2.8 Public Data Sources Part 2

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after seeing all of these open threat feeds or public threat feeds
examples. Now it's time to move to the third type of public threat. Intelligence AH sources, which is a threat. Intelligence platforms or public threat Intelligence platforms. These platforms can organize one or more feeds into single stream off threat intelligence.
These can be used for enrichment, and there are multiple examples available on the Internet. For example, there are stacks platform
offered by anomaly. Ms. Pope.
There's also creates another platform call. It takes or open open threat exchange offered by Alien Labs.
And there is open C T. I. And there is safe collective intelligence framework offered by Cicero. Catch it. We are going to see these platforms in more details in there. Dedicated lessons.
Let's quickly summarize this lesson. We've seen how beneficial is ah threat, public threat, intelligence source and what problems or issues you should be aware off when you are using this particular type off External threat intelligence
and we've seen multiple examples off
public threat intelligence finishes, reports, sources and examples of websites offering free and public thread feats, and we finish it with examples off free threat intelligence platforms
off course, you are not limited to these examples that I've mentioned in these slides,
and you can build your own list off. It's based on what kind of intelligence you are more focused on.
That was all for this lesson. I hope you wash it all of the videos concerning the different types off external data collection sources, and I believe now you are ready to make an appropriate choice based on what kind of intelligence you really need.
So keep in mind that you can combine different sources altogether or
get a know all in one solution, for instance, and based on my personal experience, multiple vendors and blocks and security researchers offer good quality of finishing reports that can be used by your internal teams to keep themselves
up to date when it comes to ah, trending threats
on daily readings
for threat intelligence platforms, some platforms are really worth the investment, especially if you have a small team that cannot keep your own brand platform well maintained.
That's all as our recommendation from my sight. I hope you like a video, and in the next lesson we will see how we can leverage another source off collection called Awesome for Threat Intelligence
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