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so welcome to module 3.18 Ws. As a market leader, AWS has been the leader in public cloud market share in public Cloud number one hit records for several years, and not by a small margin, I might add. So we will go pretty deep into AWS and its very own module later in the course, including several demonstrations and drive throughs. But this module
will help bring context to AWS offerings. What they're going to market strategy is
licensing and fees in the platform and where the AWS Cloud is going. The AWS Cloud is just like Elvis was in his heyday, rock on the big hair pompadour and the one piece jumpsuit with sell out concerts every night, rocking and rolling to the top of the charts. Thank you, thank you very much.
Amazon is famous for its innovation. Amazon has proven to be incredibly successful in developing and delivering new products, and it does so incredibly fast because of its ingrained culture that embraces experimentation and change. A W S is itself a successful experiment in how we, as consumers and customers might be able to consume Amazon goods and service is,
and it's I t. Solutions and unique
market disrupting in consumer compelling ways. Amazon grew by leaps and bounds because of its innovation and experimentation and realize that it had developed as a core competency operating big data, big tech and big data centers. And there came a point where even Amazon, as Bigas it had become had excess capacity.
So I began to offer to developers and businesses. It's excess computed storage platforms,
and this is how AWS got started. A DBS was officially launched in 2006 and now has more than 50 products and has been named as of 2019 the leader in the Gardener Magic Quadrant for infrastructures of Service, its ninth consecutive year.
So A W S has more than one million customers in 190 countries to best serve all these customers across the globe. A W S maintains 18 region spending five continents in the world, and they're planning on rolling out four more regions. You can think of an AWS region is a physical location. It comprises clusters of highly redundant data centers.
Within each region, there are availability zones or a ZIS consisting of 1 to 6 data centers
where in plus one. Redundancy includes redundant power supplies, redundant network and activity, diverse power grids and power generation, and extremely high speed high bandwith and low latent C connectivity for AWS customers.
Currently, a W s maintains over 50 availability zones across the globe. A W s data centers air always hot, meaning they will always have customers using their data centers.
Each of AWS data centers will host thousands of servers and we'll have customized networking equipment and service is that air catered to specific AWS customers like Netflix and Comcast.
So there is a huge array of AWS products that will meet almost any of your I T organizations needs and you can pay hourly or annually for those service is service is like compute storage database networking application service is deployment in management, monitoring content delivery and more. Instead of listing them all,
I want to identify just a few of the top 10.
So, according to mind magics, the top 10 adopted in used A W s products include the simple storage service s3 AWS Data transfer, which is in a W s rated service for transferring your company's data into and out of your AWS regions for service is like your elastic compute cloudy. See, two instances, your S three storage repositories
and your I. D. S database is priced in data transferred by gigabyte.
Amazon S s simple notification service is a highly available in secure Web service that makes it easy to set up, operate and send notifications from the cloud SN s is for developers. So they're APS, for example, push notifications to their clients on the phone,
for example, rather than the software client on the phone having to pull down those notifications from its service.
Amazon RD s. A relational database service allows you to simply set up and start using a relational database like my sequel and the Cloud Saving Your Time, Cost and effort, and Amazon Route 53 which is a highly available and scaleable domain name system. Web service.
Well, Route 53 is designed to give developers, and business is a reliable and affordable way to route and users to Internet applications
by translating names that we people use like www cyber a dot com. Instead of having to use I P addresses like $ they computers used to connect to each other.
Licensing in a W s is pretty easy. You really have two choices. Use the licensing provided by a WS as part of their service. So, for example, you will spend up a micro instance of Windows Server 2016 and used the embedded licensing provided by a W S that is to be sold to you as part of the package. When you spend up that server Amazon machine instance, you're am I
or your second option is B y o l. Or bring your own license.
This is where, under your vendor agreement, you'll have some type of flexible licensing that allows you to spin a premise based instances of your license solution cloud based instances, or be flexible but flexible enough to go in between. You will migrate your license in your junior per edge firewall, for example, off of your premise based appliance in your data center.
And now use that license token to spin up under your vendor agreement
are virtual instance of that juniper firewall appliance. Now is a virtual firewall appliance in your AWS cloud platform. One of the nifty parts of the AWS provided license model is that you pay as you go or P A y g. You only pay for what you license for as long as you use it.
And when you stand down the platform and give those resource is back to AWS,
you give their licensing Bacchus. Well, you aren't stuck with some over ridge of licensing that you continue to pay for. Continued to pay some for maintenance on, but not actually be using can pay as you go. Cost your organization Maur. Sure, but the flexibility and simplicity can oftentimes overrule just the acquisition cost of your I T service is
including your license subscriptions.
Amazon with a W s proves that a W S is a lot more than just a retail company. It's a cloud First company that is targeting scalable business verticals. The enterprise is starting to trust a dub us with larger multiyear deals. This has led to a W S growing at a staggering 40% year over year rate.
AWS is the cash cow of Amazon and helps fuel the innovation in the lower profit margin areas of AWS development. A W S is reaching into space
with satellite connection service at the time of this recording. Amazon is about twice the size of sales force and is growing at a faster rate. Amazon has branched out to food and grocery and now is expecting to release an Amazon prime health subscription soon.
And since certain users are going to be on all these Amazon platforms like A. W s retail, grocery and health care,
the Web consumer will have a much higher chance on being on an Amazon service. And this Amazon will likely begin to start taking significant advertising market share away from the likes of Google and Facebook, According to some market analysts, A W s lead on Microsoft Azure
is getting bigger as AWS continues to sign more deals and vastly larger deals than Microsoft.
So some see over time Alibaba rising to the number two spot on the public cloud and overtaking Microsoft for that key position. We're going to see Amazon disrupt new verticals like they're doing now in health care and push into markets like banking. And some analysts believe that before 2025 Amazon will even be testing Cisco. It is it is
developing his own chips for artificial intelligence and thus
could enter the networking market as well is already being the most valuable company in the world.
So let's get the legs shaken in Jailhouse rock. An earthquake and learning check.
What did Amazon determined that it had as a core competency?
What is the difference between an Amazon region and an Amazon availability zone?
What are the two types of licensing in AWS
and what is our favorite part of any I t solution? In fact, it's our favorite part of our day job. So let's get out there, you hound dogs. And when you're done being all shook up, come on back to the Heartbreak Hotel for a little bit less conversation in a little bit more action, Theo.
So welcome back and let's shake, rattle and roll by reviewing our answers. So Amazon learned, is it really began to grow that one of its core competencies was that I had a really
talent for building out Big Data Solutions and the big data center infrastructure to power thumb and out of all of this building out Big data and big data centers, A W S was born, and the AWS Global Network and A W s region is a separate geographic area and in each of those geographic areas has multiple isolated locations known as availability zones.
Think of a region like the continent
of Australia and each availability zone as a set of area data centers offering full availability and redundancy for all their service is to deliver to the AWS customer and that area of the Australian continent continent, including high bandwith, low latency connections to all of the AWS service's.
There are two types of licensing in AWS,
the license that is included and embedded with your aws instance. And then you bring your own license boy. Oh well within your vendor agreement like Microsoft or Cisco and our favorite part of a nightie solution. The best part of our day job, Theo Existential reason on why we are here. Get ready for it. Licensing. And you thought it was listening to Elvis on your network.
Favorite music Streaming service
So wrong don't mean to be cruel.
So in today's brief lecture, we learned a little bit about Amazon, and AWS is history, and that's the organization is really founded on innovation and experimentation. We learned about some of the product offerings in AWS like simple notification service es and s that is used by developers. And Ralph 53 which is a domain name service.
And we learned about the two types of licensing embedded and bring your own.
And we did our homework for the course, which was to binge 24 hours of Elvis B movies like Blue Hawaii in Viva Las Vegas from our AWS video streaming Cdn content delivery network.
We tested our networks availability and our personal endurance and, well, we survived it to watch the next lecture and how we know just how to some people say a like the Beatles.
So on behalf of all of us with cyber security and I t learning team, we want to say thank you so much for joining us. We hope you enjoyed the lecture. We want you to take care.
We want you when all of your users to be successful on the network.
We hope you enjoyed it. Happy packets. And there you were. You ever watch
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