cyber lab environment. For this particular course again, if you don't have access to the cyber labs for some reason than just practice more sequel injection attacks in command within your own virtual environment.
But for those with axes of cyber lad, you're just gonna come here to the search box and type in sequel injection,
and it's gonna give you several options in here. Specifically, we're looking for this very top option right here. So the sequel injection lab by Range Force. This is actually going to be the assessment for this course. So once we cook on that, we just click the launch button here and then the launch item button as well, and that I should go ahead and launch the laugh for us. Now this particular lab
will kind of walk you through the scenario and everything.
You will be able to pull off some virtual machines, and you just want to go through and actually perform the sequel injection attacks.
So that's what we're doing in this particular assessment is really just testing some more of your hands on skills. So we got a little bit of hands on skills with some manual attacks, as well as using the sequel, injection, vulnerability scanner and sequel map in this course. But I wanted to take you, take you to kind of more of a hands on and the next level, so to speak
and let you practice this particular lap. So again, if you don't have access to the cyber lam a varmint,
just make sure that you practice simple injection attacks have got several. Resource is in the resource section of the course for you to take a look at and practice with. But this will be the assessment that you can actually have scored as part of the as part of the course, so just make sure you take this assessment
and go through it there's no step by step guide for this that's on purpose. So that way,
as the name implies, an assessment will actually test your skills with this and make sure that you know what you're doing. And if we provide a step by step guide, that would be a disservice to you as a student. So make sure you do the sequel injection by arrange force. That's the assessment for the course,
and in the next video, we're just gonna wrap things up for this particular course.
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