2.3 SRA Tool Lab Part 2

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2 hours 7 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we just went ahead and actually installed the X ray tool. And in this video, where did go ahead and actually start filling out some of the information in the tool? So in this video, we're gonna talk about the practice information, and then in the next video, we're gonna go ahead and actually go through the risk assessment portion of the tool and see what the final report looks like.
So all we have to do here is Step one is just double click this icon on our desktop here, so you should have a shortcut icon for the tool. If you have not installed the tool yet, go ahead and pause this video and go back to the lab for you. Install the tool.
So we're just gonna double click. The tool here is gonna take a number two. So the launch, especially since I'm doing it inside of a virtual machine.
And once it launches, we're gonna go ahead and enter a name in is gonna ask this for name and then we're gonna click continues. You could basically enter in whatever name you want in there and then just click on the continue button.
And then after that is gonna ask us where to save this file. So again, we're gonna be saving a s Are a tool file s O as we're going through this. So that way, if we want to, like, do part of this, we had to run, you know, do patient care or something, and then come back to doing this. We can basically save a copy and keep working through it until we're all done.
All right, so you see, in the background there, it's going ahead and launch for me. I'm gonna go ahead and select the start New S R a button there,
and then he's gonna ask me to enter my name. And I'm just gonna say me for this one here and obviously on your end, enter whatever name you want to use, and then just go ahead and click that continue. But in there
now, he's gonna ask us to pick a location to save the file. So that's up to you on your end, where you want to save it at. Since I'm inside of a virtual machine here, I'm gonna go ahead. Just click on where it says pick a spot to save her file.
It's gonna open up a little, pop a box for me and allow me to choose my location.
Now, I'm just going to save mine to the desktop here, and I'm just gonna call. It s are a test,
and you could call yours whatever you want to you. And you could save it to whatever location that you want to do.
Once you enter the end, the file name there, just go ahead and click on the save button. And now, whatever information I type in here and save it's gonna save a file to my desktop That's named,
uh, as the file here for the S R A.
All right I'll have to do now is just click continue, and that's gonna actually take me into the tool itself.
So we're gonna come back to our step by step guide. Well, it's loading there in the background. So we've we've already gone through. We've named the file and click the save button. If you haven't done that yet, go ahead. Just pause the video and make sure you do that, and then we're gonna go ahead and click to continue, but in here we should get a disclaimer screen next, and we're just gonna click. Continue after you either read through that or just click continue anyways, how most people don't read
disclaimers at all
now then it's gonna take us actually into the tool. So you see here, this little blue box is our disclaimer again. You can read through that if you want to. I've already read it on my end. So I'm just gonna click on Continue now, that's gonna actually take me into the tool itself.
Now, as I mentioned, since I'm in a virtual machine, you'll notice it's a little slower than yours Probably is so many time. Feel free to pause the video as you need to know if you feel like I'm going too fast or too slow for your pace, because I try to just make my pace where most people are and I can't handle it. You know I can't do it for everybody s. So if you feel like I'm going too fast or too slow
in this lab, by all means, feel free to polish video and just go through step by step with this guide here. That's why I designed them.
So the way you can use that as a good reference point to go through at your own pace that you're comfortable with.
All right. So now we're actually in the tool itself. So you see her and stepping. We're just taking in the tool. And I've got a little screen shot there just to show you where we're at. You'll see there in the background as well. Now, if we come down here, you notice that it shows this couple of steps Step one, entry practice information on that. Step two is answering all those assessment questions. Step three is actually generating that report.
So we're doing step one in this lab. So we're just gonna enter in the practice information,
and then in the next video, we're gonna go ahead and actually fill out the assessment questions and then take a look at the final results of the final report on and take a look at what that looks like.
All right. So, back on our screen here, we're just gonna click this next button right here in our tools.
Well, that's gonna take us into where we can enter in our practice information out.
So if you come down here to step, number 10 is gonna mention that we're going to ask for a practice information. You kind of see it there in the background and move this over just a little bit. So you see, he's gonna ask us for all sorts of information about whatever practice. Now I do want to mention that you do not have to follow these steps exactly as faras entering in the same information.
Ah, feel free to make up information that you want to put in there. Put your riel organization in the information in there if you want to, But it's completely up to you. I just want to throw some example information in there
for anyone that wanted to just follow along with step by step guide.
All right, so far for me on my end, I'm gonna go ahead and enter in sample practice for the name here for the practice name. So sample practice. And then for my address, I'm gonna put in 123 Main street here in step number 12.
So 123 Main street
and again you can put in any information that you want to for my city. I'm gonna use San Francisco. Most people around the world that might be watching this, no San Francisco or the heart of it, or seen it and movies. Sorry. That's why I picked that city. And then California is a status in soc A. And then the zip code. I'm gonna put in his night for 105
You'll notice that not all of these fields air required it. Also, you actually don't have to fill out any of this if you really didn't want to.
But I would. As a general practice, I would try to fill out as much as possible because you're you. Really? We just want to pretend you're doing this in the real world.
All right, So next for our phone number, we're going to use a famous phone number from all the movies and the 55555 Freddy When? Let's watch movies. You pretty much see this is kind of standard phone number in some kind of formats. 555 If you hear 555 you pretty much know you're watching a movie. All right, so we're gonna answer that and for the phone here.
I'm not worried about a fax for this example here, so I just went ahead and did the phone number.
We'll put that in
now. Our point of contact released. My point of contact of mine is gonna be Jane Doe. She's a CEO, and then she's gonna have just a different phone number here for the secondary.
So Jane Doe is what I'm gonna fill out into the point of contact again. You could fill out whatever you want to. She's a CEO, and then I'm gonna fill out theseventy ery phone number as all fours
again. Do exactly what you want to do on your end. If you want to feel that you're real information, by all means, please feel free to do so.
All right, so next we're just gonna put an email address in there. I'm just gonna put Jane Doe at example dot com
You will enter that in
once you do that and you review that information So again, if you're doing this for Riel, reviewed your information, double check it, then what? You do that? Just click that submit button right there.
A couple more things. We're gonna fill out are the assets vendors. And then if there were any documents at all, we would go ahead and enter that information in there as well. So you basically, in this tool, you can upload different documents, etcetera
are. So we've gone through all the way through step 19. We went ahead. Just click the submit button. If we wanted to add additional practice information, we could certainly do so on. No click submit, and it should get us through to the next spot here. We're just gonna click next. You noticed there we can have another location, as I mentioned.
And now we gotta go take a look at her assets. So assets, if you don't know what an asset is, think of your computer that you're looking at this video on. That's an asset in an organization. It could be a server could just be your workstation that you're looking at your laptop could be a cell phone if it's a company issued cell phone
could be many, many different things, right? So I'm not gonna go into all you know those possibilities
just understand it. Asset is something that your company or you own that has some type of value. You know, it based off our company, we assign a certain value to it.
So are we gonna do with this screen here? We're just gonna add an asset now. There. You could basically put all your assets. If you have them like a sell sheet or something, you could basically upload all that stuff and make it a little easier to put all your stuff in. Or you can manually add them one at a time. So we're just gonna go ahead and click on the ad asset, But in here.
And if we go back to our step by step guide here,
you noticed? Now we're down here in step 21. We just went ahead and we clicked the ad asset buttons or down here in step 22. So we went ahead and we decided, Yes, we're gonna add an asset. And now we're gonna click the add acid, but which would just did not. We're gonna move into Step 23 here under the asset types on the top left column here.
We're just gonna select servers. We're just gonna keep this one pretty simple here.
So it is clicking that little drop down menu and select servers.
And if we go back to our step by step guide here, the next place we're gonna click is the asset status box. We're gonna select the active in use options. Basically, we're still using this thing. And so this box here in the center and you saying, assigned going to select that
next up is an E p h.
So we're just gonna select that it transmits Elektronik protected health information, So just click in there and then we're gonna select the third option. Transmits E P. H. I
step here, Step 26 under the asset encryption, we're just going to select full disk encryption.
Now, you'll notice that I didn't ask you to select anything under disposal status because we have this asset is active and in use. We're not actually disposing of it. If we click back in this menu, you noticed there's an option for something that you've disposed of. So if you threw out an old server or something like that, you could mark that, and then you would want to put what was the status of it.
And then what was the disposal date?
So basically, did you properly dispose of it? Did you not dispose of it was improper? Do you not know, or is it not applicable in this example? I'm not worrying about not applicable at all, But in real life, you may want to select that if you choose, so
All right, I'm gonna pause the video. There were to pick things back up in the next video cause I like to keep these under 10 minutes. So in this video, we just started going through our assessment tools. So again, we were entering in our practice information as well as an asset. So we're starting off with the assets and the next figure where to go ahead and finish out entering our acid in. Then we'll move into our vendors or third parties.
Ah, and then we'll talk about documents. And then in the video after that will go ahead into our actual walk through assessment where we answer all the questions
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