2.4 Defining Networks with the OSI Model Part 4 - MTAN

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I like to work on your back to sob Aries, Mt. A 98 3 66 Network and Fundamentals Certification Prep course.
Again, this is a continuation of margin number two.
Now, In the previous video presentations, we discussed the US Our model is well, it's analysis and comparison. We discussed riel vertical communication as well as effective horse on the communication.
We also begin in the last few hours discussing the seven layers of the US Our model with the following lives were discussed. After this point time, we discussed the physical layer as well as the data link clear down one of things that we learned in the previous presentation about the physical layer. This letter includes the physical equipment involved in a data transfer such as the cabling and it switches.
This also is also later whether data gets
converted into a bit screen, which is a string of ones and zeros. In addition, we learned that data link clear is very similar to the network there, except that the data linking the officer take data transfer between two devices on the same network. The data link there takes packages from the network layer and breaks them into smaller pieces. Call
So let's not take a look again at Layer number three, which still specifically with the network clear.
So before we begin its course up instruction or this particular presentation itself, let's take a look at a pre assessment question here.
The question is as follows.
Which layer and you're open? System interconnection model covers rotting between network isn't a physical,
is it? B got a link, or is it c network or is it d transport?
If you select that, See, you're absolutely correct. The network layer is dedicated to routing and switching information to different networks. Other words, different lands or Internet works as well.
So when we look at the network earlier again, which Layer three improvised network white addressing and mechanism to move packages between multiple networks. So really, that's what it does. It moves that, and so what we in order to move those packages toe moto Annette. What we need some type of device
and device that we have
is the good old trusty rounder. The router is a network device which connects two or more network segments. The writers used to transfer information from the source to the destination.
What happens is an SS it around a sense information in terms of data packages when these package off, four for one writer to another rather venture rod or what it does it read, stood network address in the package and identifies the destination address. And again, Arado
Brooks. At the layer is a layer of three advice. In other words, it operates at a network layer.
So when we look at networking there, we have network wider dressing again. We think about Mac addresses. Remember, before we mentioned that the Nick Carr has unique address burnt into the network interface card addressed. The communications occurs between the devices on the same physical segment. So again it has, like, for example, of you hatch a physical address of your home
that will be again is a unique address, because if you did not have a unique address,
then what happens? The infamous get four to the wrong address. So one way to mitigate that is through the use of what we call a Mac address.
And then we have network addressing this wears used to transfer data across the physical segments or other words we call these sub nets.
So again, the writer is a network advice, which connects two or more networks together. And really, it employs the process of intelligently moving these packages from one networking to another, and they use eyes again. Rather has what we call running tables, and it like it stores that information. So again, when it gets that receives that back again
a reason or exactly which were out of the Senate to add Lazo,
send it to that particular local network US Internet work as well.
So the network males response for sip facilitating data transfer between different networks. If the two devices communicate on the same network than a network layer is unnecessary. The network live what it does. It breaks up the segments from the transport layer into what we call smaller units, call packets on the cinder device and what happens in there.
It reassembles these packages on the receiving advice.
The network later also finds the best physical path for the data to reach this destination. This is known as routing,
so let's take a look at a post assessment course in here.
The course is as follows. What a rounders. Is it a? Isn't it? it is a network device which connects two or more network segments. Or is it B? It was similar, like a cup, but in a more efficient manner. It creates connection dynamic and provides information on Lee to do it. Course it important with it. See
it converts data bits into electrical impulses or radio signals.
Or is it d it? Translate other words that transfer data between knows Other words, Tell my computers and also advised a nudge in successful data transmission.
If you said like the air, you're absolutely correct. Because the writer is a network device which can next to a more network segment. Dorados used to transfer information from the source to the destination.
Rotter sends information terms of data packet and when he started packing the forger from one writer to another, then a rod. A reason that we're dressed in the packet and identify the destination again Network.
In the upcoming presentation, we're taking a look at the layout for which is the transport layer
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