2.6 Virtual Networking Part 6

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Video Transcription
is we're gonna slide straight on to dynamic memory s O
this one is it? It sounds vague, but actually it's really specific. And it's really important to how hyper V operates. A memory is arguably the biggest thing that you will deal with in a hyper V environment simply because it's just
it tends to be the most finite resource. CPU power has
skyrocketed and kind of hit a plateau in recent years on dhe storage. My God, I don't think anything's gonna ever run out of storage ever again. I mean, they're talking about bringing out retail Peter bite discs, which is like 1000 terabyte odd sized disks. So storage has become a bit of a non sequitur now,
so it's always to do with memory.
So what we're gonna be covering in the learning objectives on this one is we're gonna be doing. But I understand what dynamic memory is on how to configure it, and we're gonna understand what smart paging is and how to configure it. The reason that's important is that smart paging as much as you might think paging
If you ever heard of paging on a swap file on your machine or something like that.
It does engage with memory that the two need each other in order to work correctly because of the way hyper V deals with memory. So we're gonna discuss that.
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