2.2 Metasploitable and Kali Linux

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Video Transcription
everyone Welcome back to the core. So in the last video went ahead and showed you some places you can go to get your virtual machine set up. So I showed you virtual box dot work again. You could just use of'em where, if you choose to use that one also showed you where to go to the offensive security website. To get Callie linens again, make sure that
you're downloading the correct ones. Whether you're using the M where or virtual boxers make sure you're done letting the correct O. V a file.
And then I also showed you where can get my display table. Now, Once you've downloaded and installed all of those solutions, what you're gonna do is launch my display table as well as your Callie Lennox. Now you'll see here we've got the medicine palatable screen on the left and the Cali limits on the right. All we have to do is log into men exploitable. So it tells you the user name and password. Just MSF admin
for both of those. So MSF admin and then MSF admin for the password.
So let's go and take those in
and really, what we want to do in here once it Buddha for us here is we want to grab the I P. Address. So that's really all we care about. Because what we're going to do is take that i p address and put it over here in our Callie machine and sound of fire Fox and try to pull up. The resource is so again, Mattila Day, the *** vulnerable Web application and some others,
That's what we're trying to pull up
from the medicine avoidable.
So we're just gonna type in. I have config over here, and I'm not explainable, and that's gonna pull apart P i p address for you. Now, what I'm gonna do is block out my i p address because obviously I don't want you trying to attack me. It would be somewhat challenging, but I like to be on the paranoid side so
I won't show you my i p address. But basically, we're looking for the i p address here by using I have config. We should get that
information, and then we're just gonna put that information over into fire Fox.
All right, So I have my i p address now, so I'm just gonna go ahead and launch Firefox over my Callie machine. And then again, what we're doing is basically just putting in that I p address into our Firefox browser over in the Kelly Lynette's machine, and that should take us to the utility. Paige gave me two tickets to the Medicis portable.
And then from there we'll be able to access things like theme Attila Day as well as a *** vulnerable Web application.
So I'm gonna go ahead and block out my I p address again here on the Kelly side of things to make sure no one has that. And then we'll go from there.
I was gonna talk in my I P address here.
You pull that up and you'll notice that once I do that, it takes us into med explainable, and you'll see, as I mentioned before, that we have r mu till a day down onto the Web application and some others that we can use. So for this particular course, mutilate Day. If you click on that, that's all you're going to need for at least first lab. In this course, you can
use that thio practice your various
manual entry sequel injection commands and then, uh, Labs two and three. I show you where I show you how to access those particular tools that we use in there.
So again, this video is said to show you where you can go inside and unexplainable, also basically just getting I p address and medicine portable and then taking that into your Callie linen inside of fire Fox. And that's put that in the browser. And that should take you to the page where you can then access me till today. So that's the easiest way to do that. There's some other ways to do it, but that's the easiest way to do it for most people to follow along with the course.
So in the next video, we're gonna go ahead and start off lab number one.
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