2.5 Defining Networks with the OSI Model Part 5 - MTAN

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Welcome back to Cy Berries Empty, a 98 3 66 network and Fundamentals certification prep course
as reminded it's a continuation of margin number two.
Now, in a previous presentations dealing specifically with multitudes, we discuss that Westar model we looked in analysis. Comparison is with a real vertical communication, effective force on the communication as well as we looked at the seven layers. Again, we begin the process, actually looking at in discussing the seven layers of the es Amar.
Now, in the previous video, proud of this video,
we discussed the network clear. We learned that the network layer is with the rock is what a rotter resides that, and we learned it around his advice, which connects to arm or networks segments together. We also learned that the writers used to transfer information from the source to the destination. Now, in this particular presentation, we're gonna continue on discussing by looking at Lay off. Four.
We're still specifically with the transport layer,
so let's begin by taking a pre assessment
question Folkways. In other words,
which layer in US armada is included in the T. C. P op P morrow. Is it a physical? Is it be data link? Is it C transport or is it D application?
If you still like the transport, you absolutely correct because in a TCP on Martha Norris I model physical layer is skip altogether and the application layer comprises toys I application presentation and session layer. The transport layer is the only one
from the awesome are. There also appears in the TCP happy model.
So let's begin by taking a look again at the transport Martin. Now again, it provides in and communication and reliable data delivery again. Some examples we have T c P I P. We have use the data Graham, which will be discussing in the upcoming slides.
We learned it transport layers with seemed data from the application and segments
and improvised transmission error detection as well as correction.
So the transport layer is responsible for the delivery of messages from one process to another. Other words. We talk about service point addressing segmentation and reassembly, correction and show or connection with Children. The words flow control. It's west air control. They have some common protocols
that operate at a transport lead at a TCP,
which would be talking about uni p X P X as well as net buoy.
So again, their transport layer. Again, we're talking about any reliable delivery. So again, a transfer late when it doesn't isolate the upper layers again. For the details of the data, transfer the session layers and above or an application
and after case it doesn't know or care about below what we call the transport layer.
We have segmentation
what we mean by segmentation. Basically, what happened when we see that information application? What it does this is breaks it down into what we call packages. Because all this mission cannot be sent at one time and it takes eight bits to make one bike. So again,
the Pakis eyes controlled by the data link layer which we discussed in previous presentation. We learned that the transporter received data from application and make segment other words segment means to divide our break up and then what? It doesn't re combines it together at the receiving end. So again, when you use transfer information again over again, if you think about the TC,
do you think about it? Always, Amaro.
It goes through a process again. What we call
what we call encapsulation
and then what happened once it reached the other side. In terms of communication, it goes to a price of decapitating. Went where it begins, the process again off going through the package and breaking information made to send the information to the other end. Essentially speaking, if I worked
now to transfer, they also have air the Texan and correction. It could provide transmission, Erica detection and correction. There's two, uh, protocols that operate and we're gonna be discussing here. We're talking about the TCP withstand is a connection ordinate protocol and then we have the connection or in protocol so it can provide you something different characteristics here
if you're looking at this slide
before the device sends that gets created. And so again, again, we told my connection each package sent and acknowledged that we have some formal acknowledgment that occurs with a connection on it Protocol with this TCP. Unlike they couldn't recall the connection that morning which deal with UDP So again a too common
teaching me protocol that a you lies on this layer includes the transmission control protocol, which is a kind of next Orient protocol and use it out of grand protocol. Would you connection list.
So an example of Africa that used TCP is a Web browser, and a good example often abdicate that using UDP, which again is a connection on in connection less type protocol. It's screaming media
again. In that case, you're not really concerned about what you lose a pact to with screaming media. Unlike where you talk about the TCP and we sit in some type of email. If we could really use a couple of packs, that could definitely cause some difficulties in terms of reading the message that was sent.
So we look at t speaking the case again. These are some of the characteristics again.
I requires both advice. A computer involving to establish some in n logical connection this connection orient often considered reliable again. That's one thing about teaching is called reliable because it's established that logical connection.
That's the way it again have that reliable. Unlike when you look at you, Tippi, don't don't extend is what we call that reliable connection on the words what we call that initial connection together.
So if the individual packets not the living in time, it's recent. So that's one of the differences with the TCP is recent
because what happened established that what we call that initial connection so it knows exactly what a recent that package at.
On other hand, when you're the UDP, which called it Connects List type communication member that's used for screaming video. There's no end in connection necessary before the data set.
Every Pakistan has a destiny's address locating his header.
In this case, this is sufficient to move the independent package, such as in the previous mentioned screaming media.
However, if that packages and loss it cannot be recent, remember, it does not establish what we can't remember before extends that initial connection. So what happened is because I don't accept that large goodness a kid. I know what they don't know what it's saying. That package that so again you tp again and used mainly for screaming video
so forth and screaming media on the words,
then we have points. Now a computer port is a connection point or interface between a computer and external or internal device, and turn imports may connect, such as vices such your desk, you're sitting room, your DVDs,
external port, make connect modems, printers, mice and other devices. Well so the port accident logical connection are important for your computers. Again, they are total of 65,536 ports number between zero and 65,535.
Now they're defined by the Internet, a sign number authority, and is invited into these different categories. So when you look at the ports here, we see from 0 to 1023 we have These are considered wear no imports to kind of give you a little description. What were known is all about.
We see the 1024 to 49,001 and 51 days. I consider what we call rich reports,
and these must be rested again again with a neck, which again Microsoft Port 33 33 89 is used for remote desktop protocol. And then we have 49,152. Up to 65,000 is considered dynamic or private ports again. These ports could be used by application
but cannot be reached by the vendor
again. This next video this next slide talks living by ports, and obviously you have to type supports. You have inbound ports or you can have what we call out born ports. It's important to understand the difference between inboard and outboard imports. A good example. When you think about sending email, you have a port number four email. What you going to tell my?
Which again? Say life example. When you send an email,
simple mayor of port transport protocol and then you have inbound port as well. So let's take a look at this next night here. So we look at it, slide here we see Port 21 which again is used for file transfer transport protocol
we C s and T P port with a simple mayor transport protocol with that allow you see that support number 25
and then also we see pop, which again basically inbound type port stand for post office protocol birds. And three, which is 1 10 So again, it's a good idea to try to memorize these various port numbers because you're definitely see these type, of course, is own example. Example. Me acts, of course. And
what is port number 21? You need to know. That's f t B.
If you get a question, for example, what is 33 89. We know that stand for remote desktop protocol or Microsoft Terminal Server. We reached this point. Now let's take a post assessment question and the question is followed. Which protocol is used as a transfer protocol for your video application? Is a PCP
or is it b
UDP or that See FTP or D aw D. C.
If you still like the UDP, you're correct. We stand for user's data. Grand protocol is a connection list protocol with a little overhead and increased performance over TCP screaming media Neighbors toe Watcha listening real time. So if our packages laws were really don't care, because that time frame of that video or music has already passed. Of course,
if the packet loss becomes too severe,
the streaming media becomes to become in kind. Other words becomes
very relevant to us then, because we're not able to release the video there. So really, if it becomes so severe, we lose a want to package a couple packets here, a couple of factors. There's not really gonna impact us as much as particularly think about TCP, which again stands for reliable communication. Let's take a look at another course in which ports of the fine
which are defined ports above 49,153. Is it a where no imports is it be registered ports or that See dynamic ports or the D sliding ports?
If you should let me see your absolute CORRECTS called dynamic Ports, also known as private ports, can be used by application when they cannot be registered by the vendor. Dynamic ports are from 49,153 to 65,535.
So during this particular presentation again, we discussed the transport layer. We learned the labor force once for in the end, communication between two devices. This includes taking data from the session layer and breaking it up into chunks called segments before sending it to layer number three. The transport layer on the receiving devices spoke for real, similar segments, and the data
this session layer can
obviously consume. The transport layer is also responsible flow control and air control. We learned that flow control determines the optimum speed of transmission to ensure that a sender with a fast connection doesn't overwhelm a receiver with a slow connected
In the upcoming presentation, we were discussing Layer five, dealing specifically with the two layers left by the session layer, as was later 60 presentation lier.
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