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14 hours 16 minutes
Video Transcription
Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the core. So I mentioned a capstone lab that you'll need to do now. If you don't have access to the cyber lab environment, then you obviously, as I mentioned before, just wanna practice wire shark and TCP dump commands. However, if you do have access to the lab environment, then you'll actually want to go ahead and
complete. The capstone of the capstone is actually just a grouping of labs
that we're gonna make sure you understand how to do everything in
now, as I mentioned before, also, there will be no step by step guides for these lab. So you just want to walk through, complete every single lab on your own, and then you can consider yourself trained well enough in wire ship.
All right, So once you're at the separate page, once you've loved in here, just go to the search box and type in wire shark similar to what we had done before. However, this time we're gonna click on the introduction tow wire shark options.
So once you click on that, you'll see a launchpad and just go ahead and click on that and you'll see a launch item button right there. That'll open that in the next tab.
Now, this is actually where I want you to complete all the labs. And so all of the labs right in here, I want you to go through these on your own and just go ahead and complete them.
Now, as we had seen in an earlier video,
once you're in this particular lab environment, only have to do is click on the lab that you want. So, for example, this top one here and then click the start button on. What that's going to do is show you all the virtual machines on the right side here.
And you could just power goes on as we have done before, just by having your mouse overtopping going to power on
now. Obviously, I'm not gonna go through the entire lab. As I mentioned, you want to go ahead, Do this on your own, and we will not have step by step guides for you. But once you completed all these labs, you should have a good, solid hands on grasp of using wire shock and kind of why we do things
in the next video. We're gonna go ahead and just jump into our conclusion. I'll also acknowledge a couple of the teaching assistants that helped me build some materials out for the course. More specifically, the downloadable supplemental resource is for everyone, so I just want to give them a quick shout out in the next video.
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